Venting 101

So this page is devoted to the fitness (and some times not) pet peeves I have with people.  No need to take it personally – well, you can if you want to but don’t – I am just venting some of the frustrations I see or experience.  Edited when necessary (in other words, this list is likely to grow).

-To the woman who asked me to move her water bottle onto my bike after I was finished (I was using the spin room during a free time – so there were 30 other bikes that were free and no one else in there) onto the bike I was using.  You annoy me.  If it really mattered to you which bike you used for the pending spin class you should pay more attention to it….end rant.

-To the people who whine about taxes taking their money because they make a lot of money on a yearly basis.  I get it…you don’t want to have to give it to people who are not trying to even find jobs and are taking advantage of the welfare system.  I get it people.  I get it. But what about people like me?  What about the people who are working 4-6 jobs on a regular basis and STILL qualify for welfare/food stamps?  YES, that’s me.  I barely make $20K a year and this year I managed to finally get money back in taxes.  My point is….I wish those people would stop whining when I can’t even find a real job and am DOING EVERYTHING I POSSIBLY CAN TO DO SO…..end rant.

-To the drivers who DO NOT USE TURN SIGNALS AT INTERSECTIONS….YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY SUCK.  You suck when I am running across the street(when it is – YES – my time to run across – yield to pedestrians mother effer).  USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS….otherwise forever I will give you the one finger salute because you SUCK….end rant.

-To the never ending bills and the fact that I feel like I am never going to get caught up with anything or even be able to save money again… annoy me.

-To the 7th graders….all of you….YOU annoy me.  ALL OF YOU.

-To the people who wear make up when you work out – WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!  Do you even know what you’re doing to your skin/pores?

-To the people who post things on their facebook about “how much weight they’ve lost” or “I am the face of obesity” (and then show us pictures of your weird looking male body with lots of wrinkly skin on your face that is WAY too dark from a spray tan….Just.  No.  NO.

-To the woman who is talking on her cell phone at the gym while on the treadmill – go home, open up a bottle of wine or beer, order a pizza and sit there.  Get out of my healthy space.


-To the man who is checking out his arms in the mirror at the gym – seriously dude?  What’s your deal?  The mirror is there to help you see your form – not for ogling yourself (What’s that, sir?  You don’t know what that means?  That doesn’t surprise me).

-To the woman who gave me attitude about not having a CPR mask with me for training (which I don’t have) – I don’t need your attitude and I certainly don’t deserve to be spoken to that way.  Ain’t nobody got time for that ish…..I’m out.


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