Basic Terminology

Level #’s – resistance levels – how easy or hard it should be to pedal the bike

Cadence or RPM’s – rotations per minute – how fast your legs should be going around on the bike.  You can figure this out by simply counting how many times the top of your knee hits your hand in 10 seconds and then multiply it by 6.

Pick up’s – my term for picking up your leg speed.  Not necessarily sprints but faster than 100 RPM’s.  Generally used during warm up and runs.

Jumps/Intersections – starting in a seated position to lifting your body out of the saddle for a moment or a few seconds at a time.  Intersections are generally much longer than Jumps.  The idea is to avoid leaning on the handle bars for support – your power is in the legs and by leaning you are cheating yourself.

Climb – exactly like it sounds, the continual addition of resistance to feel as though you are moving up an incline.

Sprints – cadence on the bike jumps about 110-115 RPMs with control.  Resistance should never be below 4 when doing Sprints.


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