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A bit of a detour today….we will return to our regularly scheduled fitness blog tomorrow.  For now…..I’d like to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart.


I have definitely expressed my passion for coaching young women and girls of all ages.  I’ve also expressed my desire to teach them pride, courage, respect, and honor in what they do, who they are, and in their dreams.  While many of you have seen that side of me, many of you do not know my background in education and the compassion I feel for women, sports, and gender equality in general.

In Grad school I had to write a Thesis (as many of us do) in order to graduate.  It could be about ANYTHING so long as it pertained to broadcast and cinematic arts…and even then it could be stretched ever-so-slightly.  I decided to do research on women in sports and the amount of time devoted to women’s sports on television – primetime or otherwise.  I specifically looked at the 2004 Olympic Games as a basis for some of my research with a strong emphasis on feminism.  *I wish I could have done a bigger study but with my resources and time, this was what I worked with.  Basically, what I found was that despite the same time allotment for men and women during prime time TV hours, the specific women sports that were shown were: Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics, and Swimming.  Anyone take a gander why?

These are the sports that show the most skin.  Women are seen as more “feminine” in these sports.  They don’t necessarily go against “gender roles” as perceived by the public arena.

To me this begs the question(s):


The want for equality is such a huge factor.  EVERYWHERE.  Some countries have different gender roles and those countries/social constructs are entitled to their lifestyle.  Personally, I feel like more people should be excited to say things like, “YOU THROW LIKE A GIRL” or “YOU RUN LIKE A GIRL”.  Because, why is that a bad thing?  Why is doing anything like a girl supposed to automatically mean it’s less than?

If you’re not from the Philadelphia area, it’s possible you haven’t heard this story but if you watch ESPN at all, you have most likely heard of Mo’ne Davis.  If you have no idea who I’m talking about – the full and INCREDIBLE story can be found here.

Here are her stats:

Age: 13

Position: Pitcher

Pitch Speed: 55-75 mph (yes, it’s true)

Gender: FEMALE

Description: She is just the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.  She is also one of the ONLY female pitchers to throw back to back shut outs (just recently).  She is smart.  Humble.  Most importantly, SHE THROWS LIKE A GIRL.  Who’dve thunk it?


She doesn’t play to play like a girl or a boy…she plays because she LOVES the sport.  Is she an exception?  Possibly….but she doesn’t have to be and, more importantly, shouldn’t be.  Doing ANYTHING like a girl shouldn’t be considered less than.

Let me ask you a few questions, if you still don’t believe me…….

1.  If you run like a girl…does that mean you won’t win any marathons?  I think Deena Kastor and Shalane Flanagan would have something to say about that…..

2.  If you play baseball like a girl….does that mean you won’t throw any shut outs or throw a complete game on 71 pitches because it’s a “boys sport”?  I think Mo’ne would have something to say about that

3.  If you play basketball like a girl….does that mean you won’t be able to beat boys at their own game?  I think Brittney Griner would have something to say about that…..

4.  If you play soccer like a girl….does that mean you’ll never win a world cup? or a national title?  I think Mia Hamm has something to say about that…..

5.  When you think of the world’s best swimmer… you only think of Michael Phelps?  Or you do also think of Missy Franklin?

6.  If your daughter or daughters or athletes or students want to learn a sport or do an activity…..who are you going to point out someone to look up to?

7.  Wouldn’t you be flattered to be thought of as a girl who runs like Shalane?  A girl who pitches like Mo’ne?  A girl who dunks like Brittney?  A girl who kicks like Mia? or a girl who makes a splash like Missy?

Don’t even act like you wouldn’t.

Yes, you can argue that these cases are exceptional…..but let’s be honest…I don’t have all day to give you all the examples that no longer make the above exceptions.

I leave you with one final video and I am open to comments (so long as they are valid and not derogatory) and opinions.


I’ll ask one more time…..what’s so wrong with doing anything “like a girl”?


Okay, so none of that makes sense…UNLESS….you are an English teacher like myself OR you remember the analogies section from standardized tests.  But really, I think it’s an appropriate association…don’t you?  Good.  Glad we agree 🙂

Today is FRIDAY!!!!!  Which means…Five Things Friday.  Today, sticking with my theme of associations, I am doing a Five WORDS Friday…which will actually be more like 20 since there are four words in associations….

1.  Treadmill Running : Ugh :: Outside Running : YAY!

I have not been able to run outside much lately.  It’s been incredibly snowy up here in the Northeast…and it looks like we’re going to get even MORE snow next week.  woot.  Truth be told – I am okay with treadmill running but I really would like at least ONE run outside a week.  Temps say it is going to be close to 50 this weekend – HEAT WAVE!!!!  I’m on that like peanut butter’s on jelly…..(did I mention I really like peanut butter?)  Truth be told, I don’t mind running inside that much…if anything it lets me catch up on my Sportscenter…..

2.  Sweat Pants : My go-to clothing choice of late :: Yoga Pants : Not my go-to clothing choice of late

Whatever your comfy clothes preference is…lately, I have a three pair of sweat pants rotation – for when I am home, obviously not when I am teaching (although that would be amazing if I could wear them to school!).

3.  Swimming : My First Fitness Love :: Swimming : Something I always use as a fitness basis

While that analogy might not make sense…if you think about it…any one of us that has had a first love/relationship/etc…we ALWAYS remember that ONE.  Everyone always says, “You’ll never forget your first love” blah blah blah….right?  In my case, swimming was and always will be my first love and most important sport I’ve ever been involved with.

The reason I use Swimming as a fitness basis is because it is probably the ONLY sport where you are required to use EVERYTHING.  I mean, think about it….running, you primarily use your legs….biking, legs….soccer, legs…well you get the point.  I always try to explain to my swimmers how people who make fun of swimming are doing so because THEY DON’T GET IT.  They don’t understand how difficult it can be.  The true swimmers don’t see the difficulty….that’s what separates those who can and can not.  I always tell them, “if it were easy, everyone would do it”.

4.  Vegetarian : Veggies :: Pescatarian : Veggies + Fish

I am a vegetarian who dabbles in the pescatarian realm.  Truthfully, I love sushi….and all kinds of fish…so I eat it when I am out but that’s about it.  I won’t prepare it for a home cooked meal.  I know, I’m weird.  We all have our things.  I still laugh when people get worried or upset after I tell them my food choices.

Pretty much always

It’s nice that it’s more and more common these days for people to be Vegetarians as well as more restaurants accommodating those of us who choose to go without meat.  I tried to be a Vegan…for all of two weeks….I just couldn’t do it.  I workout WAY to much and would have to eat non-stop for me to go Vegan.  Plus….I like cheese…and eggs….and, well….I like them!

5.  Exercise : Fitness :: Diet : Healthiness

My fitness is determined by my exercise just as my healthiness is determined by my diet.  While they are all intertwined, I think it’s safe to say without a clear idea of what we want out of all of these, we aren’t going to get the results we hope for.  Goals are excellent ways to start our path to fitness and healthiness.  My goals this year involve more races and trying new experiences.  I am incredibly psyched for the Tough Mudder in April.  I am also excited for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler earlier that month!

And while I may pretty much be at a point where I am maintaining my fitness level, that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to work hard to feel better about myself.

Just remember, you have a choice….we all do.  If you don’t like the way things are….do something about it.  You’re worth it.

Have a great weekend!

I woke up this morning realizing that sometimes I leave some things unsettled.  I tout myself as this great communicator but sometimes I fall short…..I also recognize that I am not alone in this and that I should not be so hard on myself.

That being said, I wanted to kind of explain what this particular blog is all about….because I get the feeling that many of my friends who read this (read: non-blog friends), don’t necessarily understand why I write this blog.

I preface all of this with:  I USED to have a personal blog.  In fact, you could probably still find all of them (yes, I all of them – I had more than one).  On that blog I would write about the things that bothered me, why I was happy/sad/etc.  I was an open book….or whatever you want to call it.

It was all out there for the world to read….or all 5 of my readers to read 🙂

ANYWAY….A few years ago I decided I was going to shift my focus for a few reasons:  1.  No one needs to know THAT much about my personal life.  2.  Most people don’t really care all that much unless they are my close friends or family and 3.  I wanted to write about more interesting things….

I decided to write a blog about my fitness/healthy lifestyle.  (Note:  a follow up post is coming as to how I actually got IN to this lifestyle).  The thing is,…..some times I do share personal information about my life but I truly don’t believe it’s as bad as I’ve been informed of in the past.

To clarify….

This blog IS NOT:

-A blog about my close friends and family (although I do mention them from time to time).

-A blog about who I am or if I am dating anyone.  I share this blog with all of my friends on facebook.  I don’t even share if I am “in a relationship” on facebook.  People who know me know what my sitch is…if I have one.

-A blog about being sad or mopey.  Let’s face it – we all have bad days.  DON’T DENY IT.  If I have a bad day, I workout.  THEN, you’ll know about it.

-A blog about how you can change the world.  I am working on changing my own personal world every day – one step at a time.  I don’t have all the answers and neither does anyone else.  I am not always correct and I know that.  I make mistakes and I know that too.


This blog IS:

-A blog about my fitness journey and the experiences I have while on it.

-A blog about running, swimming, spinning, biking, yoga, and whatever other activity I get myself involved with.

-A blog that includes tidbits of my career – teaching or coaching or otherwise.  Those are healthy things that make me a happy person.  I don’t feel as though those things are too personal to share.

-A blog about my ability to stay healthy and happy POST Eating Disorder.  Many of you, who have not read my ‘about me’ section, may not even know I am a recovering Anorexic.  If you don’t – that’s an EXCELLENT thing.  It means I am living a balanced life.  If you just read that and can’t believe it – also a good thing.  I have worked hard on getting to where I am at in my life and it has been no easy task but all of it has been worth it.

-I blog about my experiences with health, fitness, and my ED because I hope to help someone by showing them IT IS POSSIBLE to recover.  IT IS POSSIBLE to be healthy and live a normal life.  IT IS POSSIBLE to maintain some sort of normalcy.

I make no apologies for the sharing of my information as far as health, fitness, and my ED.  Even if it only helps ONE person….that’s fine with me.  (note: I don’t believe myself to be a martyr, nor will I ever….don’t mistake that statement as a self declaration to being one).

I enjoy writing.  I enjoy working out.  I enjoy helping others.  I enjoy life.

So…..What’s It All About?!?!

Health.  Running.  Swimming.  Biking.  Spinning.  Music.  Reading.  Writing.  Teaching.  Coaching.  Experiences.  Challenges.  Opportunities.  Interactions.  Fears.  Failures.  Wants.  Desires.  Happiness.  Frustrations.

Sounds like a good list to me…..

My questions for you:

What’s it all about for you?

What’s on your life list?

Why do you blog?


I totally lost touch with my blog….clearly.  Evidence being:  I haven’t written since the summer time!  Eek!

With that being said….rather than regale y’all with a recap of the last four or so months and the usual, “where I’ve been” post…..I’m just going to get right back into it.

For various reasons – my writing dropped off – life got busy – too many irons in the fire – you pick whichever idiom fits into that mold.  All of them are true but the truest is that I kind of lost my desire to write.

When is a better time to start back up then on the first day of the year?  Well, any day is really a great day to start…..”if not now, when?”…..right?

Like many people – I am resolving to make some changes this year.  I’ve decided that 2014 is going to be the year I am in the best shape of my life.  Details on how that’ll happen shortly….I’ve also decided to really connect  – with everything – this year.

Pretty Much….

In reality….I dug up last year’s resolutions….just to kind of gauge where my life has gone/changed/if at all…..  They looked like this:

2013 Resolutions:
1.  Practice Yoga 1-4 times a week.
2.  Continue to see my therapist.
3.  Join a Crossfit Gym.
4.  Get a Real Teaching Job at a local High School
5.  Learn to say ‘no’ and not feel bad about it.
6.  Volunteer.


While I didn’t necessarily accomplish EACH of these…..I did manage to accomplish the important ones.  #2 and #4.  HUGE!  Just the fact that I got a teaching job – albeit a Long Term Sub position which ends soon (as far as I know) – I have had a purpose for the first half of the school year which is such an important part of my life.

I did #3 but it was in a roundabout way.  I am teaching spin at the location I do crossfit.  Did I mention one of my resolutions this year is to be in the best shape of my life.  I’d like to volunteer more and definitely do more yoga….my schedule is insane right now….so one of my resolutions will address this….

It’s always nice when you can look back at realistic goals and know that you weren’t too far off… know?

Greatest Moment of 2013 – Getting my teaching job at Ridley.  I literally was on the verge of a meltdown on my way home from a job interview that I thought I was going to have to take which would have changed my entire life…..when I got the phone call about Ridley.  It was a rollercoaster of emotion day.

Some of my students - with their thinking hats on :-)

Some of my students – with their thinking hats on 🙂

Worst Moment of 2013 – Steamtown Marathon.  If you’ll remember, I kind of started blogging again because I was training for this marathon.  Turns out – my heart was just not in it.  But THANKFULLY, I have two amazing friends – Jen and Heather – who came up to watch my struggle to the finish and kept me motivated to finish.  Thank god for my father – who I called at mile 14 and just kind of fell apart emotionally.  I have officially retired from marathons but other fitness goals are on their way 🙂

While I might look good - I feel awful - about 100 yards from the finish line.  Photo credit: Heather Van Horn xoxo

While I might look good – I feel awful – about 100 yards from the finish line. Photo credit: Heather Van Horn xoxo

SO……here we go…..

My 2014 Resolutions:
1.  Stop chasing after things or people who ignore me.

2.  Be a better friend – devote more time to them.

3.  Slow Down – allow myself to enjoy the moments.  2013 went SO fast.  I need to reflect more.

4.  Roll with the punches – I have gotten a lot better at this….but I still tend to get worked up in situations that are out of my control.  Who’re we kidding, we’re not really in control of anything…..

5.  Continue to search for and GET the elusive full time teaching position that gives me a real salary and benefits.

6.  Get into the best shape of my life:

-Crossfit 2 times a week

-Train for a Half Iron Man

-Run 20-30 miles a week

-Teach spin 2-3 times a week/Ride with a group on a regular basis

-Swim at least once a week

-Eat better and drink less alcohol (truthfully, I don’t really think I’ll miss alcohol that much – I just can’t handle the recovery time any more)

And that’s all I’m listing.  While I’ll have some other small goals – I feel that putting down TOO MANY goals can be overwhelming.  So there it is.

Oh!  Also – I plan on attempting to write EVERY DAY in 2014.  Whether that’s here or for my own self – who knows….but I just gotta do it….

Happy New Year!  What are your resolutions?

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted on a Friday.  For whatever reason(s), I have been busy!  Who knew?!

A quick update on the running situation.  I ran outside yesterday in the VERY COOL temps (like cool enough that my hands were starting to feel really cold!) to a nice 8:30 pace.  6.5 Miles.  Total mileage for the week is at 31.5 (so far).  The plans are to run another 5 today AFTER I teach spin.  The temps will still be relatively low.  If that doesn’t happen though, I am not going to beat myself up over it.  I’ve decided I am TOO worried about time and how fast I’m going.  I need to relax.

Anyway!  This week’s Five Truth’s Friday deal with Swimming.  I rarely talk about swimming on here – unless it involves me coaching and/or the funny things that happen with my swimmers.  I suppose that means I am ready for the high school season to start! 🙂

1.  I was a distance swimmer.  I think this is one of the reasons it was SO easy for me to accept that I could run long distances.  Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t just run 7 miles the first day I went for a run but there are so many similarities.  One of the biggest ones is that you spend an awful lot of time alone.

When you swim more than 8 laps (a 200) you have all this time to think about your plan and how one flip turn can be the difference between a 100 that is 1:02 versus a 100 that is 1:03.  Don’t think 1 second is a lot of time?  In swimming – it’s an eternity.  For those of you that don’t believe me – Michael Phelps won his 100 Fly in Beijing by .01 of a second.  THAT is how big of a deal 1 second is….1 second is .99 longer than .01.  Get it?  Phelps is on the LEFT btw….

2.  When I am having a bad day and/or really angry – I will swim for about and hour – do about 4,000 yards straight.  It’s not often because I rarely get mad but it’s been known to happen.  Swimming, like nothing else gets out so much of my frustration and anger.  Unlike any other activity I’ve ever done.  Ha, maybe I just found my answer to getting rid of some of my anxiety.

3.  I rarely swim for exercise.  I know, I KNOW what I just said…but I also said I rarely get angry.  Truthfully, I get bored swimming alone.  I’d rather join a Masters Swim Team but most of the times they practice are not convenient for me so I end up doing my own workout.  So many people think that swimming is a solitary sport – and it CAN be – but if you’ve ever swam/practiced with a team, you know you are not alone in between sets when you make fun of the coach and/or talk about something else that was going on that day.  There’s an understanding amongst swimmers that “you’re all in this together” sort of thing.  You’re putting yourself through the pain of practice TOGETHER.  That’s nicer than swimming countless laps alone with no one to converse with…you know?

4.  Swimming is one of the hardest and best sports to do.  Yes, I am aware that there are A LOT of other sports one can make this argument with.  I get it.  Fine.  You can have it your way – but most likely if you’re arguing that the other sport is harder, you haven’t tried swimming (unless you’re a swimmer but in that case, you’ll agree with me on this).

One of the most famous AMERICAN Distance Swimmers (who held the World Record until this year), Janet Evans, wrote a book about her experiences in swimming.  Check out this Excerpt on Why You Should Choose Swimming

Incase you’re unfamiliar with Janet Evans (who was basically my hero growing up), she looks like this:

5.  My All Time Favorite Swimmers are:

Female – Dara Torres – Dara is the FIRST AND ONLY swimmer from the US to compete in 5 Olympics.  She’s won 12 Medals at the Olympics and in 2008 at the age of 41 she won 3 Silver Medals in Beijing.  HOW.  DO YOU LIKE.  THEM.  APPLES?! BOOM

Male – Jason Lezak – I’m not even going to explain why – just watch this:

<p><a href=”″>2008 Beijing Olympics Swimming Men’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Final</a> from <a href=”″>Meazza</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

While I am not amidst any particular swim season – I had the opportunity to swap some awesome coaching stories last night with a friend.

It was interesting to hear his perspective and how similar it was to that of my own.  Although he coach’s track/cross country – it was remarkable to hear the similarities with our athletes.

As a coach, I have always had a few standard rules that I remind my swimmers of every season:

1.  No girl on girl hate.  As a feminist (not as scary as it sounds – just someone who believes in equality for the genders) I feel as though high school girls already have a hard enough time with the way things in society have changed (early sexualization in adolescence, more exposure to drugs and alcohol, and pressure from everywhere) that they don’t need to put each other down in the process.  If I see it or hear it or even hear ABOUT it, the issue is squashed immediately.

2.  Do not bring your drama with you to practice.  I suppose this goes along with number 1 but trust me, girls can be petty and bicker a LOT.  They can be passive aggressive, they can be caddy, they can be mean (you think that movie Mean Girls didn’t have some truth to it?).  They are there to practice and swim.  They are not there to solve the issue of why ‘Beth didn’t talk to Meredith in APUSH’ earlier that day…While my friend didn’t really experience this, he did mention that girls tend to be more dramatic (oh boy, do they ever).

3.  If you’re going to miss practice and/or a meet, TELL ME.  There are so many other attributes to this rule.  Section a) If you’re going to miss practice the DAY BEFORE A MEET and not tell me, you will not be swimming in the meet the next day.  b)If you miss a meet and do not tell me you will not be in the following meet.  c) There are several ways to contact me – email, text, phone call – DO NOT have another swimmer/friend tell me for you.  Take responsibility for your own actions.  I WILL TREAT YOU AS A YOUNG ADULT – NOT A BIG CHILD. (this is, of course, contingent that I am coaching my high school swimmers…younger swimmers are a little different)

4.  Come to practice every day with a good attitude and your attempt to do your best.  Just because you think I can’t see you skipping sets doesn’t mean I don’t see you skipping sets.  Come to practice to work hard – if you’re going to sit out at some point during every set, you are not only NOT helping yourself but you are setting a bad example for the other swimmers on the the team.  If something is wrong or you aren’t feeling well – tell me and we’ll figure it out.

5(this should probably be number 1).  HAVE FUN.  What’s the point in doing a sport if it isn’t fun?  No, practices aren’t always fun…no, it’s not always easy…but swimming and other sports are meant to be fun.  Why else would we do them?


Anyway – that’s what I got for ya today 🙂  I can’t wait til High School Season!!!!!

In the mean time – it is a cool 61 Degrees right now – and it’s 7AM – !!!!!!!  Who has two thumbs and is going for a gorgeous run outside this morning?!?!?!

THIS GIRL!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!  SO CLOSE TO THE WEEKEND!!!!

I know I’ve already posted this song but I CAN NOT STOP LISTENING TO IT!!!!!!

……but you’re a good giiiiiiiiirl……. 🙂

Ok, the moment is passed.

How was everyone’s weekend??  Mine was decent.  In a spur of the moment, I headed up to the Boken of Ho’s.  Hoboken, NJ.  I visited one of my oldest and dearest friends, Reagan for some much needed best bud time.  Despite a fight (for the third time in all three of our last visits – it’s okay, he’s basically my brother so we fight and the next day we’re fine) that infuriated me to no end, it was fun.  It was great to see him and he divulged some much needed advice.  Sometimes you just need a visit with a friend who knows you well enough to tell you bluntly, “Katie, you messed up” and/or “Katie, everything will work itself out okay.”

Last Summer @ The Zoo Beer Festival

Last Summer @ The Zoo Beer Festival

Fitness updates!  Taught Spin on Friday and Saturday mornings.  Playlists:


  1. Wake Me Up        4:10    Avicii
  2. Beyoncé – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) -mp4 3:19
  3. Radioactive – Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix (Imagine Dragons Cover).mp4        4:25
  4. American Boys        3:28    Halestorm
  5. Cruise (Remix) [feat. Nelly]        3:27
  6. 30 Seconds To Mars – Closer To The Edge.mp4        6:22
  7. Pitbull – Feel This Moment (Ft. Christina Aguilera) (1080p) x264 [VX]        3:56
  8. Next To Me        3:17    Emeli Sande
  9. Mumford and Sons – The Cave        4:35
  10. I Believe        3:43    Yolanda Adams
  11. The Other Side        3:47    Jason Derulo
  12. American Woman        5:07    The Guess Who
  13. Can’t Hold Us Ft. Ray Dalton        4:18    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  14. American Girl        3:30    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  15. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours (Live On Earth Single Video).mp4        3:41
  16. Dave Matthews Band – Mercy.mp4        3:07


  1. The Stone        7:29    Dave Matthews Band
  2. I Don’t Care        3:39    Fall Out Boy
  3. Emeli Sande – Next To Me [Music Video] 720p [Sbyky]        3:30
  4. Cruise (Remix) [feat. Nelly]        3:27    Florida Georgia Line
  5. Wake Me Up        4:10    Avicii
  6. Avicii – Levels Music Video (Flashmob Contest Cover).mp4        5:35
  7. Teeth        3:41    Lady Gaga
  8. Gym Class Heroes: The Fighter ft. Ryan Tedder [OFFICIAL VIDEO].mp4        3:54
  9. Linkin Park – BURN IT DOWN (Official Music Video).mp4        3:53
  10. Runaway Baby        2:29    Bruno Mars
  11. American Boys        3:28    Halestorm
  12. Too Close        4:16    Alex Clare
  13. Kings And Queens        5:48    30 Seconds To Mars
  14. A Team        4:21    Ed Sheeran
  15. I Feel Pretty/Unpretty        4:01    Glee Cast

I also ran 4 Miles on Friday to top off 30 miles for the week.  No running on Saturday but I did spend a good deal of time outside with Reagan and some of his friends that were working out.  They were doing pull ups and all that stuff.  It’s decided – I need to seriously work on my upper body strength.  The last time I could do ANY pull ups was in high school.  That’s sad.

Truthfully – I am built (now) to be a runner.  At the height of swimming, my upper body looked like a swimmer – broad shoulders, broad ribcage (great lung capacity! – let’s just say I could swim 50 yds under water without taking a breath).  My upper body looked similar to these ladies:

Rebecca Soni – Broad Shoulders! Like woah

Natalie Coughlin – Bad Ass – LOVE IT

Missy Franklin – Yeah, you know who she is – she’s AMAZING

Ah, memories.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to that body – unless I join a Masters swim team – which isn’t necessarily out of the question but I am just in the middle of marathon training mode.

Speaking of which, it is going excellently!  How do I know this?  Ohhhhhhh because I ran 10 miles with no tiredness at ALL today.  10 Miles – 1:20.  BOOM.  I am getting in shape!  Felt great – I probably could’ve done more but decided to stick to the plan this week.

Speaking of this week…it’s going to be all wonky for a few reasons but mainly because Thursday is my birthday and I am all out of sorts with it this week.  I am normally pumped to celebrate my birthday – this year – eh.  I realize for many people, birthdays are not a big deal.  If you know me….me saying this….is a big deal….I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  There’s been a few things going on outside of the blogosphere that’s kind of bringing me down….here’s hoping it’ll change….and, at least I still have running!

Regardless.  On tap this week:

Monday – Teach Spin 8:30 (no running – unless I am feeling ambitious)

Tuesday – Run 3×1 Mile @ 5K pace (in other words – I’m doing 3, 1 mile sprints/runs in about 6:52)

Wednesday – Run 5 Miles

Thursday – Run 7 Miles

Friday – Teach Spin 9:30 – Run 7 Miles

Saturday – Teach Spin 7:15 (maybe run 3 Miles)

That’d bring the total this week (if I do all of it) to about 35 – maybe more if I run on Monday.  Right on track.

How was everyone’s Holiday weekend???

Anyone else listening to any songs on repeat??

Anyone have any good suggestions to get out of a non-birthday mood and get IN to a birthday mood? 🙂