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A bit of a detour today….we will return to our regularly scheduled fitness blog tomorrow.  For now…..I’d like to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart.


I have definitely expressed my passion for coaching young women and girls of all ages.  I’ve also expressed my desire to teach them pride, courage, respect, and honor in what they do, who they are, and in their dreams.  While many of you have seen that side of me, many of you do not know my background in education and the compassion I feel for women, sports, and gender equality in general.

In Grad school I had to write a Thesis (as many of us do) in order to graduate.  It could be about ANYTHING so long as it pertained to broadcast and cinematic arts…and even then it could be stretched ever-so-slightly.  I decided to do research on women in sports and the amount of time devoted to women’s sports on television – primetime or otherwise.  I specifically looked at the 2004 Olympic Games as a basis for some of my research with a strong emphasis on feminism.  *I wish I could have done a bigger study but with my resources and time, this was what I worked with.  Basically, what I found was that despite the same time allotment for men and women during prime time TV hours, the specific women sports that were shown were: Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics, and Swimming.  Anyone take a gander why?

These are the sports that show the most skin.  Women are seen as more “feminine” in these sports.  They don’t necessarily go against “gender roles” as perceived by the public arena.

To me this begs the question(s):


The want for equality is such a huge factor.  EVERYWHERE.  Some countries have different gender roles and those countries/social constructs are entitled to their lifestyle.  Personally, I feel like more people should be excited to say things like, “YOU THROW LIKE A GIRL” or “YOU RUN LIKE A GIRL”.  Because, why is that a bad thing?  Why is doing anything like a girl supposed to automatically mean it’s less than?

If you’re not from the Philadelphia area, it’s possible you haven’t heard this story but if you watch ESPN at all, you have most likely heard of Mo’ne Davis.  If you have no idea who I’m talking about – the full and INCREDIBLE story can be found here.

Here are her stats:

Age: 13

Position: Pitcher

Pitch Speed: 55-75 mph (yes, it’s true)

Gender: FEMALE

Description: She is just the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.  She is also one of the ONLY female pitchers to throw back to back shut outs (just recently).  She is smart.  Humble.  Most importantly, SHE THROWS LIKE A GIRL.  Who’dve thunk it?


She doesn’t play to play like a girl or a boy…she plays because she LOVES the sport.  Is she an exception?  Possibly….but she doesn’t have to be and, more importantly, shouldn’t be.  Doing ANYTHING like a girl shouldn’t be considered less than.

Let me ask you a few questions, if you still don’t believe me…….

1.  If you run like a girl…does that mean you won’t win any marathons?  I think Deena Kastor and Shalane Flanagan would have something to say about that…..

2.  If you play baseball like a girl….does that mean you won’t throw any shut outs or throw a complete game on 71 pitches because it’s a “boys sport”?  I think Mo’ne would have something to say about that

3.  If you play basketball like a girl….does that mean you won’t be able to beat boys at their own game?  I think Brittney Griner would have something to say about that…..

4.  If you play soccer like a girl….does that mean you’ll never win a world cup? or a national title?  I think Mia Hamm has something to say about that…..

5.  When you think of the world’s best swimmer… you only think of Michael Phelps?  Or you do also think of Missy Franklin?

6.  If your daughter or daughters or athletes or students want to learn a sport or do an activity…..who are you going to point out someone to look up to?

7.  Wouldn’t you be flattered to be thought of as a girl who runs like Shalane?  A girl who pitches like Mo’ne?  A girl who dunks like Brittney?  A girl who kicks like Mia? or a girl who makes a splash like Missy?

Don’t even act like you wouldn’t.

Yes, you can argue that these cases are exceptional…..but let’s be honest…I don’t have all day to give you all the examples that no longer make the above exceptions.

I leave you with one final video and I am open to comments (so long as they are valid and not derogatory) and opinions.


I’ll ask one more time…..what’s so wrong with doing anything “like a girl”?


WE MADE IT!  Another Friday is here!  yay!  Although, I am kind of looking forward to Monday….(yes, I know…what am I THINKING?!)…if you had the weekend in store that I am about to have…you might be saying the same thing….and I use might, loosely…..

Also – quick aside….LOSE – to misplace something, LOOSE – to have things (hopefully clothes) lessen their grip.  ENGLISH TEACHER – BAM. END RANT

Anyway….workout update and then on to the Friday Truth’s – YAY!

Yesterday I went beyond my regularly scheduled run.  I did 6.5 instead of just 6.  Here’s what the elevation looked like:


Again, I realize it looks like I did less than 6.5 miles but the road I start on is not actually on a map.  It’s a secret road….(cue scary music….ooooOOOOooooo).  No, really….the place I live now is just THAT COOL.  Don’t hate.

It felt amazing.  I finished with an average pace of 8:30/mile.  I’m ready for Sunday.  Sunday’s Half won’t be NEARLY as hilly.  Here’s hoping to a PR!  Regardless, I need the miles.  I am thinking I might go for a short 3 miler today.  I went out for sushi last night…..NOM NOM…and could probably do with a bit of a sweat sesh.  You know?

Anyway – on to our Five Truth’s Friday….Why My Dad is THE BEST…no, really!

TODAY IS MY DAD’S BIRTHDAY!  He’s 30!  (He’s chuckling that I said that…it’s okay Dad, I won’t tell them your real age….*cough*40*cough*) 🙂

Happy Birthday to the most amazing man I know…and the man that sets a very high standard for any other man in my life…or future man for that matter….

1.  Everyone says that their Dad is the best…but many of my friends know my Dad and they would probably agree….he just rocks.  The first thing that gets them is his accent.  My Dad is from Ireland.  Really.

He’s from here – Carrick On Suir, Ireland

Map of Carrick – next to the River Suir(duh)


Pictures don’t really do it justice


View from the “Mountain”



Carrick Bridge

And yes, he still has his brogue.  It’s the first thing my friends notice about him.  He’s ENTIRELY charming and witty.  And no, it’s not just because he’s my Dad.  I can’t believe I got so lucky to have him as a Dad!

2.  My Dad is basically my best friend – we’ve gone everywhere together – Football Games (that’s soccer for you Americans), Phillies games, we drink together – He’s all sorts of awesome.  And I can pretty much tell him anything without judgement on his behalf.  He’s likely the first person I’d call to go grab a pint or two at a local bar or the first one I’d ask to go to a sporting event if I had two tickets.  I like to think I developed his sense of charm and humor as well as his desire to always have a good time.


Phillies Playoffs 2009


Craven Cottage (Fulham FC) 2009


Dinner at Dad’s – no doubt we were drinking Guiness


Spring Training 2009

Pregaming on a Road Trip to Nationals Stadium in DC

Pregaming on a Road Trip to Nationals Stadium in DC

3.  My dad flies home to Ireland twice a year to see his family.  Once in May for his Dad’s Birthday – this year was 89! and once in December for the other birthdays and Christmas:

May 2013 - Dad and Mikes (his dad)

May 2013 – Dad and Mikes (his dad)

Michael(Uncle), Mikes(Gran-dad), Tina(Aunt)

Michael(Uncle), Mikes(Gran-dad), Tina(Aunt)

2007 - The December I went home with him for a week - amazing

2007 – The December I went home with him for a week – amazing

4.  My Dad has always been my champion – in everything I do.  He has always supported my decisions (even if he didn’t always agree with them and he has always been the first one I’ve called in times of happiness or sadness.  He is my “go-to” person.  I’ve often told him that if and when I find someone else that is my “go-to” person, he’ll know I’ve met ‘the one’.  I suppose he’s happy I haven’t actually met, ‘the one’ yet since he’s still my “go-to” person – but I know he really does want me to be happy.  He’ll come to races when no one else wants to…he’ll answer the phone at midnight or 2AM when I am upset or can’t sleep.  He makes me cry (in a good way) when he tells me how proud of me he is….and he calls me just to say “hello” because he wants to, not because he has to.  He’s my dad…and he’s just…the best!

People never come to watch me finish a Marathon or Half Marathon - my dad has come down to a few of them - this is after the Rock N' Roll Half in 2010? I think Left to Right: Bethany, Dad, me

People never come to watch me finish a Marathon or Half Marathon – my dad has come down to a few of them – this is after the Rock N’ Roll Half in 2010? I think
Left to Right: Bethany, Dad, me

5.  Lastly, and probably most importantly, despite the fact that my parents divorced when I was about 10 – my Dad has always been a presence in my life.  He, like I said, has always been there for me.  He flew down to Tampa for the day to go to the World Series (2008) with me (see picture below).  He came over to my apartment on a Sunday night at 7PM because the tone of my voice in a phone call, as he says, “sounded like you needed a hug”.  He can tell with one “hello” if I am happy or sad and more often than not, he says the SAME EXACT THING MY THERAPIST TELLS ME ON A BI-WEEKLY BASIS.  He’s one of a kind of the nicest, sweetest, smartest, lovingest man I know.  I am so thankful to call him the main man of my life.  I can’t believe (sometimes) that he’s mine.

World Series 2008

World Series 2008

If that isn’t a huge pedestal I’ve put him on, I don’t even want to know what else I could’ve said more – ha!  Plus, he’s in a commercial – He’s the first person in this one:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  From your favorite youngest daughter 🙂