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Okay, so none of that makes sense…UNLESS….you are an English teacher like myself OR you remember the analogies section from standardized tests.  But really, I think it’s an appropriate association…don’t you?  Good.  Glad we agree 🙂

Today is FRIDAY!!!!!  Which means…Five Things Friday.  Today, sticking with my theme of associations, I am doing a Five WORDS Friday…which will actually be more like 20 since there are four words in associations….

1.  Treadmill Running : Ugh :: Outside Running : YAY!

I have not been able to run outside much lately.  It’s been incredibly snowy up here in the Northeast…and it looks like we’re going to get even MORE snow next week.  woot.  Truth be told – I am okay with treadmill running but I really would like at least ONE run outside a week.  Temps say it is going to be close to 50 this weekend – HEAT WAVE!!!!  I’m on that like peanut butter’s on jelly…..(did I mention I really like peanut butter?)  Truth be told, I don’t mind running inside that much…if anything it lets me catch up on my Sportscenter…..

2.  Sweat Pants : My go-to clothing choice of late :: Yoga Pants : Not my go-to clothing choice of late

Whatever your comfy clothes preference is…lately, I have a three pair of sweat pants rotation – for when I am home, obviously not when I am teaching (although that would be amazing if I could wear them to school!).

3.  Swimming : My First Fitness Love :: Swimming : Something I always use as a fitness basis

While that analogy might not make sense…if you think about it…any one of us that has had a first love/relationship/etc…we ALWAYS remember that ONE.  Everyone always says, “You’ll never forget your first love” blah blah blah….right?  In my case, swimming was and always will be my first love and most important sport I’ve ever been involved with.

The reason I use Swimming as a fitness basis is because it is probably the ONLY sport where you are required to use EVERYTHING.  I mean, think about it….running, you primarily use your legs….biking, legs….soccer, legs…well you get the point.  I always try to explain to my swimmers how people who make fun of swimming are doing so because THEY DON’T GET IT.  They don’t understand how difficult it can be.  The true swimmers don’t see the difficulty….that’s what separates those who can and can not.  I always tell them, “if it were easy, everyone would do it”.

4.  Vegetarian : Veggies :: Pescatarian : Veggies + Fish

I am a vegetarian who dabbles in the pescatarian realm.  Truthfully, I love sushi….and all kinds of fish…so I eat it when I am out but that’s about it.  I won’t prepare it for a home cooked meal.  I know, I’m weird.  We all have our things.  I still laugh when people get worried or upset after I tell them my food choices.

Pretty much always

It’s nice that it’s more and more common these days for people to be Vegetarians as well as more restaurants accommodating those of us who choose to go without meat.  I tried to be a Vegan…for all of two weeks….I just couldn’t do it.  I workout WAY to much and would have to eat non-stop for me to go Vegan.  Plus….I like cheese…and eggs….and, well….I like them!

5.  Exercise : Fitness :: Diet : Healthiness

My fitness is determined by my exercise just as my healthiness is determined by my diet.  While they are all intertwined, I think it’s safe to say without a clear idea of what we want out of all of these, we aren’t going to get the results we hope for.  Goals are excellent ways to start our path to fitness and healthiness.  My goals this year involve more races and trying new experiences.  I am incredibly psyched for the Tough Mudder in April.  I am also excited for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler earlier that month!

And while I may pretty much be at a point where I am maintaining my fitness level, that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to work hard to feel better about myself.

Just remember, you have a choice….we all do.  If you don’t like the way things are….do something about it.  You’re worth it.

Have a great weekend!


And I’m not talking about the Britney Spears album….because….well….as catchy as some of those songs are…..I just can’t with her…..I just……can’t.

“The Zone”, as I like to call it, can happen at any point – running, spinning, yoga, reading, writing, eating cake… know…the usual things.  There are many zones for people.  It’s that feeling you get when:

-you are truly focused on what you are doing

The Cake-centered Focus

-you block everything out and can actually FEEL good that you are making headway in something you’re working on

-you feel good all around

-nothing can distract you

In case you didn’t know….Chuck Palahniuk wrote “Fight Club”

It’s when I’m in MY zone that I feel amazing!  This happened to me during my run last night.

Surprisingly – I have been sleeping really well in the last few nights (unusual for me this time of year) and I have felt incredibly good all day.  Not sluggish or anything.  While I feel there is probably a different contributing factor to this…which I’ll talk about another day….I was up for a good run yesterday afternoon.

After practice – I took to my treadmill and made my way through 6 miles.  I probably could’ve kept going but I am trying to limit my running so I don’t overdo it.  I have had some issues with slight plantar fasciitis in my left foot and lately my left knee has been bothering me a bit.  Most likely from overuse – therefore I’ve decided to be an adult and not push myself to a breaking point.  I learned my lesson the hard way when I torn tendons in my left foot last year…..

But I digress……6 miles.  I got into my zone around 1.3 miles in.  I know this because I checked the treadmill.

So now you’re probably wondering, how did it feel for you?

You know how people talk about runner’s highs?  And those endorphins?  And all that jazz???

See that Quote?  Totes Magotes.

I do my best thinking during these runs when I am “in my zone”.  I feel the most accomplished.  Granted, yesterday I was on a treadmill but I still got the sense that I was accomplishing something.  I don’t think it always matters where you are when you’re doing it…just that you’re doing it.

I’ve been in the zone with writing before too….where hours will pass by and I’ll write 20 – 30 pages of whatever novel I’m working on at the time.  I love when that happens.

I get “lost” when I’m in the zone……

Questions for you:

When are you in the zone?

What are you doing when you are in your zone?

Do you even know what I’m talking about?? ha 🙂

I have a confession – I am a closet superstitionist (is that a word?  No? Well then – OED, check it, make it happen.   kthnxbye).

I wish on things and moments all the time.  I wouldn’t say religiously but definitely in a habitual form.

11:11 – make a wish

Necklace Clasp is at the front (my most common) – make a wish **(I should mention that my necklace is , in fact, a 4 leaf clover)

Eye lash on my cheek – make a wish

Birthday Candles (duh) – make a wish for each one! (no?  that’s not right?  I like it anyway)

Coins (throw them in a fountain) – make a wish!

Ladybugs (THEY’RE GOOD LUCK!) – make a wish

Falling star(s) – make a wish

Going through the intersection at a yellow light? – make a wish (that a cop doesn’t stop you!)

First day of the Month – Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit – MAKE A FREAKIN’ WISH 😀

Ok, so you get it…

Typically, I wish for one or two of the same things – mostly one thing – all my life.  I continue to wish for the same thing because all of the things I wish for are consistently in progress.

Unfortunately, some of my (unrealistic) wishes I have no control over.  But I was talking with my friend Reagan last night about the terrible day I had yesterday and the fact that SOMETHING has got to give for me at some point.  I explained to him my method of wishing and my actual method of taking action to which he told me, “Something good will come your way….you’re due.”

I am definitely ready for some good news!

And although it sounds like I am whining (which I am a little) – I am still extremely grateful for my life.  I have plenty of things to be thankful for  as the old idiom rings true in my head every time I think, “woe is me”….It could always we worse….

Yesterday, was not a good day. 

I got some news from a co-worker about a job opportunity I missed.  First thing in the morning.  That….was awesome.

I was not feeling great during my spin class….and then proceeded to go to yoga afterwards with my favorite teacher (the one that has a killer yoga class) – I was what I like to say, Struggles Magee.  I couldn’t hold nearly half of the poses.  My body was shaking.  My mind was wandering.  I couldn’t stop thinking.

Yup – pretty much.

Today, will be better. 

Today I am scheduled to do 6×880’s at a 5K pace.  I am doing it.  Completely.  I also have to teach swim lessons and prepare a lesson plan for Thursday.  Tonight, my sister and I are going to The Walnut Street Theater to see Grease

The tickets were a birthday present from my Aunt.  I’m looking forward to it.  I haven’t seen a musical since February when my mother, sister and I went to see Newsies (I’m the King of New York!) in NYC.

Tomorrow will be better, too.  Sometimes the universe conspires to tell you that you need to chill out a bit and remember your true intentions.  I think maybe I was getting ahead of myself in the idea that things were finally all falling into place.  It’s no matter….I’m kind of resolving to the thought that…..


BUT, I am still going to continue wishing……. 🙂

So I ask, do you make wishes on any of these things?  Do you feel as though, “things will happen if they are supposed to?”  What’s your take?