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A brief note before I follow up with ALL THE REASONS

Dear friends and followers,

It has been eleventy billion hours since I last posted (yes, that is to the exact minute) on the internets.  I’ve missed you.  I think it’s time for me to come back.  As per the usual…life has been busy….jobs…life…blah blah blah.  I’ll spare you all the excuses.  Because excuses are like A-holes….everybody has one….right?  See…didn’t you miss me?

I have still been keeping up with running and fitness and all that jazzy jazz…..which is why I know that coming back will only be a continuation but also include some new and exciting stuff for me and YOU!  Yay!

Lastly, before I get to all the real ISH…..If you didn’t miss me at all….no worries..because I don’t believe I am that important that it matters anyway 🙂  (awww, listen to me acting all martyr-ish)  For reals though.  I’m just happy people are out there that are even interested….truth be told, I know my dad and stepmom read it…so I got that goin for me 🙂


Sincerely yours,



AAAAAAAAAND NOW!  Back from the depths of the other side of the world but really the suburbs of Philadelphia….me 🙂


CATHARSIS:  The last year has been a roller coaster to say the least.  We can all agree that it happens in each one of our lives. 

I was holding on for dear life

Overall, things in general are good.  I have my health, my family, my friends.  All good things.  Several cathartic experiences helped my journey to this point but it was with one major swoop that I managed to find The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love that helped me regain my semblance of self and worth.  If you have never heard of these books, I highly recommend them.  Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love.  You will be doing yourself a favor

It is from these four ideals that we are able to release what we used to think about life and to move forward in order to be a better person.  Inevitably, we have to be the best we can be for ourselves first before we even attempt a relationship.  And I’ve tried to maintain some interesting relationships…friendship or otherwise….the biggest ideal: Don’t take anything personally – is SO EYE OPENING.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Because of the emotional catharsis, I’ve been able to improve in all aspects of my life.

My yoga is bendy-er….my cycling/spinning is funner (yes, I know I’m an english teacher and YES, I know that’s not a word….WHO CARES)….my running is safer, cleaner, and more fulfilling than ever before.  My mind finally gets it…and my body is following along.


HUBRIS:  Truth be told…a great deal of why I haven’t posted here in the last eleventy billion hours is tied to my hubris.  I am a work in progress…like everyone else.  I am unique…like everyone else (get it?) But for awhile, I was allowing my own stupid pride and fact that I have failed so often, get in the way of being real for myself and all of you.

The last series of posts I wrote on here dealt a lot with my Marathon Training for The Steamtown Marathon last October.  Truth:  I almost didn’t finish.  Had it not been for my amazing support from my dear DEAR friends Heather and Jen….and of course my father who finally picked up the phone when I called him at mile 14 hysterical…..I would have undoubtedly DNF and felt FUBAR’ed……

While I am not going to recap my experience or disappointment, I was emotionally broken down after that race.  I had no desire or love for running and because I used to find so much of my happiness in doing so, I felt lost….sad….concerned I might never recover.  It was weird…and I will get into that for another post with specifics to running…but for now…just know….I am not going to allow my stupid pride get in my way…..



AMALGAM – Me to a “T” these days.  I am all over the place but the thing I’m maintaining is my workout regiment.  Thank god for running, biking, yoga, and other extra curriculars….

INCREDULOUS – That 2014 is more than half over, that I am where I am today, that I have an INCREDIBLE support system in place, and mostly that things might not always be presented to me in the way I expect but they always have a tendency of working themselves out.


INTRANSIGENCE – Beyond everything else….I have persevered…and continue to work toward the many goals I have set for myself.  I’ve come to acknowledge and believe in the following(and if you know me, you know that it’s no surprise it’s an Emerson quote):

See you soon!


“It’s important to remember that each footstrike carries you forward, not backward. And every time you put on your running shoes you are different in some way than you were the day before.”

That little gem came in my RW Quote of the Day email this morning.  I needed that right now.

Yesterday wasn’t as successful as I hoped.  I did a long run – yes.  It wasn’t 16 miles – it was only 13 miles.  It was incredibly hilly.  This is what the elevation looked like…..

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 7.58.14 AM

Needless to say, I was not really prepared for this.  I had it in my head (because my running friend Mindy TOLD me it would be this way) that we were going to do a relatively flat run with some hills at the end.  And if you’re a runner you’re looking at this and thinking…well the first part was all down hill….

See Miles 5 through 7?!?!?!  It’s one giant hill.

The elevation for Steamtown (the Marathon I’m training for) looks like this:


Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 8.02.18 AMI’m thinking I should be good to go???  What do you think?

All I know is I’m getting frustrated not getting the longer miles in.  I stopped at 13 yesterday because my hip was KILLING me.  First time in a LONG time that’s happened.

A few things I decided I will do this week – lessen the distance on my runs (keep them between 5 and 7 miles) but make them more quality.  I will also plan to do a flat long run on Sunday.  Probably two loops on the River….each loop is jut about 8.4 miles.

I’ll keep the hills and the speed work…but no more 13 mile or more hilly runs (I’ll probably do it again in September).

I was SO frustrated yesterday during my run.  I was angry that it wasn’t the route I was expecting.  I was annoyed that I couldn’t figure out how to find my usual pace.  Everything threw me off.

I felt bad for Mindy and Ilya because I kept slowing them down.  It was clear they wanted to go ahead of me.  Mindy was super supportive and helpful.  I even doubted that I would BQ.  I get down on myself SO quickly when physically I am breaking down.  Anyone else?

I need to refocus.

The joys I experienced yesterday and today even are that I am now incredibly keen on how I need to recoup when it comes to finishing long runs.

Sometimes I’ll take an ice bath – most times I’ll just shower all the sweat off – put on my compression socks or sleeves and walk around a bit.  I also drink a TON of water right after and throughout the day.  I’ve mentioned how much I sweat – yesterday was no exception despite the cooler temps.

Today is a rest day.  I feel like I could use a good stretch – so I might pop into a yoga class later and/or go for a swim at school.  No matter, I am channeling my energy into the right things today…..

What do you do to refocus?

How do you recover from long runs?  Ice bath?  Sleep?
John “The Penguin” Bingham, Going with the Flow, The Penguin Chronicles Archive

Reading, that is….

The other day, I wrote about how easy or difficult it might be for an athlete or a professional athlete to be a vegetarian/vegan. 

With the kindle I so awesomely received from my Stepmom and Dad on my birthday this year, I purchased my first book and started reading it last night….Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming one of The Worlds Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself.

Many people have told me they’ve read his book, Eat and Run.  While I intend to read that, this one was definitely first. 

As promised, I will have a review once I’m finished – it’s pretty easy to read and REALLY interesting so far.  I didn’t realize he was a swimmer (for Stanford) – so I am clearly extremely interested in that 🙂

Beyond that book, I also went the nerd route and bought….How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character

Can you tell I am a teacher and a coach???  I don’t think as many of you will be interested in what I find from that book but I’m looking forward to reading it. 


I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately.  I was definitely tired – my eye twitching came back (maybe one day I’ll draw my own cartoon with a day in the life of my eye twitch…) So last night, I thought – let’s do this right. 

I started reading (because reading is usually what I used to do to make my eyes tired at night) and took 2 Tylenol PM.  Yup – I cheated.  I really should be using Valerian Root or Chamomile tea to help me but all bets were off last night.  I had those ugly black rings under my eyes and I was like – it’s 8:30?  Time for bed!

Sure enough – it worked.  I slept from about 9:15 until 7:15 this morning and it was GLORIOUS!  It’s also raining so I lolled in bed til about 7:45.  I felt so much better and did my usual stretching:

It is raining in the Philly area this morning.  No outside run for me.  Instead, I am going to my favorite Yoga class with my friend Kristie.  I am looking forward to putting my energy into the class and devoting my mind to being CALM during Savasana…..

What’s everyone else doing on this lovely Thursday?

P.S.  I am so excited tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!  FOR SO MANY REASONS BUT MAINLY JUST ONE 🙂


First of all – the subject line comes from the episode, Product Recall, of The Office (US).  And it has one of THE BEST COLD OPENS EVER… seen here:

Secondly – The subject line involves a conversation that goes like this:

Michael Scott: Everybody in here stat. No time to lose. CRIMAN Squa F and C double time.
Dwight Schrute: CRIMAN Squa?
Michael Scott: Crisis management squad.
Ryan: F and C, double time?
Michael Scott: Front and center, twice as fast as you would normally go. Any other questions?
Jim Halpert: One more. Why are you talking like that?
Michael Scott: To save time, Jim.

Hilarity at it’s best – so what’s the point?  The point is – 1.  It’s HILARIOUS – if you don’t find it funny I can not help that you have no sense of humor.  2.  I’ve been doing a bit of my own Cri-man squa-ing lately.

I got my blood drawn this morning.  OH, so fun!

They took 10 vials.  10!  Yes, I know you’re jealous – it was inevitable.

Basically yesterday my doctor told me it was good I came for a visit – he recommended that I go see an endocrinologist and decided that I needed to get elevently billion blood tests (including my thyroid and cortisol).  He said I did a good thing to come to the doctor.  Crisis Management at its best!  Woot!

It brings me to my next thought….saving time.  Right now, I have all the time in the world.  I am not working (beauty of being a teacher) and I aside from my running and teaching swim lessons, my world is pretty open.

So why….why am I so incredibly stressed?  (FYI, when a doctor checks your cortisol levels it’s to see how much stress is affecting your health….)

Who has two thumbs and finds a way to be stressed even when she doesn’t have to be???  THIS GIRL!

Right here, baby

Truth is – there are a million reasons why I am/could be….and the truth is – I am not going to share that with you.

In an attempt to stave off SOME of the stress, I went to yoga yesterday.  I always hope that yoga will provide me with a source of comfort and release.  Usually, it does….yesterday – I could NOT stop thinking during Savasana

Yup – right on the money.  Savansana is probably the most difficult pose to master because you’re supposed to kind of just thoughts…just be after all of the work you just put your body through.  I, on the other hand, am SO far from mastering this…it’s not even funny.  Yesterday was no exception.

So how can I relieve some of the stress?

-Exercise – ha, you’re joking? (as if I don’t do this enough already)

-Meditation – see previous statement dealing with exercise…

-Therapy – see number 1

Anyone have other suggestions?

It’s a habit.  A bad one at that.  I am a ball of anxiety on most occasions.  I am a worrier.  I always have been.  Why?  I don’t know.  But I’m finding that the more I worry the most impatient I get….which is terrible.

My dad will tell you it’s my worst attribute…..and so will my friends.  I know…I’m working on it.  Sometimes I just feel like Veruca Salt….

Which brings me back to my original statement – doing things quicker to save time.  In reality I am aware that doing it the right way (even if that takes longer than I want) the first time is the best way.  I am working on that.

In the mean time – does anyone have any suggestions about how I can relax/de-stress?

What do you do to relax?  How do you de-stress?

First, let me just say….as we’ve all heard before….the best laid plans don’t always come to fruition….

That being said….I had 16 miles planned for yesterday.  I was in the right mental state….kept telling myself that I would just run and that would be fine.  I needed to get the distance in…..

I’d like to go off on a tangent for a moment:

-in the last week or so, I have been having some IBS issues.  My apologies if this is an over-share and if you’re not comfortable reading about such a thing but I would imagine many if not most runners have had their IBS issues either before, during or after a run.  It’s not always clear as to why or how such a thing happens but sometimes, they just do.

-I’ve got a doctor’s appointment today and most likely another one this week to see a specialist.  About 4 years ago, I had a similar issue.  Got a colonoscopy.  Doc said I was fine and that it was just a case of Anxiety/Stress/IBS all rolled into one.

On another tangent – see how much stress can affect your health???

-Basically, I am not worried – it is probably nothing but I am attempting to be pro-active about figuring out what’s wrong with me at this point because I would really like to NOT have to stop after 11 miles and walk any other amount of distance because of this problem…..

Back to my running story:

The plan was to go to bed early on Saturday.  The plan was to wake up early on Sunday and run before it got too hot.  The temps were lower than they’ve been in a few weeks so I was hoping to take full advantage of it.  The run I planned was going to be finished in just over 2 hours.  The run I planned was going to feel wonderful and exhilarating.  The run I planned was going to be just the thing to help me gain back my confidence with my training plan.

I started my run around 7am, yesterday morning.  The temps were in the low 70’s and although it was humid, I knew that was going to drop during the course of my run.

Miles 1-3 weren’t terrible but I knew it probably wasn’t going to be the best run when around .5 miles in I was always drenched.

On such an occasion as running longer than 12 miles, I wear a Camelback backpack because I don’t like holding things in my hand or having things around my waist.  Those are the alternatives in the water carrying area.



I’ve worn these – they give me major blisters around my midsection. NO THANK YOU

Anyway…the plan was for me to have a wonderful, peaceful, morning run – like I said, less than 2.5 hours.

Sadly, this was not the run that happened.


The run that happened was one in which (as mentioned) I was completely soaked by Mile 1/2.

The run that happened was one in which my shoes were totally soaked(puddles) by Mile 7.

The run that happened was one where I was listening to my music too loudly and am now partially deaf in my left ear (the hearing is coming back….SLOWLY..but it was a little unnerving to go throughout the rest of yesterday with muffled sounds).

The run that happened ended in me walking the last 4 or so miles.

I definitely placed more emphasis on the idea of what the run should be rather than what it was.  I was feeling pretty good until about mile 7.  I passed a port-a-potty and SHOULD HAVE STOPPED.  Instead, I kept going.  MISTAKE MISTAKE MISTAKE.

It wasn’t until Mile 11 that I realized this.  Note to self – be sure to plan running routes that have bathrooms next time.

Around mile 11.5 I realized if I didn’t walk – I was going to have some major issues and since I was about 5 miles from home, that was the LAST thing I wanted.  So…I walked.  I ran a bit….then walked.


UGH.  If you’re a runner – you know how awful walking can be AFTER running as far as 10 miles (especially if that is not supposed to be the end of the run).

Basically, I am disappointed.  In myself.  In the run.  In the way my training is going.

But then…..I reached out to my friend and running partner that is training for the same marathon as as I am (Steamtown) to ask her if we could start training together again.  She is WELL on track for her goal (which is the same as mine – Boston)….I explained to her that I need someone to help motivate me.  She wants the same.  THANK GOD I HAVE A RUNNING PARTNER AGAIN.

In fact, there are definitely benefits to having a good running partner.

I am hopeful that this will change things.  The Marathon is less than 3 months away and although that seems like a lot – October will be here before we know it!  Eek!

And we all know – disappointments and failures are what help us appreciate the good runs and the good times.  I know.  It’s just one day and just one run.  I felt pretty low yesterday.

BUT – today is a new day.  I am gonna go work out the kinks in yoga and hopefully the doctor will have some good news for me.

Questions for everyone:

What is your worst experience with a long run?

Have you ever had tummy problems during a run?  What did you do?

Do you run alone or with a partner?

Sorry about that….I went away for a few days….and I missed my usual Friday post! Ah well, can you forgive a girl? Celebrating a birthday and the wedding of one of my oldest friends was a bit more important.

Thanks for understanding 🙂

However I do come bearing gifts! Lots of pictures…and lots of wonderful stories!

Let’s get to the most important stuff first, fun is further down so if you’re uninterested in the workouts/running – scroll down! 🙂

Workouts and Running last week:

I had that whole plan of mileage and such – remember?? I knocked it out of the park!

Thursday I ran a chill 8 miles amidst all my phone calls/texts/facebook messages wishing me a Happy Birthday. Some of my favorite messages:

“Happy Birthday, Kate! We’re having a big party in your honor on Saturday” (from my friend Randy who you’ll see once you scroll down).

“Happy Birthday, summer buddy! I’ll always remember our birthday celebrations!” from my friend Megan whose birthday is the day after mine – she always had her birthday parties either on my birthday or around it and we celebrated together. It was always so special.

“It’s 7-11! In honor of your birthday I told 7-11 to give away free slurpees!” From my friend Tim. uhh, thanks bud….haha

“Happy Birthday, Kater Tater Tot!” from my friend Mike – it’s his original nickname for me….I don’t know.

Voicemail from my friend Greg in Florida – singing me happy birthday but also addressing me as “Katie No Middle Name Fitzgerald”…..I love that kid.

And of course, I can’t leave out the (most embarrassing) humbling reminder of how far I’ve come in this world…my friend Dan posted a video from about 10 years ago when I did sports stuff at CMU – I am not posting it up here because, let’s be honest, it’s not that spectacular. BUT, it was a nice trip down memory lane 🙂

But I digress…running (stay focused, Katie)!

Friday morning the temps were cool enough and the humidity was low enough that I was able to get outside to run (yes, sadly most of my longer runs have been on a treadmill)! I finished just over 5 miles before the torrential downpours started. It was a glorious run and I am so glad I forced myself to go outside. I promptly taught spin class after the run. Playlist is as follows:

  1. Baba O’Riley 5:10 The Who
  2. Gone, Gone, Gone 3:30 Phillip Phillips
  3. Radioactive – Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix (Imagine Dragons Cover).mp4 4:25
  4. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) – Pa….mp4 3:08
  5. The Other Side 3:47 Jason Derulo
  6. Marilyn Monroe 3:16 Nicki Minaj
  7. OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine version – Official.mp4 3:53
  8. Beverly Hills 3:20 Weezer
  9. Wake Me Up 4:10 Avicii
  10. Foo Fighters – The Pretender.mp4 4:30
  11. 30 Seconds To Mars – Closer To The Edge.mp4 6:22

Needless to say, my body was exhausted much of the rest of Friday.

Weekly mileage was just over 36 miles. Woot! I am getting up to where I wanna be – right around 40-45 miles a week.

I also taught Saturday morning spin class – duh :-). Playlist (hill heavy class):

  1. Wake Me Up 4:10 Avicii
  2. Have a Nice Day 3:40 Bon Jovi
  3. I Hate Myself For Loving You 4:08 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
  4. Can’t Hold Us Ft. Ray Dalton 4:18 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  5. When You Were Young 3:43 The Killers
  6. Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song).mp4 4:59
  7. OneRepublic – Good Life (1).mp4 4:08
  8. Billy Jean (Minilogue Remix) 6:44 Michael Jackson
  9. Wicked Garden 4:05 Stone Temple Pilots
  10. Move Along 4:00 The All-American Rejects
  11. OK Go – Here It Goes Again.mp4 3:05
  12. Lucky Strike 3:05 Maroon 5
  13. Don’t You Worry Child (Radio Edit) [feat. John Martin] 3:33 Swedish House Mafia
  14. Lonely Boy 3:13 The Black Keys
  15. Solsbury hill 4:24 Peter Gabriel
  16. Man In The Mirror 5:20 Michael Jackson

Biking Mileage Total: 58 miles

After spin yesterday I did about 60 minutes of HOT yoga – my legs were REALLY tight – felt good to stretch out. Some observations from Yoga (since I haven’t been on my mat in more than a week)

-My shoulders were about to give out when I got into my first Down Dog. The second, third and fourth were MUCH easier. Amazing how that happens.

-I am a LOT stronger now than I was 8 months ago. I can see the definition in my upper body (even if I don’t do yoga regularly).

-Yesterday, some how – despite all the ridiculousness that is going on in my world, I was incredibly focused. Maybe I was just really ready for something new and/or maybe it just meant I was finally learning to let go and let things happen how they are supposed to. I stopped thinking.

-Yoga is MUCH harder after an hour spin class. Just sayin’.

After class, I went home and took a three hour nap. Clearly my body and mind needed it. It was wonderful. Plus, it was helpful since I had some partying to do later!

Yesterday I was supposed to run 16 miles.  Turns out – 5 John Daly’s will not allow you to such a thing.  I had to settle for 8.5 miles.  I am justifying that because I flipped my long runs (last weekend I was supposed to run 8 miles and this week I was supposed to run 10) it’ll all work itself out.



This past week was incredible! I mentioned I was not exactly in the “birthday mood” when the week started. Isn’t it so great when things just completely change direction? I know. You agree. Good, I’m glad.

So on Thursday evening, I went to The Melting Pot with my Mom, Stepdad, Sister and Aunt. It’s basically a fondue place. I had never been before but had always heard great things about it.

HOLY MOLY was there a lot of food. Let’s just say, next time I go (if I do) I’ll probably only go for dessert – which is the bomb diggity btw…..Pictures!


Cheese Course


My Veggie Meal – Mushrooms/Artichokes/Tofu/Asparagus/Ravioli’s


Veggie Broth on the Right/ Bouillon Broth on the left


My dessert plate – YUM!

A few of my presents:

My Message from Mom

My Message from Mom


A book of cryptograms – because…well, I’m a nerd


Chelsea! LOVE – my new Chelsea box


My new Totes Ma Gotes Bag – Don’t act like you’re not jealous….

I also got (unpictured) a new Kindle Light, a kickass license plate frame (CHELSEA FC!), and the newest Shadowboxers LP.  I’ll post some of their music on here – they’re rockin’.

Friday, I had a busy morning and tried really hard to flush out all of the bad foods I was eating. How do I know? My face started breaking out from all of the sugar. See, I don’t usually eat added sugar – no desserts really (unless it’s a small piece of dark chocolate with hazelnuts in it)

THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about….

because a little usually goes a long way with me. I have a sweet tooth but it doesn’t take much to satisfy me. Needless to say, there was obviously dessert on Thursday (which you’ve seen) and the brownies from Tuesday (which were delicious!)….and I was anticipating more Friday night (duh) as well as at the wedding on Saturday. SO, I made a HUGE delicious veggie juice consisting of: 2 cucumbers, 1 large beet, 4 stalks of celery, 4 large carrots, two lemons, and a smidge of ginger. It was enough for a large pitcher of juice. It was FANTASTIC!

Friday evening I went with my Dad, Stepmom and Sister to Redstone. While I didn’t take any food pictures – I will tell you their cornbread, Margherita flatbread, and my Salmon Burger were OUTSTANDING! My dad loved the cornbread so much he took some home with him! That’s saying a LOT.

Just one pic – of my dad and me from the night 🙂

Dad and Me

Dad and Me

Oh, and dessert – Warm Apple Crisp!

MMMMMmmmm delicious

MMMMMmmmm delicious

Saturday was a day of excitement and anticipation. RANDY WAS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!! – wait, what?!

Randy is one of my OLDEST friends. All of my childhood memories (that I recall) from the time he was born up til 12 or 13 (and we were one year apart in high school – although we had different groups of friends) include Randy in some way. I won’t bore you will all of the details of our friendship but understand – the kind of friendship that Randy and Fur (in the pictures below) and I have had our whole lives is one where despite the distance and/or lack of communication as adults – if any one of us needed something, we’d do whatever we could to help. That’s what family is…and that’s what we are.

Randy and Me as Kiddos:

Randy and Me (love my Hershey Kisses Shirt!)

Randy and Me (love my Hershey Kisses Shirt!)

Me and Randy - HUGS!

Me and Randy – HUGS!

Randy and Me as Adults:

Randy's Married!  Woo!

Randy’s Married! Woo!

More Wedding Pictures:

ASTER LANE! - Fur, Andrew, Randy, Me, Jason

ASTER LANE! – Fur, Andrew, Randy, Me, Jason

The Happy Couple - Randy and Meredith

The Happy Couple – Randy and Meredith

B.F.F.A.E.A.E. (Best Friends Forever And Ever And Ever)

B.F.F.A.E.A.E. (Best Friends Forever And Ever And Ever)

First Dance

First Dance

They Do!  Yay!

They Do! Yay!

Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Pics before the ceremony - Me and Fur (his name is Christopher...get it...Fur)

Pics before the ceremony – Me and Fur (his name is Christopher…get it…Fur)

Fur's RSVP - Let's just say Randy can be sure to await the proper retaliation when he least expects it....

Fur’s RSVP – Let’s just say Randy can be sure to await the proper retaliation when he least expects it….

Yesterday – as I mentioned, I didn’t get to do all of my 16 miles.  Just over half of it – I lazed about yesterday morning and eventually figured out that I should enter the realm of the real world.

I watched about 6 episodes of The West Wing (I’m on to Season 2!!)and then found my way over to my friend Jen’s to hang out with her and Hermes:

Just Chillin' on the Purple Couch

Just Chillin’ on the Purple Couch

Today – I teach spin class and then hope to take a killer yoga class right after.  I am having lunch with my Aunt Patti in the Warminster/Hatboro – we’re getting sushi!  YUM!

Probably one of my favorite movie quotes – from Almost Famous.

“It’s all happening!!!!”~Penny Lane

I have not been the greatest blogger as of late but there has been an uproar of things going on over here.  Nothing bad, I promise.

Last week was one of those weeks where I was so excited about having all this free time….and then it hit me….

I get bored really easily.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  I like to be busy – as many of you know by now – but I also enjoy down time.  For a couple of hours.  Once a week.  NOT EVERY DAY.

I thought, I could always go run again or spin or do a yoga class.  And I did – ohhhhh, I did.  But then I thought, if I start doing that again, when I have a real job I won’t have time to double up any more.  So that went out the window.

In exercise news – however – I did crank out some kickass spin classes on Friday and Saturday last week and went for a killer 14 mile 12 mile run yesterday.  Deets below….

Since I am currently without a job, I have been filling in at my Gym for some Spin Classes.  I taught last Wednesday and Friday, as well as my usual Saturday Morning.  That’ll continue for another week or so and then we’ll see what happens.

Friday’s playlist didn’t actually happen because I realized I forgot to transfer my music to my iPhone – but I’ll put up what my intentions were 🙂

  1. Titanium (feat. Sia)        4:05    David Guetta
  2. Madonna – Vogue (video).mp4        4:53
  3. George Michael – Freedom! ’90.mp4        6:36
  4. Wings        3:40    Little Mix
  5. This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race        3:32    Fall Out Boy
  6. OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine version – Official.mp4        3:53
  7. Don’t Wanna Go Home        3:26    Jason Derülo
  8. Levels (ID) (Original Mix)        5:34    Avicii
  9. Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie ft. Wyclef Jean.mp4        3:39
  10. Linkin Park – BURN IT DOWN (Official Music Video).mp4        3:53
  11. The Middle        2:49    Jimmy Eat World

Saturday Morning’s class was rockin’!  LOTS of HILLS – Playlist:

  1. Titanium (feat. Sia)        4:05    David Guetta
  2. Linkin Park – BURN IT DOWN (Official Music Video).mp4        3:53
  3. The Middle        2:49    Jimmy Eat World
  4. This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race        3:32    Fall Out Boy
  5. Love The Way You Lie (Clean)        4:24    Eminem Ft Rihanna
  6. Levels (ID) (Original Mix)        5:34    Avicii
  7. It’s Time        3:59    Imagine Dragons
  8. Radioactive – Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix (Imagine Dragons Cover).mp4        4:25
  9. The Script – Hall of Fame ft.        3:53
  10. Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City.mp4        6:49
  11. Bad Romance        4:08    Halestorm
  12. American Woman        4:22    Lenny Kravitz
  13. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs        3:28    Fall Out Boy

I was a little worried about the amount of hills we did on Saturday morning because I knew I wanted to do a long run on Sunday.  Turns out – when you sit on a couch and watch movies the rest of the day you are good to go for a 14 miler 12 miler on Sunday morning.

I watched one of my current favorites – Pitch Perfect – and basically danced and sang to all the dancing and singing parts 🙂  Don’t judge.  And don’t act like you’re not singing along with it….


Sunday’s run looked like this – elevation wise –

Sunday June 23  Temps: Mid 70s Humidity: 80%

Sunday June 23
Temps: Mid 70s
Humidity: 80%

I would’ve done all 14 miles but it was

You said it Ron Burgundy.

Regardless, I am happy with the distance.  I told myself when I woke up that I wast just going to run..for as long and as far as I could…or until I had puddles in my shoes (they started around mile 11).  I pushed myself just a little more and was happy with the results.  I kept about a 9:00/mile pace.  Not too shabby for all the hills.

After my run I put compression sleeves around my calves and my left ankle to prevent from cramping – and I was also playing in a softball game later that afternoon so I wanted to be fresh for it.  My legs didn’t even hurt!  I probably could’ve gone for another 5 mile run yesterday afternoon.  Bonus to me for finally taking care of my body the way you’re supposed to!

Today is a recovery day – so I’m going to a spin class this morning and then probably yoga afterwards.  No running today.  Running tomorrow.

Truthfully, my long run reminded me why I love running so much and how fun it can be when you don’t put any pressure on yourself to “always do better each time”.  Sometimes you just have to enjoy the views, the music, the honkers, etc.  I was born to do this…


Lot’s of amazing things on the horizon and this week!  I am so pumped for the weekend and it’s ONLY Monday!  Hurry up Friday!!!