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While this is a pretty broad topic, I feel it’s safe to say….many people do not know their limits or boundaries when it comes to others.

Take, for example, when someone at the gym is lifting free weights and a fellow patron goes up to them to offer them their opinion about how and what they are doing correct/incorrect, etc.  There are a few issues with this situation:

1.  The person lifting didn’t ask for your opinion – although I am sure the person offering their opinion is an expert in the way of said exercise (please tell me you’re reading in to my sarcasm).

2. Unless you are a certified personal trainer….keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself…..and even if they are a personal trainer….that doesn’t always mean a whole lot.

As a fitness instructor and a coach, I am aware that my advice to people isn’t always what will work best for people.  I am aware, also, that not everyone wants my advice or opinion.  I often seen people at the gym doing the wrong exercises or wrong technique and some times cringe at their bad form.  BUT – it’s not my problem.

So now you’re saying..”but that’s not helpful…be a source of the solution and don’t be so passive to allow the problem continue”.  To that I would say….”you’re absolutely correct.  I am more than happy to help those that WANT the help…but if someone is carrying on and just doing their thing…who am I to tell them that they are wrong?”

More often than not, people feel as though they are being 1. helpful, 2. proactive, 3. caring, and 4. kind.

While I would say that these are all genuine feelings behind trying to offer advice….understand that if people want it…they will ask for it…..and if they don’t ask for it…..that is something they have to face on their own.

Many of the habits I learned in the gym and during sports or activities came from watching others.  I’ll admit though, I am incredibly proactive about improving and doing my best – it’s just in my nature.   In the case that people ARE looking for advice on exercise and/or advice with those you see doing the wrong thing at the gym….I have a few things that might help:

To the observer:

1.  Be patient.  If they want the help, they’ll ask for it.

2.  RE #1 – unless they are hurting themselves with the way they are lifting something or maneuvering equipment….let them watch someone else to figure out what they are doing wrong.

3.  RE #2 – if you are a fitness instructor with the proper technique and/or certification(s) – ASK THEM if they want some advice/help.  For example:  When I see someone on a bike before a class and it looks like their seat is too low or their straps are not tight enough on their bike…I say, “Would you like some help with that?” or “Does that bother your knees at all?” – in a NICE and non-condecending manner.  I also throw in, “If you try it this way, it might make a difference.”  People are much nicer to you when you don’t say, “Your form is all wrong…this is wrong…this is wrong…etc., etc”.

4.  When and IF they do ask for help… sure to tell them that your advice is merely based on your learnings/experience and that it works differently for everyone.  Remind them that they need to do what works best for them – not what works best for you.  As a fitness instructor and coach, I always tell my students and swimmers of the things I’ve done in the past, what’s worked for me, and what hasn’t worked for me.  With that, I also tell them that they should make sure whatever they do – it has to WORK FOR THEM.


To the person that is afraid to ask:

1.  DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP IF YOU AREN’T SURE.  I can not tell you how  many times I’ve had people say to me in a spin class, “I never knew how to adjust my seat”….or “I never knew that I would get a better workout this way”…or “if I had only known to buy new sneakers that it would’ve helped my joints”…etc.  I start every spin class (usually) with, “Do I have any new riders?”…especially if I have never seen them in my class before.  This usually helps alleviate some of the anxiety that people build up in their minds about “not knowing” what to do and “being afraid of looking like the newbie”.  EVERYONE HAS TO START FROM SOMEWHERE….You’re obviously interested in bettering your well-being….don’t be afraid to ask! 🙂

2.  Once you’ve asked for help…remember that you have to do what works for you.  IF a trainer or instructor tells you there is ONLY ONE WAY TO DO SOMETHING…more than likely they are incorrect.  THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO DO EVERYTHING (even in Math).

3. If you STILL can’t bring yourself to ask for help… your homework.  Observe others, read about fitness, read about healthy living, read about eating right.  Your health is on you.  OWN UP TO IT.


My questions for you are:

1.  Have you ever been approached by someone at the gym for advice?

2.  Have you ever given advice without it being warranted?

3.  What have you done in these situations?




Return of FTF

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Today marks the return of Five Things Friday!  Woo!

Although there is no theme for this particular FTF, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it is a random post either.  Check it:

1.  I have run 5 times already this week (although today will make 6 AND 40+ miles!!!)….Sunday – 7 miles, Monday – 7 miles, Tuesday – 6 miles, Wednesday – 7 miles, Thursday – 7 miles…..Today…probably 6 or 7 miles again.  I don’t know what’s gotten in to me this week.  I am just FEELIN IT!  It’s weeks like these that I LOVE running and am happy that nothing hurts while or after I run.  Just knowing I still have these weeks is amazeballs.

2.  I currently have 5 pairs of running sneakers.  Sneakers are my crack.  I know, I KNOW…lots of women like to buy shoes…and so do I ….but in sneaker form.  I actually have three more pairs of sneakers but they are obviously not shown and I don’t use them for running….and while I only used two of these 5 pairs….I keep the others around because….I’m not sure why.  My friend Kristie does a lot of stuff with sneaker donation…I should see if she needs them.

Evidence of the sneakers:

Can you tell I like pink?

Can you tell I like pink?

3.  Today marks the 5th day, that wasn’t a weekend, in which I did not have to get up for work.  I took this week off because…well…..I kind of needed it.  I am getting a chance to recoup and refocus.  So many good things coming down the pike.  I am ready for it.

4.  With all this snow comes thoughts about Spring and how much I can NOT wait until I start seeing some flowers.  I LOVE FLOWERS.  Anyone else?  They just kind of make things happier.  You know?

What? Your flowers don’t water snails?

My five favorite flowers to see in the spring….or any time really:  1.  Daisy’s  2.  Pink roses  3.  Sunflowers  4.  Lily’s  5.  Tulip’s.  Flowers are just happy.

5.  Five favorite songs on my spinning playlist at the moment:

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 8.34.25 AM

Alone Together by Fall Out Boy

“Cause I don’t know where you’re going
But do you got room for one more troubled soul?
I don’t know where I’m going
But I don’t think I’m coming home and I said
I’ll check in tomorrow if I don’t wake up dead
This is the road to ruin
And we’re starting at the end”

The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

Put on your war paint – just that lyric alone pumps me up!

“Hey young blood
Doesn’t it feel like our time is running out?
I’m gonna change you like a remix
Then I’ll raise you like a phoenix”

Hell and Back by Airborne Toxic Event

“And you took me to hell and back
How many times can I walk away from you
My mind’s like a one way track
And every one is taking me back to you
And you tell me just one more time
and you’ll lie like you always do
And I know it well”

Changes by Tupac Shakur (yes, I realize this is not a new song – don’t even act like you don’t like this song)

Forget the lyrics – just watch/listen to the song and remember how AWESOME IT IS!

Sail (Spenca Remix) – AWOL NATION

No lyrics – it’s just an awesome jam.  Check it out.

Have a fantabulous Friday!!!!

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end….”

Without being too cliché……I feel that it is no coincidence that this song came on my pandora this morning on my way to work:



And yes, I am at school before 7am….usually I’m at school by 6:15 (at the latest)…..

With a few minor hiccups in the last couple of days, I am sad to report that today is my last day at the school I’ve been teaching at.  (Read:  I haven’t been fired, my job just ended…the teacher was out on maternity leave)

Today has been a roller coaster of emotions – thus far.  I am sad and nervous and happy and confused.  ALL THE EMOTIONS.  FEEL ALL THE FEELINGS!

At this moment, I am waiting for a few of my students to come back to school and play Just Dance with me.  Yup – you read that correctly.  Some of my students are coming in – on their day off – to play a video game with me.  It’ll be nice to end the day on a positive note.

Elsewhere – I am just trying to maintain some semblance of positivity.  I didn’t workout yesterday – a much needed rest day – but am back to running 6 or 7 miles this afternoon.  Spin class tomorrow and running again on Sunday.

Lots going on – lots to be hopeful for…..I am lucky.  Not a day goes by where I don’t acknowledge that.

Remember the time you went to workout and saw the lady with the 80’s fitness gear on….only to notice (and feel badly for) her boobs are hanging out….?

No?  Oh wait, that’s because it wasn’t you – it was me – and it happened yesterday.  :-/

Need a picture?  (it took so much of me to NOT take a picture of this lady)…..

Like these – only she wasn’t wearing a bra….and she didn’t fill it out quite like the people in this picture…..

Now – before you all go getting upset about me being judgmental…..that’s not the case.  I truly felt bad for her.  People were snickering at the gym.  I was just doin my thing on the treadmill.  If that’s what she wants to wear – more power to her for feeling confident enough to do it.

I did, however, start to make a list in my head of things people should probably NOT wear to the gym.

How many of you have seen people at the gym in jeans?  Or even sandals?  Don’t lie – you know you have….

Obviously, you should workout in whatever you feel most comfortable in….but that doesn’t mean it’s the best.  Workout clothes are designed to help your skin breathe.  All of those sports clothing manufacturers don’t employ people to think of new technology to help with clothing and comfort for nothing…..I’m just sayin’.

So here is my list of no-no’s for gym attire – at least – if you’re actually at the gym to WORK OUT…..

1.  I think this goes without saying but – Jeans.

First of all – it’s one thing to go to the gym for a quick 20 minutes and “pump some iron” and I can see the reasonability if you really don’t have time to change your clothes but if you are going to the gym between the hours of 6am and 8am or 4pm and 8pm on a weeknight… are probably not too jammed for time.

This chick didn’t even change her top OR shoes!

2.  Which leads me to my next no-no:  Dress shoes and/or sandals.

Now listen, there ARE some sandals that people can wear to run/cross train.  Heck, there are even sandals that can be worn when biking.  But really?  REALLY.  What is this all about?  You find sandals and/or dress shoes more comfortable than sneakers?  Don’t even get me started on the ladies who I’ve seen wandering around the gym in high heels.  Oh – it happens.


Here’s a combo of BOTH!

3.  Wearing anything that doesn’t breathe.

One would certainly hope that when you are heading to the gym, the goal is to sweat – even just a little.  The good thing is that there are plenty of lower cost breathable clothes out there (Thank you, Target!)  When I first started to workout – I didn’t like clothes that “stuck to me”.  I tended to wear a lot of cotton t-shirts and mesh shorts.  While there is nothing wrong with that outfit combo – I found a few issues with it:  1.  I am a heavy sweater (wool, in fact!) and because of this – my t-shirt would end up soaked.  If I wanted to lift after a run, I’d have to go change my shirt and/or I’d get cold really easily.  2.  The sweat lines were unsightly – let’s be real here, no one wants to see your sweat stains.  3.  I found myself rolling up my shirts or pulling down my shorts because everything was just a bit out of place.  As a result – I turned to tight fitting workout clothes that were incredibly breathable and it was AWESOMESAUCE!

Not Pictured: ME – plus I don’t look like ANY of these people in real life


OHHHHHHH doggy.  Are you ready for this one?  This is listed under my pet peeves.  WOMEN or men (I don’t judge) who wear makeup to the gym.  WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING?!  First of all, it’s really bad for your skin to wear makeup and then sweat….do you know what that does to your pores??  Hellllllooooo blackheads.  Also….why?  Just……WHY?????  I think I basically make my point with these two pictures:

So now my questions for you are:

Did I miss anything?

What bothers you at the gym?

What would you have done with the lady in the 80’s gear?  I mean, no lie – I could see her boobies… lie.


Subject for discussion:  Working Out When You’re Tired

Question:  Yes or No?

Obviously there is some debate.  In my experience, I’ve found that I always feel better after a workout – even if I am tired.  But then there is the double edged sword – you could make yourself more tired and then not be able to do it the next.  OR there is always the possibility that you go to workout, even when you’re tired, and can’t work as hard as you’d like.


People who know me well know that I don’t take many days off – I do better at scheduling them in now than I used to but there is something about having done a workout that gives me a sense of accomplishment that I can’t get anywhere else.

Some days, I am just incredibly tired.

Some days, I start to feel tired as the day winds down.

Some days, I am anxious to get in my workout.

Lately, it’s been the second of the three.  Thankfully.

When it’s the first of these three, I typically will not exercise that day.  Usually this occurs at the end of the day.

When it’s the second of these three, I typically go to the gym and tell myself “if I still don’t want to do this after 2 miles, I will stop”…..I usually don’t stop.

If it’s the last of these three, I am usually running somewhere after school or doing a double workout.

Yesterday….it was a combination of #2 – which led to #3.

It was my last full day at school yesterday so I was a bit emotionally drained.  It’s tough to stay “up” for the kids when you know you’re going to miss them so much.  Needless to say, I had a spin class to teach last night and I knew I’d have an hour or so to kill beforehand.

I decided I’d run BEFORE spin class.  And I did.  It took me nearly 3.5 miles to find my stride but I did 5.5 easy (Sunday I did 6 at an 8 min pace – which is fast for me these days).  I then felt SO good that I cranked it up during Spin class and kicked my own butt.  It felt good to sweat as much as I did.

Say what you want about sweating (which I admit, I do quite a lot of….don’t judge)….but it’s good for you, it means you’re fit, it also means you’re healthy, and above all else – I know I’ve kicked ass when I sweat.

By the end of the night – I felt accomplished.  Tired, yes…..but a helluva lot better about myself and that I am going to definitely reach my goals sooner rather than later.

Questions for all of you:

Do you still workout when you are tired?

Do you sweat when you workout?  If now, how do you know you got a good workout?

What do you do if you don’t workout?

We are lying to ourselves when…

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I’m trying….

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I’ll be back in a few weeks when I can get back where I should be….