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Okay, so none of that makes sense…UNLESS….you are an English teacher like myself OR you remember the analogies section from standardized tests.  But really, I think it’s an appropriate association…don’t you?  Good.  Glad we agree 🙂

Today is FRIDAY!!!!!  Which means…Five Things Friday.  Today, sticking with my theme of associations, I am doing a Five WORDS Friday…which will actually be more like 20 since there are four words in associations….

1.  Treadmill Running : Ugh :: Outside Running : YAY!

I have not been able to run outside much lately.  It’s been incredibly snowy up here in the Northeast…and it looks like we’re going to get even MORE snow next week.  woot.  Truth be told – I am okay with treadmill running but I really would like at least ONE run outside a week.  Temps say it is going to be close to 50 this weekend – HEAT WAVE!!!!  I’m on that like peanut butter’s on jelly…..(did I mention I really like peanut butter?)  Truth be told, I don’t mind running inside that much…if anything it lets me catch up on my Sportscenter…..

2.  Sweat Pants : My go-to clothing choice of late :: Yoga Pants : Not my go-to clothing choice of late

Whatever your comfy clothes preference is…lately, I have a three pair of sweat pants rotation – for when I am home, obviously not when I am teaching (although that would be amazing if I could wear them to school!).

3.  Swimming : My First Fitness Love :: Swimming : Something I always use as a fitness basis

While that analogy might not make sense…if you think about it…any one of us that has had a first love/relationship/etc…we ALWAYS remember that ONE.  Everyone always says, “You’ll never forget your first love” blah blah blah….right?  In my case, swimming was and always will be my first love and most important sport I’ve ever been involved with.

The reason I use Swimming as a fitness basis is because it is probably the ONLY sport where you are required to use EVERYTHING.  I mean, think about it….running, you primarily use your legs….biking, legs….soccer, legs…well you get the point.  I always try to explain to my swimmers how people who make fun of swimming are doing so because THEY DON’T GET IT.  They don’t understand how difficult it can be.  The true swimmers don’t see the difficulty….that’s what separates those who can and can not.  I always tell them, “if it were easy, everyone would do it”.

4.  Vegetarian : Veggies :: Pescatarian : Veggies + Fish

I am a vegetarian who dabbles in the pescatarian realm.  Truthfully, I love sushi….and all kinds of fish…so I eat it when I am out but that’s about it.  I won’t prepare it for a home cooked meal.  I know, I’m weird.  We all have our things.  I still laugh when people get worried or upset after I tell them my food choices.

Pretty much always

It’s nice that it’s more and more common these days for people to be Vegetarians as well as more restaurants accommodating those of us who choose to go without meat.  I tried to be a Vegan…for all of two weeks….I just couldn’t do it.  I workout WAY to much and would have to eat non-stop for me to go Vegan.  Plus….I like cheese…and eggs….and, well….I like them!

5.  Exercise : Fitness :: Diet : Healthiness

My fitness is determined by my exercise just as my healthiness is determined by my diet.  While they are all intertwined, I think it’s safe to say without a clear idea of what we want out of all of these, we aren’t going to get the results we hope for.  Goals are excellent ways to start our path to fitness and healthiness.  My goals this year involve more races and trying new experiences.  I am incredibly psyched for the Tough Mudder in April.  I am also excited for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler earlier that month!

And while I may pretty much be at a point where I am maintaining my fitness level, that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to work hard to feel better about myself.

Just remember, you have a choice….we all do.  If you don’t like the way things are….do something about it.  You’re worth it.

Have a great weekend!


So I am clearly not doing the greatest with keeping this baby updated – BUT – I haven’t forgotten about it!  There’s been a lot of craziness going on so naturally the first of my priorities to fall by the wayside is this here blog.  But I am still here!  And it’s FRIDAY!!!!  WOO!

But really, let’s talk about something important…..

I have been in an incredibly happy mood lately…..for plenty of good reasons.  Some of them I mentioned the other day…but really I’ve come to find that it’s easier and MORE FUN to be happy.  For so long I was sad and bummed out and all I wanted to do was hear other people’s bad stuff….so I could feel a little bit better.  You know that expression, ‘misery loves company’….it’s true.  But in the last few months, so many things have done a 180 and I’m entirely convinced it has to do with the concept to ‘just keep going’ and/or ‘just keep moving forward’.

In reality, whether we like it or not, life moves on without us.  We all have a choice – we can either sit there and be upset about what is going on or we can sit there and be thankful for the things we already have.

It’s more than likely at some point you’ve all seen the hashtag #firstworldproblems somewhere.  And if you’re just seeing it for the first time – it’s self explanatory.  I’m not trying to diminish anyone’s plight and/or things that are happening in their life at the moment

What I’m getting at is the fact that we all have a choice to be happy or sad.  I’ve found that when you put out the good, the good comes back to you two-fold.  Maybe not immediately but eventually.  And patience (although I tend to lack it at times) is definitely a virtue.  And I am not a highly religious person but I always think of this quote from Luke 6:38 when I think of putting the good out there….

That being said….my Five Truth’s Friday, today, is about the things I am thankful for at this moment in time….

1.  My mother

WHAAAAAAA?  I know – I KNOW!  More often than not I have been caught talking about my mother, in – well let’s just say, not the greatest light.  Truthfully, she’s been kind of amazing and an incredible support for me lately.  We’ve gotten a lot closer over the summer (she’s a teacher too so she had a lot of free time).  I am thankful to have her be so understand of me and to support my endeavors.  She was right there with me when I was struggling about what I was going had I been offered a job an hour away that requested I give up my coaching job at LM.  I won’t get into the specifics but with the incredible emotional reaction I had to even having to consider doing that…she totally understood.

My mother has recently developed a knack for texting – to give you an idea of what my mother is like (this is not an actual conversation between her and me but COULD be)….


2.  My Dad

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while – you know how important my father is to me.  I am not joking when I tell you this post I wrote about him on his Birthday will likely get him that sainthood he’s been hoping for 😉  LOVE YOU DAD!

I haven’t spent a whole lot of time with my Dad in the last few months and I feel awful about that.  It’s not intentional but the thing is – he gets it.  I am busy.  And yes, I still want to see him and spend time with him but we still talk nearly every day.  He still knows what’s going on in my life.  He is still my favorite person in the entire world.  He gets it.  He gets me.  He’s probably one of the most understanding people in my life.  I am so thankful to have a father that knows me the way he does.  Plus, he’s the awesomest (I don’t care if that word is underlined – IT’S NOT MISSPELLED, AUTOCORRECT!)

3.  My friends

I know I say this often, at least – I think/hope I do, but my friends really are the best.  They’re entirely understanding of me when I am busy and forget to ask them how they are…..they are entirely supportive of me when I need someone to lean on.  My friends are basically my family – at least, I treat them that way.  I would do anything for them and go to the ends of the earth to help them if they needed it….they know I’m not a mind reader and they know that sometimes I forget.  I am incredibly thankful to have such a wonderful support group …

4.  My Sister

She and I don’t always see eye to eye…..but she has the same parents as me…so she gets it.  She understands it.  She doesn’t always understand me but she is there for me when I need her and I am there for her when she needs me.  Kellygirl was my first friend….or I was her first foe considering I am four years her junior and most likely after I was born there was less attention paid to her.  It just happens.  I was the younger one… all started that early July 11th morning when she woke up to my neighbor Sue telling her that our Mom and Dad left to go to the hospital….good times good times…

We have some of the funniest inside jokes…..including

Not quite the same but she knows what I mean 😉 Source

5.  My Health

I am incredibly thankful for my health.  In the last few months I had been feeling – well, not the greatest.  So I went to the doctor, had some blood tests…went to see a specialist….and it turns out – I am an incredibly healthy 30-something….  WOOT!

I am still training for my marathon.  I am still training for life.  I want to be the best self I can be and exercise and eating better help me get there.  I was recently talking to one of the kids I give swim lessons to about living a long time.  He informed me that his great grandmother was 90 years old.  I explained how wonderful that was and then proceeded to tell him I was planning on living til I was 120.  To which he informed me that the oldest person living is 110.  I was like….cool.  Imma beat that 😉  Age is just a number…and if I take care of my body now, I will have it for a LONG LONG time….how?  I think this lady is on the right track….

So I ask – what are YOU thankful for?

Happy Friday, Everyone!

WOOHOO!!! Another week down!

It’s Friday again – time for some more TRUTH. 🙂

Thought this was appropriate….

So this week there were some fantabulous things that happened which I forgot to share on my blog.

But first, yesterday’s run was an easy 6 miles.  Today I am teaching back to back spin classes.  Should be a good workout for me.  Then I have a ton of errands to run and am taking off from exercise tomorrow to prepare for a 17 miler on Sunday.  THIS ONE should be flat.  Should be….whether it will be…we’ll find out.

So here we are…in no particular order:

1.  My sister won tickets to see JayZ and JT next Tuesday!!!!! 


I got a phone call from her on Wednesday night asking me what I was doing on August 13th and she was like….”You’re not doing anything but coming with me to see JT and JAY Z – I JUST WON TICKET FROM Q102!!! (it’s the pop radio station in Philly).  I was like – WHAAAAA?!

SO pumped to see HOV and JT.  I have been a fan of JT since NSYNC – and yes, I saw them twice!  You should be jealous.  I would be!

2.  My old apartment is officially no longer mine.  And while this is sad….it’s nice because I get my deposit back…can anyone say, cha-ching?  Okay, not really but it’ll be nice to have a bit of extra pocket change since I didn’t coach this summer.

3.  I was asked to help coach the Girls Field Hockey Team at the HS I already coach swimming at…..I have accepted but am a little concerned about my schedule.  I suppose when I talk to the head coach that it will get all worked out.  What?  You didn’t know I played field hockey?  I was a half-back and sweeper.  Defense was my spot and I was a killer defender.  NO ONE touched the goalie.  EVER. 

4.  My body is highly sensitive.  And by highly sensitive I mean I think I figured out why I wasn’t sleeping well last week….I drank too much caffeine.  And by too much I mean more than 2 cups that week.

Understand….I have basically given up coffee.  I drink yerba matte tea in the mornings.  Yes, there is still caffeine in that but not nearly as much as I was getting when I drank coffee.  It was making me jittery.  How do I know this?  It happened Wednesday.

Remember when I posted my pic of me with a Chai and my kindle reading?  I was SO jittery after that (and that is ONLY tea) that I couldn’t stop bouncing my legs!

chaiWhat other evidence do I have that I am sensitive?

When I run – even if my clothes are loose – I get red lines across my stomach and back from the small amount of rubbing….I’ll show you some time…no need to get that graphic at this point….

5.  I got tickets to go see Dane Cook in September!  Woo!  It’ll be my third time seeing him in the Philly area.  He’s one of my favorite comedians.  I am excited!  Don’t know who he is??  Check it…

Anywho – what does everyone have planned for the weekend??

We made it!  Another week down!  Eleventy-billion to go!  (anyone else notice that’s my favorite fake number? k, just checking)

But really people – I know all of you are so excited about the subject of this post….the websites I visit most often.  No?  I bet you’d be surprised!  Keep reading if you care…and keep reading if you don’t! kthx

Before I get to that….today’s agenda is set for a light 4 mile run and then teach a kickbutt Spin class.  The rest of the day will be spent doing….things I will not tell you about but let’s just say it’ll be fun and something I’ve been looking forward to all week!  I also have a jam packed Saturday consisting of Swim lessons, some ventures out in the evening….and a long run with my friend Mindy on Sunday morning.  Woot!

Eh em…..(also this is all meant to be read with drips of sarcasm – sort of…..if you don’t read it that way, it’s not my problem)

1.  FACEBOOK – Like, duh.  I can not tell you how many times I check my facebook on a daily basis because, well, let’s be real – 1.  How many people ACTUALLY count the times they go on facebook in a day? (don’t answer that – ESPECIALLY if it’s less than 2 – go away – stop judging me)  2.  It’s the greatest way to stalk someone without it being creepy (don’t act like you don’t do it too!)  and 3.  How else will I be able to check and see if 720 of my 725 friends that I don’t talk to are still living?  EXACTLY. I knew you’d get it.

Facebook is – well – an addiction.  Don’t even act like Myspace was better.  The only thing myspace had over facebook is the ability to post music to your page and lesbihonest (pitch perfect, anyone?)…you turned that ish down as soon as you went on to someone’s page because you were all like, “EWWWW, what is this SONG?!  The truth hurts sometimes.

I’ve had friends give facebook up for Lent and/or an undisclosed amount of time…..why?  WHY?  Isn’t the reason for giving something up, TO GIVE SOMETHING UP?!  DELETE IT – don’t just go away for a little – that’s kind of not the point.  And besides, then you have to spend twice as long trying to catch up on what happened when you were “away”.  Trust me.  Save yourself some time.

I do have a few friends that don’t have a facebook.  It’s true.  I know, I can’t believe it either.  Why am I still friends with these people?  Truth is, they need ME….I’m their ‘dealer’.  I get them the info they need when they can’t get it themselves….you know what I mean, jellybean??

2.  Weather Channel Dot Com – is the bomb…..aaaaaand I’m done rhyming.  For many reasons – mostly because I want to know whether it’s an outside running day but also because….think about this for a second…..when you have a conversation with someone – doesn’t it ALMOST ALWAYS go back to the weather at some point?

People eat that ish up!  People LOVE to talk about the weather.  Don’t believe me?  Think about it….

When a conversation is going south…..”did you see the weather for tomorrow?”

When you don’t know what to say on a date…..”hey I heard it’s supposed to be nice tomorrow”

When you don’t know HOW to start a conversation….”doesn’t this rain suck?  Do you know when it’s supposed to clear up?”

When you’re saying goodbye to someone and don’t know how else to say goodbye…”I hope this heat wave ends….stay cool!”

(so take a minute….think about it….YOU KNOW YOU DO THIS!!!!)

3. – because, as I’ve proclaimed before – I am a nerd.  I am proud of it…and I like to be smart and know random stuff when I am entertaining at parties.  HA!

Ironically, this was slashdot’s poll of the day yesterday:

Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 6.13.59 PMDon’t want to click on it?  It asked how long do you think facebook will be around for???  Yeah.  OKAY PEOPLE WHO SAID: “Who uses facebook?”  YOU’RE ALL LIARS.  There, I said it.  You are!

I owe the finding of slashdot to my friend Joey – you can visit his wedding website and wish him and his fiance Jen a very happy future!  They get married in November!  Can’t wait for that!!!

Back from my tangent….anyway, Joey told me about slashdot nearly 6 years ago…and I’ve been keeping tabs on it ever since.  It’s not flashy.  It’s not spectacular..but it’s informative and good to read.  It’s news for nerds.  Stuff that matters.  Boom.

Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 6.19.38 PM4.  How do I put this gently? –  Just a semi-functioning individual navigating higher education with a cocktail in her hand and a tendency to embarrass herself.  Basically, I’m in Graduate School and (still) slowly losing my mind.    It speaks for itself, people.  Check it out.

This site is freakin’ hilarious.  Yes.  It’s a tumblr site.  It’s typically updated every day.  The girl who runs this has some pretty funny ideas.  If you need a good laugh…..go there.  Now.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  GO.  NOW.

It’s pretty self explanatory but basically I can not read this site while drinking any kind of liquid else it will end up all over my computer….

5.  Astrology Zone –

I KNOW, I KNOW.  Judge me.  Go ahead.  I don’t care.  I read my horoscope every day and every month.  Is it always right?  NO.  Do I like it?  Yes.

What I think I like this most is the “idea” that there is SOME kind of control over the days to come – even though in reality we all know there is no real control over anything.  It’s relaxing for me.  I think what I really like to do the most is read it and then as the month nears it’s end, read it again to see if any of it was true.

What’s that you say?  I’m crazy?

Listen, honey – I’ve been called worse.

I just like it – and it’s okay if you don’t but I’m being truthful here – so, there’s that 🙂

What sign am I?  Cancer.

What sign are you? :-p

And so there you have it – the five websites I look at the most.  Good, bad and embarrassing.  Take it or leave it!

What websites you do you read daily? 

What sites are you embarrassed to tell people you read? 

Don’t act like you don’t have any……

Have a great weekend!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted on a Friday.  For whatever reason(s), I have been busy!  Who knew?!

A quick update on the running situation.  I ran outside yesterday in the VERY COOL temps (like cool enough that my hands were starting to feel really cold!) to a nice 8:30 pace.  6.5 Miles.  Total mileage for the week is at 31.5 (so far).  The plans are to run another 5 today AFTER I teach spin.  The temps will still be relatively low.  If that doesn’t happen though, I am not going to beat myself up over it.  I’ve decided I am TOO worried about time and how fast I’m going.  I need to relax.

Anyway!  This week’s Five Truth’s Friday deal with Swimming.  I rarely talk about swimming on here – unless it involves me coaching and/or the funny things that happen with my swimmers.  I suppose that means I am ready for the high school season to start! 🙂

1.  I was a distance swimmer.  I think this is one of the reasons it was SO easy for me to accept that I could run long distances.  Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t just run 7 miles the first day I went for a run but there are so many similarities.  One of the biggest ones is that you spend an awful lot of time alone.

When you swim more than 8 laps (a 200) you have all this time to think about your plan and how one flip turn can be the difference between a 100 that is 1:02 versus a 100 that is 1:03.  Don’t think 1 second is a lot of time?  In swimming – it’s an eternity.  For those of you that don’t believe me – Michael Phelps won his 100 Fly in Beijing by .01 of a second.  THAT is how big of a deal 1 second is….1 second is .99 longer than .01.  Get it?  Phelps is on the LEFT btw….

2.  When I am having a bad day and/or really angry – I will swim for about and hour – do about 4,000 yards straight.  It’s not often because I rarely get mad but it’s been known to happen.  Swimming, like nothing else gets out so much of my frustration and anger.  Unlike any other activity I’ve ever done.  Ha, maybe I just found my answer to getting rid of some of my anxiety.

3.  I rarely swim for exercise.  I know, I KNOW what I just said…but I also said I rarely get angry.  Truthfully, I get bored swimming alone.  I’d rather join a Masters Swim Team but most of the times they practice are not convenient for me so I end up doing my own workout.  So many people think that swimming is a solitary sport – and it CAN be – but if you’ve ever swam/practiced with a team, you know you are not alone in between sets when you make fun of the coach and/or talk about something else that was going on that day.  There’s an understanding amongst swimmers that “you’re all in this together” sort of thing.  You’re putting yourself through the pain of practice TOGETHER.  That’s nicer than swimming countless laps alone with no one to converse with…you know?

4.  Swimming is one of the hardest and best sports to do.  Yes, I am aware that there are A LOT of other sports one can make this argument with.  I get it.  Fine.  You can have it your way – but most likely if you’re arguing that the other sport is harder, you haven’t tried swimming (unless you’re a swimmer but in that case, you’ll agree with me on this).

One of the most famous AMERICAN Distance Swimmers (who held the World Record until this year), Janet Evans, wrote a book about her experiences in swimming.  Check out this Excerpt on Why You Should Choose Swimming

Incase you’re unfamiliar with Janet Evans (who was basically my hero growing up), she looks like this:

5.  My All Time Favorite Swimmers are:

Female – Dara Torres – Dara is the FIRST AND ONLY swimmer from the US to compete in 5 Olympics.  She’s won 12 Medals at the Olympics and in 2008 at the age of 41 she won 3 Silver Medals in Beijing.  HOW.  DO YOU LIKE.  THEM.  APPLES?! BOOM

Male – Jason Lezak – I’m not even going to explain why – just watch this:

<p><a href=”″>2008 Beijing Olympics Swimming Men’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Final</a> from <a href=”″>Meazza</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Can you believe it’s Friday?  Again?!?  This week FLEW by – I suppose that happens when your weekend doesn’t end until Tuesday 🙂

How was everyone’s 4th?  Did you see fireworks?  Did you set off sparklers?  Did you go to a BBQ?

I went to my home neighborhood’s BBQ (as I always do for Summer holiday’s) and it was surprisingly good.  Not that they aren’t anyway but I was in a ‘terrible, horrible, no good, very bad mood’.  Of why, I am certain because I was tired due to lack of sleep and not feeling well…..amazing what some good company and friends can do to change that.

Since I missed last Friday’s post amidst my insane (ly awesome) weekend…..this week’s FTF’s involve some of the things I’m reading/watching and/or listening to – NEW MUSIC!!!!

What I’m Watching:

1.  Vegucated – Woooahhh, doggy.  This puppy was certainly emotional.  The basic gist of this documentary is a woman who decided to challenge three different people to go VEGAN for 6 weeks.  Obviously I was intrigued for several reasons but it wasn’t until I saw the portion of the documentary where they show how animals are treated…..I SOBBED….I LOOKED AWAY….I HAD A HEIGHTENED EMOTIONAL REACTION.  Truthfully, anyone with a heart should have the same kind of reaction.  It’s very well put together and extremely informing.  I highly recommend it.  I am probably going to be mostly vegan now because of this movie….

2.  Hungry for Change – This documentary exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industries use to keep consumers coming back for more.  (can you tell I’m on a bit of a documentary kick?)  Most of the information I listened to was not new or surprising to me – but in case you didn’t already know – SUGAR IS IN EVERYTHING.  It’s informative.  Watch it, especially if you’re learning about food and/or want to be more informed with how the government is basically addicting us to food.

3.  Pitch Perfect – I think I have watched this movie every day since it came out on cable……what?  Don’t judge.

4.  Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain – okay, first of all – show of hands:  Who wouldn’t want this guys life?  Seriously?!  He travels all over the world – eats all kinds of food – visits and explores amazing cultures – and gets paid to do it?!  I am a HUGE fan of his – read all his books – watched all his TV shows (A Chef’s Tour, No Reservations) – and seriously love the way he writes/delivers his ideas.  The show (from a producer/writer perspective) is bar-none.  I would love to just be a grip or a PA on one of the episodes.  I would probably learn SO much.  If you’re not watching this…do yourself a favor…DO IT

5.  The Tree of Life

Just – do yourself a favor – prepare yourself for 2.5 hours you may feel like you’ll never get back.  Ha!  That being said – the cinematography was ASTOUNDINGLY AMAZING.  BEAUTIFUL.  It’s from Fox Searchlight (the independent portion of their studios).  Plus – it also helps if you have some awesome company when you watch it – to talk about it, make fun of it, question it….you know….normal things…

What I’m Reading:


Yep, that’s the one….

It’s based on the Columbine Shootings and/or school shootings.  Definitely a tough one to read…..and by that I mean sad


Ohhhhh, he’s handsome

I think this one is pretty self explanatory?  I’m a swim coach, former swimmer, he’s pretty much the icon of international swimming, and he’s just a normal person…..I’m such a coaching nerd – I am getting some good workouts from the book!  (I can hear the groans from my swimmers now).


Sisters Who Don’t get along all the time??? Where do I sign up….

As sad but light book – the concept is two sisters (both very different), one gets cancer and the other is dealing with it at school, home, and herself (she is the younger one).  It’s definitely, in some ways, similar to my life….

4.  OLIVE TO RUN – Lovin’ this blog like WOAH!  Another teacher, Olive and her Popeye (Cori and Ben) are on an amazing journey together!  I love reading her blogs about teaching, life, running, and the fact that not all runners are in a size zero frame.  GO READ IT – NOW!

5.  I Want to Go to The Zoo with Roy Halladay  – Because any good Phillies fan would – enough said.

What I’m listening to:

1.  Wake Me Up by Avicii – GREAT MESSAGE – GREAT BEAT

2.  Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke/T.I./Pharrell – BECAUSE OF REASONS

3.  Cruise by Florida Georgia Line Ft. Nelly – GREAT SUMMER TIME TUNE

4. Brave by Sara Bareilles – SHE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE LADY SINGERS – Plus the song has a great message

5.  Radioactive by Imagine Dragons – Covered by Lindsey Sterling and Pentatonix – IT’S BADASS


So anyway – what’s everyone else watching?  reading?  listening to????

Have a fantabulous Weekend! 

Happy Friday All!

My posts this week have been a bit sporadic and not entirely formulated – what can I say?  I am not only trying to actively rest my body but also my mind.  Speaking of which…let’s get down to it.

What is Active Rest?

A common and effective treatment for many overuse injuries. Active rest involves performing light exercises (often swimming or cycling) that stimulate the recovery process without imposing undue stress on the injured body part. (Source)

So basically, I am working on preventing myself from over-training – like I did last year and it inevitably led to a torn tendon in my left foot.  That was no fun.  No fun at all.

Yesterday I ran 8 glorious miles with wonderful hills(again, I don’t know why it only shows 7 miles):

June 20

June 20

I felt good the whole time.  I think it helped that I only taught spin on Wednesday and didn’t double up like I originally planned.  I had also intended to double up today but I want to get in 14 miles on Sunday and I’d like to feel good through them so I am solely teaching spin today and tomorrow.  Running will wait until Sunday morning 🙂

In the mean time – I’m using Spin as an active rest.  I know – you probably think I’m crazy.  It’s okay, I’ve been called worse.

Here are some of the best ways to actively rest on days when you aren’t doing your “hard core” exercising:

1.  Swimming

As a former competitive (distance)swimmer – I actually don’t swim as often as I probably could or should.  Truth is – as much as I love the sport and love to coach it, it’s difficult for me to get in the water and just go unless I’m at a practice or training for something.  Occasionally I’ll get in and pop out 4K yards in an hour and be done for another three or four months – but I find that because of how much I did it in high school and college – I have plenty of time for everyone else to catch up with me 🙂

That being said – it is definitely one of the best ways to elevate your heart rate and get a good workout without actually taxing your muscles too much.  Even if all you do is 10 or 20 laps – you’re still doing something.  And the no-impact is great for rejuvenating your muscles when you’re sore.

2.  Walking

Walking is a great way to feel active even on days when you’re not actually planning on doing anything.  I find that even if I get out for a 10-20 minute walk on a rest day – or go shopping at the King of Prussia Mall (which is huge) – I get enough activity that it won’t over tax my muscles.  I usually schedule a walk the day before a big race/run.

3.  Yoga

Truth is – not all Yoga is created equal.  There’s Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Flow, Vinyasa, Chi Yoga, Alignment Yoga…you get the idea.  On a day off, for me, I’d likely do a power yoga because I still get the feeling of working hard and sweating.  If you’re really tired/sore – I’d likely recommend a calmer and gentler yoga.  The studio I work at offers a Gentle Yoga and an Inspirational Yoga which focuses more on holding the poses rather than flow.  I love flow.  I love having to work hard to push myself.  But that’s me….what do you think you’d like?

4.  Ride a bike – you know, like Miley Cyrus

And when I said ride – I obviously don’t mean be insane like me and use a Spinning class as your rest day – unless that is something you’re used to or comfortable with.  I have been using Spinning as a cross training exercise for at least 12 years so my body is used to it.  If you DID want to go to a spin class for a cross train – I’d say keep it light and easy.  Opt out of the heavy hills – you’ll still get a workout.  I promise.

5.  Lifting Weights

I know!  You’re thinking – but wait, that doesn’t sound like you’re resting.  If you’re sore – this is most likely not a great active rest activity for you.  But, if you do a LOT of cardio (like me) this is probably a good alternative on a rest day.  You’re still getting a chance to work your muscles and an effective weight lifting regimen will only take about 30 minutes (if you’re not at the gym to socialize – if you are, you’re on your own..and if you are…get away from me).

So there you have it – the five ways I actively rest/recover on days when I’m not training as hard.

What do you do for active rest???