Return of FTF

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Uncategorized


Today marks the return of Five Things Friday!  Woo!

Although there is no theme for this particular FTF, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it is a random post either.  Check it:

1.  I have run 5 times already this week (although today will make 6 AND 40+ miles!!!)….Sunday – 7 miles, Monday – 7 miles, Tuesday – 6 miles, Wednesday – 7 miles, Thursday – 7 miles…..Today…probably 6 or 7 miles again.  I don’t know what’s gotten in to me this week.  I am just FEELIN IT!  It’s weeks like these that I LOVE running and am happy that nothing hurts while or after I run.  Just knowing I still have these weeks is amazeballs.

2.  I currently have 5 pairs of running sneakers.  Sneakers are my crack.  I know, I KNOW…lots of women like to buy shoes…and so do I ….but in sneaker form.  I actually have three more pairs of sneakers but they are obviously not shown and I don’t use them for running….and while I only used two of these 5 pairs….I keep the others around because….I’m not sure why.  My friend Kristie does a lot of stuff with sneaker donation…I should see if she needs them.

Evidence of the sneakers:

Can you tell I like pink?

Can you tell I like pink?

3.  Today marks the 5th day, that wasn’t a weekend, in which I did not have to get up for work.  I took this week off because…well…..I kind of needed it.  I am getting a chance to recoup and refocus.  So many good things coming down the pike.  I am ready for it.

4.  With all this snow comes thoughts about Spring and how much I can NOT wait until I start seeing some flowers.  I LOVE FLOWERS.  Anyone else?  They just kind of make things happier.  You know?

What? Your flowers don’t water snails?

My five favorite flowers to see in the spring….or any time really:  1.  Daisy’s  2.  Pink roses  3.  Sunflowers  4.  Lily’s  5.  Tulip’s.  Flowers are just happy.

5.  Five favorite songs on my spinning playlist at the moment:

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 8.34.25 AM

Alone Together by Fall Out Boy

“Cause I don’t know where you’re going
But do you got room for one more troubled soul?
I don’t know where I’m going
But I don’t think I’m coming home and I said
I’ll check in tomorrow if I don’t wake up dead
This is the road to ruin
And we’re starting at the end”

The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

Put on your war paint – just that lyric alone pumps me up!

“Hey young blood
Doesn’t it feel like our time is running out?
I’m gonna change you like a remix
Then I’ll raise you like a phoenix”

Hell and Back by Airborne Toxic Event

“And you took me to hell and back
How many times can I walk away from you
My mind’s like a one way track
And every one is taking me back to you
And you tell me just one more time
and you’ll lie like you always do
And I know it well”

Changes by Tupac Shakur (yes, I realize this is not a new song – don’t even act like you don’t like this song)

Forget the lyrics – just watch/listen to the song and remember how AWESOME IT IS!

Sail (Spenca Remix) – AWOL NATION

No lyrics – it’s just an awesome jam.  Check it out.

Have a fantabulous Friday!!!!


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