Okay….OKAY!  I know!  This is a fitness blog….and I haven’t written ANYTHING this week that is remotely related to that….all of it was teacher stuff.  Well, that’s what’s going on in my life right now.  Teachers out there get it…..deal 🙂

I figured since I didn’t write anything about my marathon training this week, Five Truth’s Friday would be devoted to the running workouts I had this week (including the one I am about about to do this morning).

So, if you were reading from the weekend – you know I left my sneakers at the lake house I was at on Saturday….hence, no long run 😦  I still believe the universe listened to me!  Truth is, it ended up being a good thing.  Although I was incredibly tired all week (for various reasons)…..

1.  Monday – First day of school (without kids) – was not awful just lots of meetings and trying to get my bearings.  The entire day I kept saying, ‘I can not WAIT to run this afternoon’.  That usually means one of two things – either I really can not wait to run OR I am tired and I need to start motivating myself to WANT to run.  I started saying this mantra at 10:30AM…..which one do you think it was??

Monday’s run was a short 6 miles in the HOT and HUMID temps of Blue Bell, PA.  Avg 8:33/mi pace.  Lots of hills.

2.  Tuesday – I was going to be smarter.  No outside running for me.  I decided that since I didn’t get in my long run on Sunday, I would forgo a rest day (this week – save it for Saturday) and stick with some lower miles.  My mantra ‘I am excited to run today’ kicked in around 12:30PM this day.  Woot.  A little longer!

I got to my gym and it was SO much of a struggle to just get in the 6 miles on the dreadmill – but I did it.  Slow.  But I did them.  Have I mentioned I am starting to feel a little burned out from this training??

Truthfully, the only thing that kept me going was knowing that I’d feel better after I finished – and I did.  I was so tired on Tuesday night, though, that I didn’t eat dinner.  I got home from the gym, got my stuff ready for the next work day, and went to bed.  At 8PM.  Yup.

3.  So Wednesday when I woke up I was hoping to feel refreshed but….this happened

Like totes magotes…..

I got up anyway…told myself (EARLY) that today would be a speed work day.  All day I went back and forth with what I would do….here’s how the conversation went in my head:

Me: You’re gonna do 10×800’s today….as fast as you can go…

Me:But you could always do a nice long run and screw the speed work….

Me: YES!  I’ll do that

Me: But wait…no….I should do speed work.  The whole idea is to get faster and to qualify.  Time is running out…

Me:  wah wah…who cares?

Me:  I care!  What did I just spend all these months training for if I’m not going to keep doing this!?

Me:  Okay..sooooo…maybe we’ll see how many 800’s I can get through….

In truth…I ended up doing 6X800’s (my legs were BURNING like hell) at a 6:53/mile pace – not the fastest but considering the conditions of this week, I am happy with that.  And 2×400’s at the same pace.  I ended up rounding out the full mileage at 7 miles.

4.  Thursday – I did an easy 5 miles on the treadmill.  I wasn’t worried about pace.  This was the end of my work week and I was SO close to skipping this run and just doing a longer run today….but I was like…NO….just do it.  So I did..and I was happier for it….I’ve never regretted a workout….

5.  Today….TODAY!  Lots of things to do today….it’s the last day I’m house sitting so among the various tidbits I have to get done (some cleaning, etc) I am planning to go for a nice easy run outside.  It’s still pretty cool this morning (in the 60’s) so I am hoping to just get 5-6 miles in….which brings me to about 29-30 miles for the week.

Tomorrow will be a rest day and Sunday I have plans for a long run (hopefully those 20 I didn’t get in last week) with my friend Mindy.  We’re coming up on just shy of a month til Marathon Day!  October 13th (for those that don’t remember).  EEK!

Anywho – the rest of the holiday weekend will be spend BBQ’ing and spending time with friends and family.

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend???



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