Good Morning! (well, at least it is when I write this)

I am up early for my first day of school (minus kiddos – they’re in tomorrow)!!!  EEK!

I am incredibly glad I had things to keep me busy this weekend otherwise I probably would’ve been really nervous all weekend.  Well…let me retract that…not nervous…but anxious.

Truth is, I’ve always loved the first day of school.  New teachers.  New books.  New faces.  Lots of NEW! 🙂

This past weekend, however, there was no school mentioned – except for the “good lucks” I received from family members for today.

I mentioned yesterday that I went up to Hawk Mountain followed by some waverunning at my guy’s parents lake house.  Yesterday we went to my family’s house and hung out for my cousin Zack’s 16th Birthday….which is today!!!


Yesterday, like the rest of the weekend was amazing.  I obviously encurred a few hiccups (as in not having my running sneaks to get in my 22 miles) but I made the best of it becuase truly I wasn’t about to let anything bother me.  I am so lucky.

Anyway, I’m in a bit of a time crunch this morning so I’ll leave you with one more funny cartoon and be on my way – more to come this week!



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