If you have a minute why don’t we go, somewhere only we know….

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Life, Music, Running, Spinning
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Morning Listening: Keane, Somewhere Only We Know = LOVE

What a weekend!  Who else had a killer one?

There were so many things piled into this one weekend – I can NOT believe I am still functioning (read: I am tired!)

I taught back to back Spin Classes on Friday.  The playlists are below:

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 7.52.11 AM Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 7.52.31 AMThey were kickass classes – first one was full, second one was decently attended – especially since in prior weeks, there were like 4 people.  I blame it on summer and people going on vacation.  What are they thinking?!

ANYWAY – The rest of Friday was spent doing errands and shopping for a special event on Saturday (I’m getting there!)

I actually made a decent dinner on Friday.  Understand, I rarely cook (at least, not for myself) but will cook for people I like.  Hrmmmm…that must mean something…..

Moving on……

Saturday was the day!  We were throwing a surprise bridal shower for my best friend Netty!  Despite a few  bumps and hiccups along the way that morning – the day was awesome.  She really was surprised! (hopefully this works)

The Bride to Be! - Future Mrs. Kelly

The Bride to Be! – Future Mrs. Kelly

Roommates and BFFAE's!

Roommates and BFFAE’s!

The day turned out so well and I am so excited for her wedding in October.  NOW!  Bachelorette Party planning to begin! 😉

I had another part to attend after the bridal shower – a “B List” party, if you will.  For all the people who weren’t invited to my friend Randy’s wedding last month, his mom threw a backyard BBQ.  It was fun!  This was the only picture I have from the evening….typical:

Fur, Randy, Me

Fur, Randy, Me

After an exhausting day, I finally found my bed around 9:30 and was fast asleep just before 10.  The plan was to run 17 miles on Sunday.  I hadn’t heard from my friend Mindy all day (she was at a Bar Mitzvah so she had good reason to be MIA) but woke up to a few texts.  I decided to do my own thing but destiny intervened and we happened to bump into each other on the Kelly Drive/Schuykill River Loop just as I arrived.

Regardless, I got my 17 miles in!  This particular loop is about 8.5 miles one time around – so I did it twice.  It was a gorgeous morning and the flat terrain was perfect for the distance I was trying to get in.

A few snap shots from the second loop:

Tourists in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum

Tourists in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum

Philly in the morning :-)

Philly in the morning 🙂

Here’s how my miles turned out (see if you can figure out where I got tired/walked):

9:44 (warm up)/8:16/8:11/8:15/8:12/8:17/8:27/8:37/9:26/8:28/8:45/9:07/9:29/9:12/9:20/10:07/10:15

I started to get really tired toward the end – but that’s okay.  I did the mileage.  Also – it’s not quite as consistent as I’d like it.  I started strong and then kind of dwindled.  Gotta work on that.  But for now, I’m happy.  Next long run wont be for a few weeks….hoping to get 20 miles in.

Today!  TODAY!  Rest day (probably yoga later) and the first day of Field Hockey!  Woot!  I am pumped.  I met the coaches last night – we’re all on the same page.  Should be a fun Fall!

Back to my long run – how do you work on consistency with the run?

Do you fuel on your long run?  I typically have my camelback – I didn’t have food with me – next time I will, though.

What did everyone get up to this past weekend???


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