FTF: The things I forgot to tell you….

Posted: August 9, 2013 in 5 Truth's Friday, Life, Running
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WOOHOO!!! Another week down!

It’s Friday again – time for some more TRUTH. 🙂

Thought this was appropriate….

So this week there were some fantabulous things that happened which I forgot to share on my blog.

But first, yesterday’s run was an easy 6 miles.  Today I am teaching back to back spin classes.  Should be a good workout for me.  Then I have a ton of errands to run and am taking off from exercise tomorrow to prepare for a 17 miler on Sunday.  THIS ONE should be flat.  Should be….whether it will be…we’ll find out.

So here we are…in no particular order:

1.  My sister won tickets to see JayZ and JT next Tuesday!!!!! 


I got a phone call from her on Wednesday night asking me what I was doing on August 13th and she was like….”You’re not doing anything but coming with me to see JT and JAY Z – I JUST WON TICKET FROM Q102!!! (it’s the pop radio station in Philly).  I was like – WHAAAAA?!

SO pumped to see HOV and JT.  I have been a fan of JT since NSYNC – and yes, I saw them twice!  You should be jealous.  I would be!

2.  My old apartment is officially no longer mine.  And while this is sad….it’s nice because I get my deposit back…can anyone say, cha-ching?  Okay, not really but it’ll be nice to have a bit of extra pocket change since I didn’t coach this summer.

3.  I was asked to help coach the Girls Field Hockey Team at the HS I already coach swimming at…..I have accepted but am a little concerned about my schedule.  I suppose when I talk to the head coach that it will get all worked out.  What?  You didn’t know I played field hockey?  I was a half-back and sweeper.  Defense was my spot and I was a killer defender.  NO ONE touched the goalie.  EVER. 

4.  My body is highly sensitive.  And by highly sensitive I mean I think I figured out why I wasn’t sleeping well last week….I drank too much caffeine.  And by too much I mean more than 2 cups that week.

Understand….I have basically given up coffee.  I drink yerba matte tea in the mornings.  Yes, there is still caffeine in that but not nearly as much as I was getting when I drank coffee.  It was making me jittery.  How do I know this?  It happened Wednesday.

Remember when I posted my pic of me with a Chai and my kindle reading?  I was SO jittery after that (and that is ONLY tea) that I couldn’t stop bouncing my legs!

chaiWhat other evidence do I have that I am sensitive?

When I run – even if my clothes are loose – I get red lines across my stomach and back from the small amount of rubbing….I’ll show you some time…no need to get that graphic at this point….

5.  I got tickets to go see Dane Cook in September!  Woo!  It’ll be my third time seeing him in the Philly area.  He’s one of my favorite comedians.  I am excited!  Don’t know who he is??  Check it…

Anywho – what does everyone have planned for the weekend??


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