Changin’ it up….

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Life, Running
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I normally take Monday’s off and then run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  I also Take Saturday’s off and sort of rest my legs (even though I’m teaching spinning) for a long run on Sunday.

This week, I changed my running pattern.  This week, I ran 10 miles on Sunday.  8 miles on Monday.  7 miles yesterday (glorious if I can add to that – with negative splits at the end!) and intend to run again outside this morning.

Yesterday I ran outside in the delicious weather we’re having in the Northeast.

My miles looked like this: 8:25/8:38/8:48/8:29/7:51/7:45/7:41….can you tell that the big hills are in the beginning of my run?  Just like I like it – get it over early!

I haven’t negative split in a month – remember when I was upset that I wasn’t getting faster?  I guess I am! Ha.  Truth be told – the ladder half of the run was the easiest part – and it didn’t feel like I was running that fast….so I guess that’s a bonus?

Who knew? (probably every runner ever who’s ever trained properly for a marathon – ha!)

Anyway – things in my world feel as though they are continually changing.  Lately they’ve been for the better and in some cases I’ve felt different too.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I do a lot of introspective thinking – hell, I’m a distance swimmer and runner – it’s what we do 🙂

What I’m getting at is how different I am now than I was 10, 5, heck even 1 year ago.  I’ve gotten some of the ‘you’ve changed’ statement from people.  To which I reply:


I’m finally starting to see – with each passing year – how important it is for me to be true to myself.  If something isn’t working, I need to change it.  I’m also learning, thanks to the help of a few close friends, that sometimes letting things “be” is the better option when trying to deal with people.

I am finally making choices that will impact ME instead of how it will impact others.  I’m not an expert at it yet but I read this quote

and kind of thought about that for a moment….

I am SO guilty of this.  For the last few years I have compared myself to others – mainly based on life substance.  Not personal substance but on things like:

-So and so is married and has kids…..

-They’re the same age as me and they have had a house for x number of years

-They’re younger than me and have done all this world traveling

-So and so has been teaching for 10 years already

-They’re younger than me and are married WITH kids

You get the idea…..

Regardless – I am done with this.  Or at least, I am trying to be done with this.  The hardest thing to hear from people is “you can’t compare yourself to those people” yada yada yada.  No?  Why shouldn’t I?  Truthfully, I know they’re right (YES, DAD, I KNOW YOU’VE SAID THIS TO ME A BILLION TIMES).  In the last year or so I’ve been actively trying to change my thought process.

The thing is…..change is hard.  It can be fun and rewarding and in my case, it usually ends up being that way but comes with some hesitation in the beginning…..

There is nothing in this world that scares me more than change.  But then I think of this quote….

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 8.00.26 AM

So….there’s that……

Tell me, what scares you?  What excites you?  How do you do with change?  Do you welcome it?


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