Sometimes I get a lot of gruff from my family (ok, mainly mother) about not eating meat.  The minute I say I am tired or have been for a few days, her first comment is, “I really think you’re always so tired because you don’t eat meat”.  

Also, I always think of this scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding every time someone asks me about why I don’t eat meat…..

But back to the first part….anyone else notice a few things about that statement?

1.  Apparently a few days turned into ALWAYS.

2.  She doesn’t even think that maybe I am not sleeping well but instead not giving myself enough food.

3.  Instead of asking me why I’m tired she just assumed I am not taking care of myself…slipping back down that spiral into the EVIL EATING DISORDER STAIRCASE DOWNWARD (to be read and heard in your head in a loud booming voice – kthanks).

Truly – I have learned to ignore it – and I while I realize my mother, and my family, some times feels as though I could resort to the old lifestyle I had the only real thing I can tell them to assure them I won’t is that ‘I am just too damn old to be resorting to something like that’.

Speaking of old…I really felt my body this morning…creek…creek…crack….woot!


I did a bunch of my own reading yesterday and there’s actually a book I have been meaning to read by Ultra Marathoner, Scott Jurek about how a VEGAN diet helped him run his miles.  That’s next on my list (now if only I could stick with one book…and/or stop watching TWW! ha).

While there are definitely some ‘haters’ out there…for the most part, everything I’ve read said it’s actually better for people to be on a basically vegetarian/vegan diet:

Matt Frazier explains, “I became a much stronger runner almost immediately after switching to a vegetarian diet.”  He talks about other Vegetarian Athletes on The No Meat Athlete

ADAPTT lists the amount of professional athletes (including body builders) who are Vegan/Vegetarians.

To balance it a bit – This Guy does not like the idea of a VEGAN/VEGETARIAN athlete…but that’s okay.

And this Q & A from the NYTimes has three different opinions about the Vegan/Veggie diet with athletes.

What I’d eventually like to do is write a review of Scott Jurek’s book and tell you all about it….I’ll get to it.

For now…I feel like I have made the right decision with being a ovo-lacto vegetarian (and on occasion I will eat fish but usually only if I go out).

I think people should stick to what works for them and how they feel after they eat….rather than judge one another based on what they “think” they should be eating. 

***I will however add this – the fact that I am a recovering anorexic, there are still signs and symptoms with people who are either not eating enough or simply making excuses as to why they “can’t eat” such and such a food.  If you, as a friend (and you must be a friend because outsiders will likely feel the wrath of 10,000 suns if you say anything to someone with an ED) feel like something could be up….say something.  I can also write a blog post about that soon.  Let’s just put it this way…if it weren’t for my exboyfriend and college roommate/best friend…who knows what would’ve happened to me.***


Interested in making the switch to VEGETARIAN?!  CHECK OUT SOME HELPFUL TIPS

So tell me, what kind of “diet” do you stick to?

I prefer the 90/10 diet.  I eat healthy 90% of the time and 10% of the time I let loose….. 😉

Also – do you think athlete’s can be vegetarian/vegan??  Thoughts!, please!

  1. Matt says:

    While I’m not a vegetarian, I certainly eat less meat than what I used to. It’s not the main part of my meals. The more plant based foods I eat the better I run and perform with my exercise. My wife and I even do one day a week with no meat.The more dark, leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables I eat the less stomach issues I have. (indigestion, heartburn)

    I also have read “Eat & Run”. Great book! Scoot Jurek is a super athlete and an elite runner so there’s proof that you can live off a plant based diet and be a great athlete and healthy person. You do really well with your runs and spinning and swimming so I think you are also proof that this lifestyle does help you be a super athlete!

    • k8efitz says:

      Thanks, Matt! I appreciate your two-cents 🙂 I, also, agree with you about the less tummy issues. Although some people have told me that initially they have issues with all the veggies when they switch over but you and your wife have got it right…start with one night a week and (if you choose to) eventually move over to every night.

      I have no problem with people who eat meat AT ALL….very few of my friends are vegetarians but as long as they’re cool with the reasons I am this way (feeling better)…I see no reason to change and like you said, I can still perform well!

      Btw, I read your post about biking in Philly – drivers are awful there…I know first hand too… Safe riding!

      • Thanks! I was riding up Broad Street ( dreaming about how we ran that mutha) when all of the sudden a Greyhound bus honked its horn at me. That’s NOT the type of cardio I want! Tonight my wife made vegan cheez-its! They were delicious! I can send you the recipe if you’re interested.

      • k8efitz says:

        Yes, please! That sounds delicious!

  2. Ani D says:

    I just finished Eat & Run and it is truly amazing the transformation a plant-based diet can do for a runner! I am currently in transition to a vegetarian diet, but I am constantly questioned whether I can get enough protein when I am also running 40+ miles/week. People can be very close-minded on the subject…

    • k8efitz says:

      I run about the same (give or take) so I hear ya on the scrutiny from people about diets and vegetarianism. I say, do what works for you :). Thanks for reading!

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