Seriously?!  What happened to July?!  August is THIS WEEK!  Cray.

I have to say, as far as months go, July has been the best (so far) in 2013.  I think, based on recent events, that there are only more good and amazing things coming.

That being said….this week is no exception!  Tonight I am heading out to the Trenton area to visit an old but still GREAT friend that I met more than 10 years ago.  WOW!  He’s in town for work for a week and I missed visiting him last year so I am making the effort to head out there tonight and hang out.  Plans are still up in the air as to what we’re going to do but whatever it is – it’ll be fun.  Some crazy stories with him!

The last time I saw him was at a Homecoming for CMU in 2006? I believe…..

Tamara and PK's Wedding in 2004

Tamara and PK’s Wedding in 2004

Dan (on the left) and PK (on the right) - BEER OLYMPICS

Dan (on the left) and PK (on the right) – BEER OLYMPICS

Needless to say, there is some hilarity expected tonight 🙂

Wednesday and Thursday I am heading down to the Jersey Shore to hang with my friends Jen, Kelley, Erin and Dan (and their daughter Pippa! – who is the cutest kid I think I have ever seen) – on Malone Family Vacation.  I am so excited!  From the looks of their posts on FB, things are already awesome!  Duh….  🙂

Plans for the weekend are expected to be even more fun!

In the mean time…YES, I plan to stick to my training.

I ran 10 miles yesterday.  Nothing special – but wanted to just get them in.  Today, I am hoping to get as close to 10 miles as I can.  Normally I take Monday’s off but because I am going to the Shore on Wednesday and Thursday, I am thinking Thursday might be a day off for me.

So I am kind of changing the organization but I figure as long as I’m getting the miles in, that should be good?  I’ll still do speed work this week and get one long run in – I need to get close to 20 for my next long run.  With August rapidly approaching, my time to train is lessening by the minute!  (or literally, by the day)

I am starting to feel better about where I’m at with my training – I think I just kind of hit a slump with the plan but with the support of my friend Mindy, I am back in the game!

Also, new playlist from Saturday – it was a kickass spin class – I’ll even tell you what we did for the songs this time (Levels are based on 1-10 scale):

  1. I Gotta Feeling        4:49    Black Eyed Peas    – Warm Up – 90-100RPM’s, adding resistance to get HR up
  2. I Don’t Care        3:39    Fall Out Boy  – Level 6 add to Level 7 – Intermittent Runs in 3rd – 80 to 90RPMs
  3. Bleeding Out        3:43    Imagine Dragons – Level 7 to 7.5 – Climb w/ Runs on a Hill – 70 to 80 RPMS
  4. Know Your Enemy        3:11    Green Day – Level 8 –  Fast Climb in 3rd w/ Accelerations – 70 to 80 RPMS
  5.  Are You Gonna Be My Girl        3:34    Jet – Level 6 – Flat Road/Plateau – 100 to 105 RPMS
  6. Takin’ Care of Business        4:51    Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Level 6.5 to Level 7.5 – Seated/Heavy Wind – RPMS 80-90 w/ accelerations to 100RPM
  7. My Hero        4:20    Foo Fighters – Level 8 to 8.5 – Seated Hill w/ Runs in 3rd – RPMS 70
  8. Stellar        3:22    Incubus – Levels 9 to 6 and repeat – ROLLING HILLS
  9. Satellite        3:59    Rise Against – Level 6.5 to 7 – Intermittent Runs in 3rd – 90 RPMS
  10. Any Way You Want It        3:22    Journey – Level 6 – Seated Flat w/ Sprints – RPMS 100 to 110
  11. Bond On Bond [Hectic Mix]        2:38    Bond – False Flat – RPMS 100
  12. Radioactive        3:08    Imagine Dragons – Level 7 to 8 – Seated Climb – RPMS 70
  13. Eminem – Lose Yourself (Official Music Video).mp4        5:17 – Level 8 to 9 – Standing Climb – RPMS 60
  14. Foo Fighters – The Pretender.mp4        4:30   – Level 6.5 – Intermittent Runs (2 seated – 1 in 3rd Standing)
  15. Hurt        3:39    Johnny Cash – Cool Down
  16. Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Better        2:50    Joshua Radin  – Cool Down

It’s about 56 Minutes – give or take.  I rode about 23 miles in that time (yes, even with the hills).  Enjoy!

Can anyone else believe we are about to enter the 8th month of 2013?!

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