Sometimes I….

-will become obsessed with watching one particular TV SHOW (I told y’all I’m re-watching all of The West Wing, right?  I’m on Season 4!)

-forget just how lucky I am to have the family and friends I have.  They’ve been an incredible support throughout my entire life.

-wonder if I had started certain organized sports at a younger age, would I be doing them professionally now?

-like to sit in silence in the morning – not speak to anyone – just sip my Yerba Matte Tea and enjoy the stillness.

-think about my original childhood dream of becoming a Marine Biologist (more-so working with Great White Sharks).  I used to be OBSESSED with sharks.  ALSO, FYI – SHARK WEEK IS COMING UP!!!  Best week in TV!

-think about giving up all of the things that are not good for me (alcohol, chocolate, etc.) and then I hear Fat Amy in my head saying , “MMMMmmm, Better Not”.

-think I listen to Dancing Nancies by Dave Matthews and truly think those same thoughts:

-bite my nails when I am nervous….who doesn’t?

This baby is WAY cuter than me…..

-sing along to ALL the songs that come on the radio and will inadvertently change the song if I don’t know all of them.  YES, I am THAT girl.

-get the urge to put all my stuff in storage (aka, my mom’s house) and just leave.  But then responsibility hits me in the face and I realize that I can’t do that.  How will that make me look to my friends and family?

-eat an entire watermelon…and am then peeing for the rest of the day.  No JOKE.


-feel lost…and at the same time….I feel focused.  I also hope that I am not alone in that feeling…..

-recite the words to whole movies and/or tv shows….because…I’m a freak 🙂  One of my all time favorites?

“What’s her name?  Lanolin?  Like Sheep’s wool?”


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