Tales from a Coaching Perspective

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Life, Running, Swimming
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While I am not amidst any particular swim season – I had the opportunity to swap some awesome coaching stories last night with a friend.

It was interesting to hear his perspective and how similar it was to that of my own.  Although he coach’s track/cross country – it was remarkable to hear the similarities with our athletes.

As a coach, I have always had a few standard rules that I remind my swimmers of every season:

1.  No girl on girl hate.  As a feminist (not as scary as it sounds – just someone who believes in equality for the genders) I feel as though high school girls already have a hard enough time with the way things in society have changed (early sexualization in adolescence, more exposure to drugs and alcohol, and pressure from everywhere) that they don’t need to put each other down in the process.  If I see it or hear it or even hear ABOUT it, the issue is squashed immediately.

2.  Do not bring your drama with you to practice.  I suppose this goes along with number 1 but trust me, girls can be petty and bicker a LOT.  They can be passive aggressive, they can be caddy, they can be mean (you think that movie Mean Girls didn’t have some truth to it?).  They are there to practice and swim.  They are not there to solve the issue of why ‘Beth didn’t talk to Meredith in APUSH’ earlier that day…While my friend didn’t really experience this, he did mention that girls tend to be more dramatic (oh boy, do they ever).

3.  If you’re going to miss practice and/or a meet, TELL ME.  There are so many other attributes to this rule.  Section a) If you’re going to miss practice the DAY BEFORE A MEET and not tell me, you will not be swimming in the meet the next day.  b)If you miss a meet and do not tell me you will not be in the following meet.  c) There are several ways to contact me – email, text, phone call – DO NOT have another swimmer/friend tell me for you.  Take responsibility for your own actions.  I WILL TREAT YOU AS A YOUNG ADULT – NOT A BIG CHILD. (this is, of course, contingent that I am coaching my high school swimmers…younger swimmers are a little different)

4.  Come to practice every day with a good attitude and your attempt to do your best.  Just because you think I can’t see you skipping sets doesn’t mean I don’t see you skipping sets.  Come to practice to work hard – if you’re going to sit out at some point during every set, you are not only NOT helping yourself but you are setting a bad example for the other swimmers on the the team.  If something is wrong or you aren’t feeling well – tell me and we’ll figure it out.

5(this should probably be number 1).  HAVE FUN.  What’s the point in doing a sport if it isn’t fun?  No, practices aren’t always fun…no, it’s not always easy…but swimming and other sports are meant to be fun.  Why else would we do them?


Anyway – that’s what I got for ya today 🙂  I can’t wait til High School Season!!!!!

In the mean time – it is a cool 61 Degrees right now – and it’s 7AM – !!!!!!!  Who has two thumbs and is going for a gorgeous run outside this morning?!?!?!

THIS GIRL!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!  SO CLOSE TO THE WEEKEND!!!!


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