Conversation between Mindy and Me at 6:30AM (this morning) after running our 3rd 800 Sprint:

Mindy:  How’re you doing?

Me:  (huffing and puffing) I’m okay.  I’m annoyed.  That one really hurt.  I feel like I keep getting a good start and then fall off.  I feel like I want to settle into a good pace but know I can’t because it’s so short.

Mindy: Yeah, I feel like that too.  It’ll get easier.  It’s your first one.

Me:  I guess.  I’m not fast enough.  I can’t keep up with you.

Mindy:  That’s okay.  You will eventually.  You’ve got time.

And that’s what I took away from this morning’s track workout.  I WILL.


Hold 3 Minutes for my 800’s.

Run average pace for my distance runs at 8:20

Get better.

Get stronger.


This morning I met my friend Mindy at her house and we jogged the short distance to St. Joseph’s University Track.

There we met up with another friend of hers and started our speed/track work.

The plan was to run as many 800’s as we could – all sprint.  Here’s how it panned out:

1st 800 – 6:56/mile pace – Total Time: 3:25

jogged 1 lap around the track – .25 mi

2nd 800 – 6:49/mile pace – Total Time: 3:24

jogged 1 lap around the track – .25mi

3rd 800 – 6:40/mile pace – Total Time 3:24

jogged 1 lap around the track – .25mi

4th 800 – 6:46/mile pace – Total Time 3:25

jogged 1 lap around the track – .25mi

5th 800 – 6:49/mile pace – Total Time 3:25

jogged 1 lap around the track .25mi

The total distance with running to and from Mindy’s house w/track workout: 4 miles.

I am a little confused as to why there is such a discrepancy amongst the average mile pace and the fact that my times (for the most part) for the 800’s were so consistent.  Probably because I slowed down the second lap?

Anyone have any idea why the mile paces are so different?

The only issue I had with this morning was that there were SO many people on the track.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain – it could be a lot worse! 🙂

Anyway – a short one today – I’m off to try some shoes/dresses on for my college roommate’s wedding in October.

This is an old picture of us...but we were having fun :-)

This is an old picture of us…but we were having fun 🙂



  1. Danielle says:

    Nice work crushing those 800’s! I hate hate hate speedwork and admire your dedication 🙂

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