Stop, Drop and Roll and I’ll tell you where I’m coming from….

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Life, Music, Running
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With special guests – GUSTER!!!!!  AND BEN FOLDS!!!!!!

Never heard of them?  Boo for you.  It’s gonna be one of the funnest concerts – ever!  I’ve seen BNL about 5 or 6 times now.  They’re fabulous in concert.  SUPER fun.  Most of you probably know their – “If I Had a $1,000,000” Song??

Fun Fact, one of the last times I saw them – I actually met Ed!  Woot!

Yes, I had red hair - like I said, it was awhile ago

Yes, I had red hair – like I said, it was awhile ago

No, they haven’t been the same since Stephen left….but I still think they’re rockin’ and they’re just really funny.  They have some of the best banter I’ve heard amongst a band.

I’ve never seen Ben Folds in concert but I’ve seen Guster twice – both at small venues.  They’re a lesser known band but one of their quasi popular songs includes:

BUT – even before the concert tonight – lots of things going on…..Gotta get my 7 miler in this morning, then I have an interview (eek!).  I am excited and confident.  Just gotta act like the job is already mine, right?  I am cautiously optimistic.  Which is a good place to be???  Right?

Tomorrow will be even funner!  Did you catch that???  you know why?!!?!  I’m going to the FUN concert! 🙂

Anyway – my running yesterday was kind of – bleh.  I started rationalizing with myself amidst my run.  Instead of the 7 miles I planned, I did 6.  I decided that if I am, indeed, going to tackle 16 miles on Sunday, I’d like to be able to do that well – so I am going to top off at 27 miles today – do an easy 3 on Saturday and then kick some on Sunday.  Sounds about right, yes?

Of to get my day started!

What’s everyone else doing to start their weekends off???  Anything fun?  Are you going to the concert(s)???




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