We’re moving on……and even my horoscope says today is a good day to do so

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 7.27.59 AMYes, I read my horoscope.  No, I don’t care if you judge me.  Yes, sometimes it’s right.  I really just kind of like to read it.  I take it with a grain of salt….

Regardless – I AM moving onward and upward.  It’s amazing how perspective and a little kick in the butt can change your thought process.

Speaking of kicking butt – my speed work yesterday was KILLER!  Looked something like this:

1 Mile @ 6mph – warm up

.5 mile @ 7.6 mph 1% Incline (for all)

.25 Mile @ 6 mph

.5 Mile @ 7.8 mph

.25 Mile @ 6 mph

.5 Mile @ 8.0 mph

.25 Mile @ 6.0 mph

.6 Mile @ 8.2 mph

.25 Mile @ 6.0 mph

.6 Mile @ 8.4 mph

.25 Mile @ 3.5 mph

.75 Mile @ 8.6 mph

.50 Mile @ 6.5 mph

Total: Just over 6 Miles

I’m pretty pleased.  It was harder – but after a few seconds at the higher speed – I settled in to a pace.  I suppose that’s what it’ll feel like when I run my Sub 3:30 Marathon 🙂

Today, as I said, is a brand new day.  Onward and upward.  I have a busy day ahead of me and some very important things to tackle before tomorrow.

The rest of the week has lots of fun things ahead!  I’m going to the Guster/Ben Folds/BNL concert and the following night I’ll be seeing Tegan and Sara with/ Fun. !!

Running plans for today – 7 miles at a relatively speedy pace.

I have 16 miles planned for Sunday morning.  The weather is supposed to break (in that the high will only be 82) but with that comes a few thunderstorms so who knows what the weather will be like.  I’d really like to run outside for the 16 miles – running that far on a TM is TERRIBLE.  Anyone ever done it?  All I can say is I’ve done 10 on a TM and although it wasn’t the worst – I would much rather run outside.

So I ask everyone:

1.  What do you do to move forward?  How do you push through the “whatevers” and the “blehs”?

2.  TM or Outside for long runs?

3.  TM or Outside for speed work?

4.  Do you read your daily horoscope?

  1. Danielle says:

    The farthest I’ve gone on a treadmill was 20 miles…which was only necessitated by horrendous thunderstorms all day. I don’t mind rain but it’s the lightning that terrifies me. It wasn’t so bad with some tv shows on my iPhone. Good luck!

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