“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”― Dalai Lama

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Life, Running
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I have a confession – I am a closet superstitionist (is that a word?  No? Well then – OED, check it, make it happen.   kthnxbye).

I wish on things and moments all the time.  I wouldn’t say religiously but definitely in a habitual form.

11:11 – make a wish

Necklace Clasp is at the front (my most common) – make a wish **(I should mention that my necklace is , in fact, a 4 leaf clover)

Eye lash on my cheek – make a wish

Birthday Candles (duh) – make a wish for each one! (no?  that’s not right?  I like it anyway)

Coins (throw them in a fountain) – make a wish!

Ladybugs (THEY’RE GOOD LUCK!) – make a wish

Falling star(s) – make a wish

Going through the intersection at a yellow light? – make a wish (that a cop doesn’t stop you!)

First day of the Month – Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit – MAKE A FREAKIN’ WISH 😀

Ok, so you get it…

Typically, I wish for one or two of the same things – mostly one thing – all my life.  I continue to wish for the same thing because all of the things I wish for are consistently in progress.

Unfortunately, some of my (unrealistic) wishes I have no control over.  But I was talking with my friend Reagan last night about the terrible day I had yesterday and the fact that SOMETHING has got to give for me at some point.  I explained to him my method of wishing and my actual method of taking action to which he told me, “Something good will come your way….you’re due.”

I am definitely ready for some good news!

And although it sounds like I am whining (which I am a little) – I am still extremely grateful for my life.  I have plenty of things to be thankful for  as the old idiom rings true in my head every time I think, “woe is me”….It could always we worse….

Yesterday, was not a good day. 

I got some news from a co-worker about a job opportunity I missed.  First thing in the morning.  That….was awesome.

I was not feeling great during my spin class….and then proceeded to go to yoga afterwards with my favorite teacher (the one that has a killer yoga class) – I was what I like to say, Struggles Magee.  I couldn’t hold nearly half of the poses.  My body was shaking.  My mind was wandering.  I couldn’t stop thinking.

Yup – pretty much.

Today, will be better. 

Today I am scheduled to do 6×880’s at a 5K pace.  I am doing it.  Completely.  I also have to teach swim lessons and prepare a lesson plan for Thursday.  Tonight, my sister and I are going to The Walnut Street Theater to see Grease

The tickets were a birthday present from my Aunt.  I’m looking forward to it.  I haven’t seen a musical since February when my mother, sister and I went to see Newsies (I’m the King of New York!) in NYC.

Tomorrow will be better, too.  Sometimes the universe conspires to tell you that you need to chill out a bit and remember your true intentions.  I think maybe I was getting ahead of myself in the idea that things were finally all falling into place.  It’s no matter….I’m kind of resolving to the thought that…..


BUT, I am still going to continue wishing……. 🙂

So I ask, do you make wishes on any of these things?  Do you feel as though, “things will happen if they are supposed to?”  What’s your take?


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