FREE SLURPEE DAY!!!! and other goings on….

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Life, Running, Spinning
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1.  Not only is it Free Slurpee Day but apparently they are twice as big as they used to be !

SCORE!!!!  So, go take advantage of 7-11 and get your free Slurpee from 7-11!!!

2.  Also – in unrelated news, it happens to be “manhood gets chopped off” day for my friend Jen’s Dog, Hermes.  I will be thinking of him all day as this will benefit the greater good of Jen’s friends and her home (especially since he has pretty much eaten all of her kitchen – and 2(TWO) of her remotes – she now uses her phone as a remote for her TV).

3.  As it happens – I share this day with four of my other friends:

Phil Sherby – A kickass friend from CMU (grad school) who now works in the ROK but is also a killer musician.  CHECK OUT HIS STUFF – TOTALLY WORTH IT

Lauren Byrd – Technically my sister’s friend but we are friends too!  She is a fellow blogger – also went to college for Communication (to the prestigious ‘CUSE) 🙂 CHECK HER SITE OUT!!!!

Tiffany Mazzara – She was a student of mine at CMU (grad school) – she is currently working for a radio company in Warren, Michigan and rockin’ it out in the sales department.

Finally, my “twin” – JOSH GRAHAM – Josh and I were born in the SAME HOSPITAL, on the SAME DAY.  For years, he thought he was older than me – turns out I am older than him – but only by a few hours 🙂  Josh and I met when we were 10 when he played kick ball in flip flops – this is the truth (ask him Dani) – and we’ve been friends every since.

From my 30th Birthday - Lauren, Me, Josh

From my 30th Birthday – Lauren, Me, Josh

4.  I misplaced my picture card for my driver’s license photo so yesterday I spent getting a new one – I will get my new driver’s license today – because, well it expires tomorrow.  ha!

5.  I ran 8 miles yesterday, instead of 7 – nothing too fast – but I felt like I could’ve run more.  Today’s goals are about the same.  I have been indulging too much when it comes to food this week – I am giving myself permission anyway.  It’s not like I do this all the time.

6.  My favorite message to this point in the day comes from my best friend, Randy: “Happy Birthday Kate!  We’re throwing a big party for you on Saturday!” – He’s getting married on Saturday 🙂

7.  Plans for the rest of the day/week/weekend – Business as usual but dinner with the fam tonight and other fam tomorrow night – then Randy’s wedding on Saturday (which I am PUMPED about!).

8.  I am still amidst my running/spinning – 7-8 miles for today, 4 tomorrow, teaching spin tomorrow and Saturday morning.  Long run (16 miles) on tap for Sunday – yes, I know – I have a wedding the night before.  What’s your point? 🙂

And for good measure:


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