Can you believe it’s Friday?  Again?!?  This week FLEW by – I suppose that happens when your weekend doesn’t end until Tuesday 🙂

How was everyone’s 4th?  Did you see fireworks?  Did you set off sparklers?  Did you go to a BBQ?

I went to my home neighborhood’s BBQ (as I always do for Summer holiday’s) and it was surprisingly good.  Not that they aren’t anyway but I was in a ‘terrible, horrible, no good, very bad mood’.  Of why, I am certain because I was tired due to lack of sleep and not feeling well…..amazing what some good company and friends can do to change that.

Since I missed last Friday’s post amidst my insane (ly awesome) weekend…..this week’s FTF’s involve some of the things I’m reading/watching and/or listening to – NEW MUSIC!!!!

What I’m Watching:

1.  Vegucated – Woooahhh, doggy.  This puppy was certainly emotional.  The basic gist of this documentary is a woman who decided to challenge three different people to go VEGAN for 6 weeks.  Obviously I was intrigued for several reasons but it wasn’t until I saw the portion of the documentary where they show how animals are treated…..I SOBBED….I LOOKED AWAY….I HAD A HEIGHTENED EMOTIONAL REACTION.  Truthfully, anyone with a heart should have the same kind of reaction.  It’s very well put together and extremely informing.  I highly recommend it.  I am probably going to be mostly vegan now because of this movie….

2.  Hungry for Change – This documentary exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industries use to keep consumers coming back for more.  (can you tell I’m on a bit of a documentary kick?)  Most of the information I listened to was not new or surprising to me – but in case you didn’t already know – SUGAR IS IN EVERYTHING.  It’s informative.  Watch it, especially if you’re learning about food and/or want to be more informed with how the government is basically addicting us to food.

3.  Pitch Perfect – I think I have watched this movie every day since it came out on cable……what?  Don’t judge.

4.  Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain – okay, first of all – show of hands:  Who wouldn’t want this guys life?  Seriously?!  He travels all over the world – eats all kinds of food – visits and explores amazing cultures – and gets paid to do it?!  I am a HUGE fan of his – read all his books – watched all his TV shows (A Chef’s Tour, No Reservations) – and seriously love the way he writes/delivers his ideas.  The show (from a producer/writer perspective) is bar-none.  I would love to just be a grip or a PA on one of the episodes.  I would probably learn SO much.  If you’re not watching this…do yourself a favor…DO IT

5.  The Tree of Life

Just – do yourself a favor – prepare yourself for 2.5 hours you may feel like you’ll never get back.  Ha!  That being said – the cinematography was ASTOUNDINGLY AMAZING.  BEAUTIFUL.  It’s from Fox Searchlight (the independent portion of their studios).  Plus – it also helps if you have some awesome company when you watch it – to talk about it, make fun of it, question it….you know….normal things…

What I’m Reading:


Yep, that’s the one….

It’s based on the Columbine Shootings and/or school shootings.  Definitely a tough one to read…..and by that I mean sad


Ohhhhh, he’s handsome

I think this one is pretty self explanatory?  I’m a swim coach, former swimmer, he’s pretty much the icon of international swimming, and he’s just a normal person…..I’m such a coaching nerd – I am getting some good workouts from the book!  (I can hear the groans from my swimmers now).


Sisters Who Don’t get along all the time??? Where do I sign up….

As sad but light book – the concept is two sisters (both very different), one gets cancer and the other is dealing with it at school, home, and herself (she is the younger one).  It’s definitely, in some ways, similar to my life….

4.  OLIVE TO RUN – Lovin’ this blog like WOAH!  Another teacher, Olive and her Popeye (Cori and Ben) are on an amazing journey together!  I love reading her blogs about teaching, life, running, and the fact that not all runners are in a size zero frame.  GO READ IT – NOW!

5.  I Want to Go to The Zoo with Roy Halladay  – Because any good Phillies fan would – enough said.

What I’m listening to:

1.  Wake Me Up by Avicii – GREAT MESSAGE – GREAT BEAT

2.  Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke/T.I./Pharrell – BECAUSE OF REASONS

3.  Cruise by Florida Georgia Line Ft. Nelly – GREAT SUMMER TIME TUNE

4. Brave by Sara Bareilles – SHE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE LADY SINGERS – Plus the song has a great message

5.  Radioactive by Imagine Dragons – Covered by Lindsey Sterling and Pentatonix – IT’S BADASS


So anyway – what’s everyone else watching?  reading?  listening to????

Have a fantabulous Weekend! 


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