On Friday, I will be seeing my eleventybillionth Dave Matthews Band show in Camden, NJ.  I think it goes without saying, and especially if you’ve been my friend for awhile and/or have been following my blog, I am a Dave fan.  I have been since I first heard his music in middle school.

First Dave song I fell in love with(like many people): Ants Marching.

To this day, it’s still one of my faves and of course a crowd pleaser.

Some people will judge me for liking the band so much and some people make fun of the fact that 18 years later, this is still one of my favorite bands.  Oh well.  Not my problem 🙂

Regardless of what your position is about Dave – there are so many memories and so many fun times associated for me with this Band and it’s music.  There was even a time when I couldn’t listen to his music – but I have my friend Simon to thank for bringing me back! 🙂

I don’t often listen to Dave when I run or ride – but he does have a few songs I’ve used in my Playlists and running lists:

Drive in, Drive Out – great song for Rolling Hills in Spin Class

Stay – great song for false flats in Spin Class

Grey Street – this is on my iPod Shuffle – ALWAYS – because it’s basically my life

Two Step – because the song really builds – great for Spin Class

Today and for the rest of the week – I’ll have some Dave songs in my workout mixes.  It’s gonna be awesome!

5 Miles on schedule for today – Fartlek’s.  FUN.




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