With Responsibility Comes Great Power

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Life, Running, Spinning, Uncategorized
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Okay, so I realize the quote is backwards…but I’m not trying to be Spiderman.  At least, not today 🙂

Truth is…there are a lot of shake ups happening in my world these days.  Everything is for the better…everything is for the good….it just, needs to happen.

I feel as though once a person becomes responsible for their life and their actions, they have great power to pursue their dreams and goals.  That’s basically what I’m trying to do.

In the mean time, I am still forging ahead with my marathon training and my writing.  I’m doing everything I can in my power to make things happen.  It will most likely be a tough road (isn’t anything worth it, difficult?) and continually frustrating (yeah, cause I’m not used to that by now)….but I am ready for it.  I am ready for all of it.

I managed to squeak in a short 5 miler on Monday morning.  Nothing spectacular.  Felt good to get out some of the kinks from Sunday.  Yesterday I was supposed to do a 5M Fartlek but I opted for a 7 miler instead.  Just felt good so I kept going.  It’s amazing – when I first decided to use running as a weight loss tool about 5 years ago, I felt very much like, “what the heck am I doing?”  It was hard.  I struggled.  But I felt in my heart that it was something I wanted to be able to do.  Now, I am at the place where I feel weird if I don’t run….

Running is my tool – running is my guide.  Even when I have a bad run, I have a good run because it means I still have two legs – breadth in my lungs – confidence in my body – happiness in my heart.

Today I am teaching a spin class and will run 6 miles later this afternoon.  Doubling up, yes.  I have the time, might as well!

Today, and from here forward – I am taking responsibility for my actions (not that I didn’t before).  I am doing everything I can, in my power, to keep my eyes on the prize.  What’s the prize?  The ultimate prize – having the life I want.  Having the happiness I want.  Keeping it real.

What is your ultimate prize?


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