Feelin’ It

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Life, Running, Uncategorized
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In so many ways.

Feelin’ it because…..

-I’m tired.  Life has been pretty crazy and busy in the last two weeks.  There is an end in sight but I am finally feeling the tiredness of my body and my mind.  My eye was twitching like no body’s business on Monday and a little yesterday.  It’s a sign of tiredness – not stress.  I am not stressed out.  But, I left a message for my friend Jen last night that was total gibberish.  Luckily, she understandings my gibberish!  Great minds…. 🙂

Oh, that’s how it works? I definitely got this…


-My body is all like, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!”  I haven’t really slowed down from the Half on Sunday.  I did take a rest day on Monday but it’s possible I needed more than one day?  Tuesday’s run – instead of hills – I went to the gym in the morning and did an 8 mile run on the TM.  I felt really good, actually.  I thought I would be exhausted.  I had tons of energy.  I. Don’t. Know. Either.

It was yesterday that I kind of probably over-did it.  Since the debauchery (which can be seen in pictures a few posts down) – I didn’t get much sleep Tuesday night which meant I had a choice to make.  Run or not run.  Guess which one I did?

Wednesday morning I woke up and decided to go for a “short” run.  I realized about 2 miles into it that I did not take a route that would allow me to do a “short” run.  I ended up going 6 miles.  My left quad was sore and hurt a good deal during the descents of the hills I was running on.  Basically my legs were/are shredded.

Some thoughts from my Wednesday run:

  • OMG
  • Hey, it’s nice and cool out
  • No….it’s not….stupid humidity
  • Why does it hurt so much when I plant my left foot?
  • Is that my shin?
  • Awwww, look at the bunny!  Cute fluffy white tail.  Hop Hop Hop.
  • Ugh, why did I go this way?  This hill sucks my butt
  • Okay, turn onto Montgomery
  • Hey! A honker!  Woot!  So glad you think I look good as a sweaty mess
  • OOOOOH, Shirtless guy.  Is he cute?  Who cares…he has a great body.
  • Thank god he can’t see me try and climb this hill.  Thank god he’s on the other side of the road.
  • Hey, I’m gaining ground on shirtless possibly cute guy.
  • No…nevermind.  I’m not
  • Stop light….oh geez, shirtless guy might actually see me
  • Is he wearing a headband?  Is that really necessary?
  • Don’t look, don’t look….if you don’t look, he can’t see you.
  • Where’d he go?
  • Ok, last turn – 1 mile to go.  Rose Lane is the WORST.
  • OMG, is this over yet?

Basically, today’s run will probably be more like this:

After my run, I walked about 3 miles at The US Open so although the walk was probably good for my legs (after sitting down for about an hour I could feel them start to cramp), I probably needed sleep.  Truth is, I could do with a serious bout of yoga – I just haven’t had time to get to a class.  Maybe this weekend?!  Fingers crossed.

I am (still) trying to figure out life and what I am actually meant to do.  Yesterday was a weird weird day.  I heard from people I wasn’t expecting and didn’t hear from people I was hoping to.  It was frustrating and confusing.  All of that is pretty cryptic but any of you that know me personally know what that means.  Maybe I’ve got it all wrong…

 Maybe this is what I should be thinking about

My eating habits have been less than stellar.  And sure, you’re thinking – “But Katie, you’ve already run 30 miles this week – you’re fine!”  That’s just it – I don’t know how I’ve found the energy to run that far when I feel as though I’ve been eating crap.  I’m back to juicing, starting on Monday.  I haven’t juiced in a few weeks because things have been so crazy.  Duh.  It’ll feel good to get some healthier food back into my system.

I am ready for a break – hell, I’m ready for a vacation – but alas, my life will not give me such.  (like that sentence?  Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense)

Anywho – how’s everyone else?


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