‘Twas the Day before a Half….

Posted: June 8, 2013 in Life, Running
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And all through my day

I had a million things to do

and not enough hours in the day.


My outfit laid out,

the usual pre-night preparation,

But so many things had been done earlier

I didn’t know if I’d be ready for 13.1 completion.


That morning I taught spin

A great class it ’twas

Followed by a swim lesson for one

and a Middle School Math Exam for fun.


Race packet/bib pick up was next;

down to The Boathouse on Kelly Drive I went.

Traffic was ridiculous,

All the bad drivers helped me vent!


Bib 813, the list said;

I was out of there like a flash.

On to my next stop

Returning my bridesmaid dress for cash.


A quick stop to deposit money

and a trip to David’s Bridal in check

My package arrived at my mom’s

So home was where I headed next.


The trip was short lived,

as only my step-dad was home

I headed to my friend Jen’s

For pizza and a comfort zone.


Veggie pizza and bruschetta

a Sam Adam’s Summer Ale for good measure

It’s times like those with a good friend

I truly do treasure.


I made my way back

to my humble abode

and now it’s time to watch some Arrested Development

And get into race mode!


It's On

It’s On



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