First thing’s first….yesterday I ran 5 Miles in Fartlek form.  It looked something like this:

.25 Mile – 6.0mph

.25 Mile – 7.0 mph

.25 Mile – 6.0mph

.25 Mile – 7.0mph ——-1 Mile

.25 Mile – 6.2mph

.35 Mile – 7.5mph

.20 Mile – 6.4mph

.35 Mile – 7.5mph——-2.15 Mile

.15 Mile – 6.4mph

.35 Mile – 8mph

.15 Mile – 6.4mph

.20 Mile – 8.5mph——–3 Mile

.25 Mile – 6.4mph

.50 Mile – 8mph

.25 Mile – 6.5mph——–4 Mile

.10 Mile – 8mph

.10 Mile – 6.4mph

.20 Mile – 8.5mph

.10 Mile – 6.4 mph

.40 Mile – 7.5 mph

.10 Mile – 6 mph ———5 Mile

I mixed it up a lot on the last mile – I was playing Fall Out Boy – Light ‘Em Up (My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark).  Killer sprint song.  And I realize that this isn’t a traditional Fartlek – typically you’re supposed to run for time – I preferred distance.  It ended up only taking me about 42 minutes for the whole 5 miles.  Not too shabby.  I was definitely huffing and puffing – the way a fartlek is supposed to feel so I definitely did it right.  I preferred to run on the treadmill so as to control my pace better.  I am terrible at knowing how fast I go outside….

I’ve been thinking more about my running schedule for this marathon training.  I feel like if I keep this routine up – I might be burnt out by the time October rolls around.  I don’t know if I’m going to run this many miles every week – maybe still hold up to 25 a week and increase them when it gets closer to August…I just feel like I might get bored with all the running, you know?

Anyway…so I have a 5 miler planned for today and some more lifting.  I did some more upper body stuff – starting to see more definition in my arms/shoulders from the little bit I did yesterday and last week.  I suppose the running helps.

On to my topic…..

Coaching is probably one my greatest sources of joy on a regular basis.  For those of you that don’t coach or have never coached – think of something you know that no matter how bad your day has been, it will make you feel better.  For some people it’s chocolate….or a glass of wine/beer….or a good run….or you know, something else….but think of that…and then multiply it by 10.

I have been a swimmer my whole life.  I’ve also been involved with children in some way shape or form my whole life.  When they were younger, I babysat for all of my cousins.  I interacted with their friends.  I worked in an elementary school when I was in high school as part of my senior year final grade.  I did community service with a day care.  I love kids.  They’re fun and funny.  Who doesn’t love to laugh?  Exactly.

Don’t act like you didn’t laugh!

For those of you that don’t get to experience the sheer joy of the genuineness of a child’s thought process – I suggest you watch all of the AT&T commercials – this one is one of my favorites:

I love that the kid is so worried about what the animals would be made out of….just….awesome….

BUT I DIGRESS….Kids are kind of all sorts of awesome.  Sure…when they’re yours (not that I have any) they can be cumbersome….but based on what I’ve been told and even what I’ve seen…the positives outweigh the negatives by eleventybillion (that’s a word….trust me…one of my swimmers used it today).

The thing is…I coach all ages and each age has an absolute fantastic quality about it:

8 and Unders are hilarious.  All of them belong on the show “Kids Say The Darndest Things” – remember that one?


10-12 Year olds – they can drive you crazy but they have such great personalities and are not quite the teenager yet – some have attitude but for the most part – they just want to have fun.  They can be tricky though – I feel the same way about this age group that I do about 7th Graders – not my favorite but definitely moldable.

Teenagers/High Schoolers – LOVE THESE KIDDOS.  Obviously, because I am a head coach at a local high school…..but really…these kids are the greatest.  They always have something new to tell me and they are littler versions of me.  I think I can relate to them so well because my high school swimming experiences were some of the most vivid memories of my life.  My hope is to have my swimmers look back on high school and not say, “oh and I swam on the swim team” but to say…”I was a swimmer in high school”.  Those two statements are different.  If you don’t see the difference…we can have a talk….hit me up.

True Story

I coach because, for me, swimming is more than a sport.  It is happiness.  It is fun.  It makes me smile.  It makes me angry.  It makes me cry with tears of joy when my high school 4X100 Free Relay misses the District cut in their last race only to get ONE MORE CHANCE and swim it over 15 minutes later and not only qualify for Districts but to do it by 2 SECONDS FASTER THAN THE CUT AND 4 SECONDS FASTER THAN THEIR TIME 15 MINUTES PRIOR.  It is sadness for the swimmers who work so hard only to get sick the week of Districts and not swim in their individual races.  It is peace and pleasure and laughter and hugs.  Coaching is so much of my character…I am pretty sure I was born to do it.

So when people ask me what I do….I tell them I am a coach first…….how about you?

  1. senelslant says:

    I Fartlek when I run…LOVE IT!

    I have to agree with you…in fact it’s been proven that playing Fall Out Boy “Light ‘Em Up” on a continuous loop will lead any runner to a PR.

    • k8efitz says:

      Hah! Love it! I am hoping you’re right 🙂 I’d REALLY love to PR this weekend as well as Steamtown.

      Btw, love your blog! Seems like we have a similar outlook on running and life in general. Thanks for reading!

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