Days in/Days remaining in 2013!  WHAT?!

Happy June 1st Everyone!  Did you remember to say Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit?

It officially feels like summer is upon us….and not just because it’s been incredibly warm/hot up in the NE over the last week.  June is a month filled with lots of “stuff” – swim meets, swim practices, swim lessons (noticing a pattern?), anticipated kickass runs, a half marathon (I’ll get to that in a minute), my Dad’s Birthday….and so much more!

So…I have 11 miles on tap for Sunday the 9th as part of my marathon training.  I knew the Oddyssey Half Marathon also happened to fall the same day…so….I figured I’d sign up for it and run. 🙂  What?  Stop looking at me like that……

These are the medals this year – beer opener, say what?!


So…that’s something I decided to do…..

Not much else going on here this weekend – I already taught spin this morning, gave a swim lesson, will be meeting up with my friend Dan for Brunch at White Dog Cafe because ….REASONS.  I also need to seriously start studying for this Math Praxis I am taking….NEXT SATURDAY – what?  Yeah.  I am completely under studied for this.  Looks like I know what I’ll be doing tonight – don’t be jealous.

  1. This morning’s playlist:On Top of the World        3:10    Imagine Dragons
  2. Two Step        6:27    Dave Matthews Band
  3. Kashmir        5:08    Bond
  4. Play Hard (feat. Ne-Yo & Akon)        3:21    David Guetta
  5. Madonna – Vogue (video).mp4        4:53
  6. George Michael – Freedom! ’90.mp4        6:36
  7. Alpha Dog [Bonus Track]        3:42    Fall Out Boy
  8. Paint It Black        3:26    The Rolling Stones
  9. OneRepublic – Good Life (1).mp4        4:08
  10. Nice To Know You        4:45    Incubus
  11. Eminem – Lose Yourself (Official Music Video).mp4        5:17
  12. Best of You        4:14    Foo Fighters
  13. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours (Live On Earth Single Video).mp4        3:41
  14. Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man [Official Video].mp4        3:57

Tomorrow is the Manayunk Bike Race – one of the most famous in the cycling world – mainly known for THE WALL.  It’s one of the toughest bike races in the country and (debatable) the world.  This is the race course:

An Older Map… but very much the same

And some of the riders during the race:

Yikes (Source)

For the non-riders – it’s basically a big day of drinking/tailgating – as you can see from most of the pictures, people stand along side the road to cheer these riders on.  It’s pretty fun and despite the fact that it’ll be incredibly hot (I would not want to be one of the riders on Sunday), it’s a fun outdoor activity.

I am reminded of a fun weekend SEVERAL years ago with my friend Jackie…..That was a doozy of a night 😉

Me and Jackie (at Mexican Post) - Circa 2008

Me and Jackie (at Mexican Post) – Circa 2008

Jackie and Me (Tier Na Nog) - Circa 2008

Jackie and Me (Tier Na Nog) – Circa 2008



New friends.....(2008)

New friends….from Colorado….whatever happened to these guys??? haha…(2008)

So what’s everyone else up to this weekend????


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