Five Truth’s Friday: Spelling Bee Edition!

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Before I get to my Special Five Truth’s – just a workout update – because, why not?

Yesterday’s run was killer – solid 6.5 and I felt great running at an 8:00/mile pace.  I was really tired last night but I’m chalking that up to the fact that it’s been a long week.  Today I have a short run – just 4.5 – on schedule.  I’m hoping to make a fun spin class playlist – anyone have suggestions for songs/videos???

And now….

Did anyone catch the Scripps National Spelling Bee last night?!

Seriously – I love it.  I’ve watched it every year.  So incase anyone was wondering….it’s official – I’m a nerd 🙂  But I’m totally okay with it.  Nerds are cool now, don’t you know???

So in keeping with the theme – I decided today’s 5 truth’s will be 5 specific words that not only describe me but also contribute to the well-adjusted human being that I am (Okay friends, stop laughing……)


Meaning brisk and cheerful readiness – eagerness.  That’s me!  I’ve always been one to be excited about doing new things and trying out new activities.  I rarely take on things in my life without some sort of cheer.  I mean, I was…after all…a cheerleader.  But you all knew that 🙂


Most of you, by now, know that when I put my mind to something I will undoubtedly finish it.  The determination I have for things in my life comes from my parents and their work ethic.  I attribute much of my perseverance to that of my father since he has always worked extremely hard to enjoy the fruits of his labor.  I am hoping that all of my determination in the recent months will pay off….sooner rather than later.  Thankfully I have an amazing support system and a good attitude about life…


That which is not perfect.  Having gone through and recovered from an Eating Disorder – Perfection is a HUGE part of what the ED is based on.  I am now 100% contented with being imperfect.  Perfection is boring.  Imperfections are the things that make us special.  I was recently told my upper lip does a weird movement when I say certain words.  It wasn’t a negative comment – it was a comment on the smaller parts of my being and that those smaller parts make me special.  At least, I hope that’s why they told me that 🙂  Being imperfect means that all of the things I write about on this blog are not always going to go well.  I’ve written about terrible running experiences and terrible spinning experiences….etc.  I feel as though as humans we have to appreciate our imperfections to see how special we truly are.


I’m unique, just like everybody else 🙂  Ha!  But really.  Being unique is what  makes us all so special.  It kind of goes along with the whole imperfect thing.  But it’s realizing that being unique is a blessing.  So often, people are made fun of because they’re a little different or a little bit odd….who cares?  Why do you care so much if someone is different than you?  The same is boring.  Different is where it’s at.  I love that I have so many different and unique friends!  I love that I have some portion of their uniqueness in me too (otherwise, why would we be friends?).


Yiddish for dumpling AND the WINNING WORD for last night’s Scripps National Spelling Bee!  The backstory to the kid who won – every year (this was his 4th year in it) he had gotten a word with Germanic origins that ultimately bumped him out of the competition.  Apparently he learned his lesson and kicked some  hintern! (which means butt in German)  Congrats to Arvind Mahankali, a 13-year-old boy from Bayside Hills, New York!  You won $30K, a trophy, and several savings bonds.  How’d you like to win 30K for spelling words?  Yeah, exactly.

From CNN


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