“No squealing, remember: that it’s all in your head”

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Healthy Eating, Life, Running
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Remember this song?

The lyrics are pretty freakin’ awesome – I definitely have a thing for words and meaning and meaning of words in songs…..so there’s that.

There is a point to me using this song to start off today’s post – just….you know how we all have a tendency to over-think (okay, maybe this is just me and I am projecting? y?/y)?  I realized that everything that I was worrying about was ‘all in my head’.  My dad would laugh at me right now and say, “Haven’t I been telling you that, Fitz?”.  Yes, Dad.  Thanks.  I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes.

Regardless, I was fretting a lot about when I would get my workouts in and if I would have time to run and blah blah blah….and not to go too much on a tangent here but I was watching the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions the other night (they FINALLY let RUSH in)….Alex Lifeson gave probably one of the best acceptance speeches I’ve ever seen(clearly recorded from tv but who cares – hilarious!):


Yesterday was my first real test of what it will be like to have a full day of work and then coaching afterwards – it was pretty smooth.  I subbed and rushed over to Cabrini to coach from 4-6 (yes, only 6 – turns out they don’t need me for the last hour).  I was able to get in my mileage but I was also able to get in some lifting!  Did I mention I wanted to start lifting again?

As much as I love yoga – and I will be getting back on my mat soon – I really used to love lifting.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not planning on bulking up – I just want to tone my upper body more.  I’d really love some well defined arms – you know what I mean?

I’d totally be okay with arms – hell, abs too! – like this

So I am pretty sure my arms will be sore in a few days (because it’s been more than 2 years that I’ve picked up a set of weights).  I’m okay with it.  It’s the good kind of sore.  It won’t effect my run today or tomorrow – maybe the chance of doing handstands in  yoga on Saturday but nothing else really.

Today I have a 6.5 miler on tap and have to run a bunch of errands.  I’m kickin’ butt and taking names…

In the coaching arena – things are going really well with my summer swim team kids.  There are a few, as always, that are most likely going to drive me to drink a large glass of wine and/or a few beers throughout the summer – but it’s much easier knowing what to expect this time around.  I have to give myself a little pat on the back though – I learned ALL of their names the first day!  That’s unprecedented for me – maybe I’m honing my teacher-skills since I have to do that constantly.  OR, maybe I’m just paying more attention 🙂

Anywho – TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!  WHAT. IS. UP. PEOPLE?!  I’m incredibly happy about it – can’t you tell?

  1. I read your blog everyday and I just want to say “YEAH,RUSH!” or, should I say “Blah,blah,blah,blahblahblahblah”? I even have a separate mix called “Run RUSH”.
    Be careful out in that heat/humidity today/

    • k8efitz says:

      In truth, I don’t really know any Rush songs. But I have a lot of friends that are big fans. No outside running for me this week. Mainly because I can’t get up early enough to run in the slightly cooler temps. All dread mill for me, ugh.

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