It’s Friday!  Woot!  I am in dire need of this weekend.  I could’ve slept MUCH longer this morning.  And my eyes are swollen so that’s fun.

Before I get to my Friday 5 – I just wanted to drop a little note about one of my favorite shows ending – The Office.  I’ll admit – I did not watch the British version first – I got hooked on John Krasinski

in the American Office and then per the recommendation of my sister, I watched both seasons of the British version.  Fabulous!  Ricky Gervais is a genius and if you’ve ever seen any of his other shows (that have won multiple Emmy’s) you’ll see why.  He’s hilarious!  Granted, he did not write the American version but he did have the final say on many of the episodes.  I could go on and on about the show and tell you my favorite scenes or highlights – but by far some of my favorite episodes came from Season 2.  In fact, ‘The Injury’ (where Michael burns his foot on a Foreman Grill) is by far still one of the funniest episodes of television.  Period.

Probably one of the best lines from last night’s finale was by Andy Bernard – “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ol’ days before you’ve actually left them”

ANYWAY…….Today’s Friday Five deals with the 5 things/sports/activities that I’d like to try or get back into in the near future:

1.  Crossfit

I’ve always loved a good competition….and I am a bit stubborn – so if I don’t get something the first time – I will keep coming back for more.  I think I would really excel at this.  The only issue, at least right now, is that I don’t want it to interfere with my Marathon training and/or get hurt which would also hinder any other kind of running/exercise.

2.  Rock Climbing

I’ve done it a few times when I lived in Orlando and loved it – I wish I had a friend who wanted to do this with me!  The reason I haven’t done this one is because it’s more about finding the extra money/time to do it.  It’s SO fun and an incredible workout for your body!

3.  Trail Running

My friend Dani at Trails and Cocktails does this.  She just ran a Trail Marathon not too long ago!  She rocks it out!  I am, again, afraid of getting hurt or not seeing a drop in the ground which would lay me up from exercise if I did.  I’m a bit of a baby, aren’t I?

4.  Boxing/Kickboxing

I know what you’re thinking – just go to the gym!  But in truth – I want the real thing.  The speedbag work…the ab work…the trainer yelling in my ear and telling me to punch the heavy bag harder!  I want that!  I need that motivation.  I’ve tried to just grab a pair of gloves and punch a bag.  I don’t get mad very often so punching a bag is not likely what I’ll do if I’m angry – (see prior post about running out anger).  It’s a killer workout!

5. Jiu Jitsu

Tell me she doesn’t look like a badass!  My friend Randy does this for exercise and it’s killer!  Honestly, I’d love to know how to properly defend myself (if I ever had to) but also to know how to control my body more.  This is one of those skills – like knowing karate – that requires a lot of self discipline.  I just think it’d be really cool to do!

What would you like to try?  Are there any others out there that you can introduce me to?  Maybe this summer I’ll try to tackle one of these.


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