A Hiccup

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Life
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There has been a bit of a hiccup this week.  All was going so well and then…Tuesday happened.  I’m not going to get into the specifics but basically it threw the week off.

So…what is a hiccup?

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 9.15.26 AMWikipedia describes it as an involuntary action – that may occur individually or in bouts…….

I will say this though..despite my bouts of hiccups this week…I am still remaining positive.

So….how do you get rid of the hiccups?

1.  I could hold my breath

Nah….I find that only works like 5% of the time…plus..if I held my breath, nothing would get done…and most of what is in my “hiccup” I can fix on my own….

2.  I could drink water upside down and from the opposite side of the glass…

This could work…tackling things from a different perspective…but it’s the turning upside down that doesn’t quite work….I don’t want to completely turn everything over…..

3.  I could eat a spoonful of sugar

Yeah but my diet is already off…and that’ll end up giving me a sugar high.  Besides…what will that do?  Will it get rid of the problem?  Maybe…but it’ll definitely add to part of my other hiccup (body issues)…so no dice with this one.

4. I could let someone scare me….

That might work…but then…everything else has already scared me…so….so much for that idea….

Truth is….I find that patience usually helps get rid of hiccups.  And…a combination of all of these things will help.  I am just having a bleh moment and I realize that hiccups don’t last forever….unless you’re this person.

I can only hope that with a little good faith and help, everything will smooth out – and soon.  I dislike days/weeks like this.  They make me so uncomfortable.  Literally.

I suppose, though, without the uncomfortable times we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the comfortable times….right?


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