Happy Mather’s Day and Why I Have Amazing Friends

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Life, Running, Yoga
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First, there’s this:

I also love that the @ symbol is an Christian Fish/Jesus symbol.... So basically it reads "We'll open Jesus 12:00 on Mather's Day".  YESSSSSS

I also love that the @ symbol is an Christian Fish/Jesus symbol….
So basically it reads “We’ll open Jesus 12:00 on Mather’s Day”. YESSSSSS

Secondly, because it is – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MOM! (she doesn’t read this blog but I have to put it out there anyway):

Taken before the start of the Philly Half Marathon in 2008

Taken before the start of the Philly Half Marathon in 2008

Although she doesn’t read this, a bit of a tribute to my mother to follow……..

My mom is…well…to put it mildly….a bit crazy.  Crazy awesome, crazy annoying, crazy fun, and just plain hilarious some times.  Obviously we all have our issues with our parents and my mother is no exception.  I truly believe, though, that I have learned one of the most important aspects of my life from her – DON’T EF WITH MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY OR I’LL EF YOU RIGHT BACK UP.  Truth.  She can drive me nuts and she can have unreasonable comments (she actually told  my friend Paul he should settle down already – this was 6 years ago – and stop traveling so much….wtf)….she can even be mean….but she’s my mom and she’s real.

What you don’t realize is that my mother NEVER missed one of my sporting events in high school or even college.  To this day, she STILL comes to every home swim meet I have….and I’m the COACH.  She has always been a backbone for me and even though she loves to try to start arguments with me (about ridiculous things) and she never gets far with it….she is my mother.  I love her very much.  She has supported me through my ED, through transferring schools, through moving (on average once every 2 years in the last 10 years), she will be there for me when I have kids (mainly because she wants to kidnap them from me and keep them as her own – BUILT IN BABYSITTER RIGHT THERE)….and she also reminds me, weekly, that I am still husbandless and childless…..so that’s awesome too…..

But it’s not because she’s trying to make me feel bad…it’s because she wants those things for me…just like she had them…the only difference is the things she did in her life: travel, work/teach, live overseas….she did much earlier than I did….I’m still hoping those things are on my near horizon but if they aren’t….I know she’ll be supportive of me regardless…….and she’ll tell me to freeze my eggs…….:-)

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the moms out there who do so much for their children and for the people they love so dearly!


The second part of this post….if you’re still reading….

This weekend I originally had no plans and then plans I made fell through…..UNTIL my friends were all like….hey Katie, let’s hang out 🙂  Duh.  Why didn’t I think of that?

So Friday I went to see my Lax Girls in their final game – which is also Senior Day:

seniordayThey won, btw.  I was so proud of them – I missed coaching for them this year (decision made for personal reasons).  I hope to go back next year and work with the team…we’ll see if that happens…..

Shortly thereafter, I went to grab drinks with my friend Heather and that’s when a plethora of happiness happened.

Ever have one of those days or moments or even just evenings when everything kind of works out really well and is super awesome?  This was one of those afternoons/evenings.

I ran in to a bunch of smiling faces at the game…my friend Bill, Brad, Don…..and although they didn’t join as at John Henry’s, Dennis did.  Dennis and I haven’t hung out in forever so it was nice that he came and joined me and Heather.

It was important to mention Senior Day because the Juniors gave all the seniors goldfish…yes…like..real fish…..but Heather was in charge of them so she had a few extra….so for fun she brought it to the bar…because…WHY NOT!?….it became our mascot 🙂

Meet Habby (pronounced Hobby - like a hobby you have)

Meet Habby (pronounced Hobby – like a hobby you have)

THEN, we took a group picture…because…why not?!

Heather, Habby, Me, Dennis

Heather, Habby, Me, Dennis

And then all good things happened…..my friend Jen joined us!  Jim showed up, Habby (the real one) showed up….ALBERT SHOWED UP (love him)….and we were just sitting and chillin’.  I love it when all good things happen.  A little later, as we were getting ready to head out…Luke popped in – haven’t seen him in forever  (and I realize many of you do not know who these people are…but just bear with me).  My point is…..I haven’t gone out in a while…for a lot of reasons…but Friday…it was like nothing had changed and no one gave me a hard time for it…it was so nice to just know that regardless of how long I’ve been gone, they’ll be there to give me huge hugs and laughs always.

Additionally…I started telling Dennis about my plans to BQ at Steamtown…..and he signed up to run the race with me!  Right there, at the bar…..I asked him simply to help me pace a bit for practice runs…he decided to take it one step further.  And even if he chooses to run the race for himself instead of with me to help me BQ….runner’s  you know this….it helps TREMENDOUSLY to have a friend with you during the race.  REALLY – even if that person is just next to you….there’s something about the desire to push yourself more because you don’t want to give up.

I have amazing friends.

And it gets better!  Saturday morning I went to my friend Kristie’s Yoga class – WHICH ROCKS! and then had breakfast with her and Jackie.  The three of us have been friends since high school and it’s so nice that we are all still connected 🙂  It’s just awesome.  They’re fabulous!

Last night, I met up with Jen and Gwyn – friends of mine from Albright/Phi Mu – and we went to From The Boot….real Italian right there….I still smell like garlic!  Can’t wait to sweat it out on my run this morning 🙂  Last night was full of laughs and truth’s and just a lot of everything.



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