Life is Odd

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Life, Spinning
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This week is no exception.  Actually, most of last week is included in that sentiment.

I haven’t been sleeping well.  I’ve been getting up WAY too early most days and dragging the rest of the day.  Yesterday I was wide awake at 3:30Am.  I couldn’t fall back to sleep.  Last night, I am pretty sure I woke up again at the same time but fought the urge to look at the clock and was determined to wake up to my alarm.  One of the top suggestions to combat restless sleeping is…..wait for it…..EXERCISE.  Um…hello, it’s like the world doesn’t even know me….

You know you’ve all done something like this:

It’s not a pretty sight when Katie doesn’t get close to 8 hours.  Last night, however, I fought the urge to check the alarm and managed to fall back asleep until 5:30.  Thank the LORD!  Albeit, it was only 7.5 hours (which I realize is A LOT for many of you) and 8 hours is more of a ‘functioning katie’ length of time to sleep – but since I was close, I’ll take it.

The only other thing I can think of, as to why I can’t seem to sleep through the night, is  maybe I am stressed out?  And/or just anxious about the upcoming month of events.  There is definitely a lot to think about and a lot going on.  I have money to worry about and moving and of course the added fact that my mother is being incredibly annoying about the whole moving thing (‘BUT THAT’S MY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND TOOOOOOOOO’ sort of whining) when in reality it should take one morning to get it all done.  IDEK.

Last night I taught Spin – still pretty disenchanted with this particular gym – still no mic.  I may not be there much longer.  We’ll see.  The class was small but it was a good workout for them.

Today’s plan is to run – most likely inside because it is supposed to rain cats and dogs today:

Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day – mainly because I never have enough time in between work and coaching to get something in….maybe I’ll do the dry land portion with the kids tomorrow night for something (it’s like 20 minutes of work).

Anywho….It’s Hump Day!  Celebrate Accordingly!



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