Not Quite but It’ll Do

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Life, Running
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So I didn’t run quite as fast as I had wanted to for BSR yesterday – I did PR – only by 3 seconds but I did a little better than last year.  Considering there were a lot of elements going against me and the fact that I still PRed by a few seconds, I really can’t be mad.

BSR Results

I get a daily quote from Runners World about running or some sort of theoretical thought every morning.  This morning the quote was this:
Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.~William Faulkner

After the race, I bumped into a friend and some times running partner.  She ran 4 minutes faster than me.  We decided we’d train together in the fall in the hopes that we could push one another to Qualify for Boston.  I need to do some speed work so I can try to be better than myself…..

Yesterday was a perfect day for running.  I thought I would be too cold but if anyone can think of how they feel when they run, you kind of can’t feel the effect of the cold on your body when you run?  That’s how I felt yesterday.  I’ll put a full race re-cap up (hopefully this afternoon) but for now just know that I am still striving to get better.

Anyway – for those of you curious – the people who won and lots of race pics:

Men’s winner Ayele Feisa crosses finish in 47:01 – not gonna lie…thats smokin’

(Couldn’t find a picture of her)

Women’s Winner Askale Merachi crosses finish in 53:45….crazy!

Anyway – I’ve scheduled a short recovery run this afternoon to kind of loosen up the kinks in my calves…..THEN…it’s BOOK CLUB!!!!! 🙂

Have a Wonderful Monday!

William Fa

  1. Danielle says:

    Great job, a PR is a PR!

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