I am up WAAAAAAAY to early for this Friday.  I was wide awake at 4:30AM.  What is with me?  Anxious stomach and as soon as I realized I was awake, my mind began to think about EVERYTHING.  Blerg.

Ah well, it gives me a chance to really write my Friday post – FRIDAY!!! WOOT!!!!

Today’s FTF is dedicated to Running and/or the upcoming Broad Street Run this Sunday.  So here we go:

1.  These are the kicks I’ll be wearing:

Yes – I’m going to be all decked out in PINK!  I know – I KNOW – the whole thing is to wear red socks – but I couldn’t find any red socks and besides, it would clash with the pink.  What do you have against supporting the fight against breast cancer?!  Don’t hate.  I’ll put up a pic or two from Sunday on Monday.

2.  I am hoping to PR – if you see my PR menu to the left – you’ll see that my PR for this race (which was last year) was a 1:16 and change…..I am determined to go sub 1:15.  1:12 would be even better but I’ll be okay with just getting a faster time. 

3.  Some of the necessities/accessories I’ll be sporting when I run are:

Gots to have my tunes jammin’!

These sexy Mo Fo’s

My Forerunner 305 – I rarely run without it

My Road ID – mine is Blue (I know, what?) with three contacts and “Finish Strong” engraved

4.  To give you an idea of what I’ll be listening to:

BSR 2013 Playlist

5. I’m sensing a theme with my Pink:

BSR 2011

BSR 2011

Me and My Friend Bethany - BSR 2012

Me and My Friend Bethany – BSR 2011


Pre-Race BSR 2012 - Me and Bethany

Pre-Race BSR 2012 – Me and Bethany

I don’t have any from 2010 because I ran by myself and I don’t carry anything except the stuff you saw in #3 – hence the Road ID.

Anyone else doing a race this weekend?  There is a Half or Full somewhere close by this weekend for people who didn’t get in to BSR – although it seems like everyone I know got into the race this year.  It’s pretty big – last year I think there were over 40K runners!  Woo!

  1. P6747 says:

    Need your bib # so I can track you on Sunday

    Sent from my iPad

  2. It’s probably a good thing that you got up early. Last night was my last run before Broad Street. It’ll be my first time running it so I’m excited and nervous all at once. Good luck! If I see someone in all pink I’ll say hi!

  3. I’m in orange! Good race tomorrow!

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