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It’s finally May!!!!  Can you believe it?!  Where is 2013 going?  I think I always say this around the same time of year until the Summer hits….although Summer goes quickly too….anyway…

Did everyone say Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit this morning before they said anything else?!?!?!?  Maybe it’s cheating but I actually have an alarm set for myself to remind me to say it.  What can I say, I’m superstitious.  I know it’s silly but, well, it’s my thing 🙂

Yesterday I taught a new spinning class at a different gym.  All of the anticipation was there and all of the anxiety that comes with teaching somewhere new – especially when a friend is in the class.  Truthfully, I thought it was a pretty tough workout but the problem is that the gym doesn’t have a mic so figure this:  I am teaching in front of everyone….there are TWO large fans blowing (added noise) and the stereo playing (I like to play loud music because, well, who doesn’t like to workout to loud music?  Exactly.  Since none of you, save a few, actually know what my voice sounds like in real life – I speak really quietly (an old habit I kind of forced myself into after ONE yelling from my mother at a young age that I was being too loud – really?, yes really).  I was literally shouting last night and people told me they couldn’t hear me.  Ugh.  Such is the issue with having a softer voice.  Blerg.

Gonna have to get me one of these to actually help!  Haha.  But no really, my throat is sore this morning.  I also got so used to teaching at Focus that I forgot most other gyms do not have monitors on their bikes so I have to remember to teach them how to control their cadence and just control their butts (bouncing in the saddle = bad news bears).

Today I have my last run planned before Broad Street!  Just four days away!  It’ll be my first race since last year’s BSR and I am a little apprehensive about it.  In past years I just told myself I was going to go all out.  I am not so sure about that this year.  My calf is A-OK now – and I bought a pair of Zensah Running Calf Sleeves to help me with preventing my left calf from tightening up.  I am going to wear them today on my run to see if it helps.  I have my outfit all picked out this year – I’m going for the pink look 🙂  I couldn’t find ANY red running socks that have toes in them so I am going for the next closest thing…Pink.  Who doesn’t love to support the fight against breast cancer?  Exactly.  No haters allowed here.  I’ll post pics after the race.

Back to the issue at hand…..I am corralled in the Purple group – so a pace between 1:06 and 1:15:59.  Last year I ran it in just over 1:16 so I figured I could try to improve but in reality I haven’t done too many speed runs and so my pacing might be a bit off.  I know not EVERY race has to be a PR but since it’s been SUCH a long layoff, I’d really like to see what I can do.  You know what I’m sayin?

Ah well….time to figure out my “schtuff” for the rest of the month.  Moving, training, work, socializing, etc.

Anywho…a music video to get your day started – ENJOY!


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