Five Truth’s Friday: Randomness

Posted: April 26, 2013 in 5 Truth's Friday, Healthy Eating, Life
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So I think my Friday posts have evolved.  I think when I originally planned to do the Five Truth’s Friday, it was more meant to be a confessional…but in reality I don’t have that many ‘sins’ to confess about my life.  I’m actually pretty proud of my life and my accomplishments.  I do, of course, wish there were a few other things I could add to that list of accomplishments but those will come in time.  For now……let’s get on with it 🙂

1.  I can smell when it’s going to rain or snow.  Anyone else have this ability?  There’s just a different smell to the air before it’s going to snow or rain.  It’s kind of a tinny/rusty smell.  Or if it’s the summer time, you can really smell the chlorophyll in the plants…something about the humidity brings it out.  I just know it’s going to rain.  That being said…I love me a good Summer thunderstorm.  When I lived in Florida, we had the BEST thunderstorms/lightning storms. 


Pretty cool, no?  When I was little, my neighbors and I used to sit on our garage and watch the rain/lightning in the Summer.  Definitely awesome.

2.  I love to sweat…..during a workout.  If I don’t sweat, I didn’t work hard enough.  I don’t get how people can workout and NOT sweat?  How does that happen?  Sweating is actually the healthiest thing a person can do during a workout.  Different studies have been done about how much sweating someone should do during a workout……the sooner you sweat the healthier you are….it’s science.  Also this

3.  I was in a sorority in college.  Yes.  Me.  Some people still don’t believe me until I show them my pictures from our formals and my letters, etc.  I am going to an alumni function this weekend!  It should be fun.  I haven’t been back to Albright (my first Alma Mater) since 2002 or 2003 I think. 

Don't mind the overalls and the birkenstocks....

Don’t mind the overalls and the birkenstocks….

The "House"

The “House”

Me and Busillo at a Formal

Me and Busillo at a Formal

Me and Colleen at the "house"

Me and Colleen at the “house”

4.  Given my druthers, I’d wear mesh shorts and a t-shirt with sneakers every day or just regular workout clothes (stretch pants and a top).  Maybe that’s why I wanna be a full time coach so badly 🙂  Standard attire for a job like that!  It also makes me feel like I’ll possibly wanna go workout?

5.  The only food I think I could eat for every meal and forever (if I was only allowed to eat one food for the rest of my life…let’s be honest, you’ve all thought about it too)….is PIZZA.  It’s delicious and nutritious.  Don’t believe me?  Check this article out from Huffpo.  Yeah…now you want pizza for dinner tonight, don’t you?  An excellent meal or even just an excellent evening…..Pizza and Red Wine with a great game on TV.  Can’t beat it. 

Um…yes please!


Also, just incase anyone missed it – yesterday was the perfect day to have a date:

All you need is a light jacket!  Have a great weekend everyone!



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