Said, woman, take it slow

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Healthy Eating, Life, Music, Running

It’ll work itself out fine
All we need is just a little patience~Axl Rose

Just a little GNR for your morning wake up 🙂  One of their ballads.  LOVE.

Anyway – the quote is related to the rest of the post…obvi.

Yesterday.  I ran.  And I mean, I RAN!  I mentally prepared myself days in advance that I was going to do a long run and even told people my plans to do one.  When I woke up yesterday the goal was to not rush myself.  I was going to eat a good breakfast and go for a long run…or as long as I could stand.  In truth, I probably could’ve gone longer but I didn’t want to press my luck nor did I want to make myself injured.

Slow (for me) but I ran 10 miles in 1:27.  I am ready for Broad Street.  I was kind of itching to run 3 more just because I felt really good but you know, I am not sore today.  I am not aching today.  I feel great actually….minus the whole retaining water thing.  Guess I took in too many salty things yesterday afternoon!  Oops!  Minor setback.

And what did I think about during my run?

Well, first off – I listen to music when I run so the fact that I sat down yesterday morning and made myself a new playlist was another reason I was able to conquer the distance.  I am pretty sure I’ll be using the same group of songs in two weeks for Broad Street.

Secondly, what didn’t I think about it more the question at hand.  I thought about the Boston Marathon and how I plan to qualify.  I thought about the songs I was listening to (I think the key for me is to listen to a LOT of Rise Against).  I thought about what I was going to do today(Monday) after I subbed.  I am finished at 11:30 so I was hoping to go to the gym right away afterwards and get a workout in.  I thought about moving in a month.  I thought about how my summer would be.  I thought about finding a job.  I thought about guys (c’mon, I am a woman after all).

But those thoughts were nothing compared to what I was reminding myself of the entire run….just go…don’t go faster, don’t go slower…just run.  If your hip hurts, relax.  I’ve found that my hip hurts more when I am not relaxed when I run.  And I did just that.  Hills were easy yesterday.  In fact, I’ve realized my strength is in gradual inclines.  Most people hate them because they just keep going and going….I actually don’t mind them.  I know how to pace myself going up long hills…it’s the short ones that kill me.

Suffice it to say…I felt amazing yesterday.  I am hoping to keep it going.

I also realized a few things about my diet and what it’s going to mean when training for the marathon’s I want to do…I can’t limit myself.  I have to eat carbs…lots of them.  I think part of the reason my run was so great yesterday was because I had the energy to do it…I had pizza and a few beers the night before (which, is exactly what I’m going to eat the night before broad street – SIDE NOTE: last year my family went out for my Stepmom’s Bday the night before Broad Street.  I had two beers and I ran my fastest time yet!  So it works for me – carbo loading!) and then I woke up and made myself a nice bowl of oats with some cinnamon.  I felt great!  Guess I know what I need to do.  I’ll still be making the green smoothies and watching what I eat but if I’m going to put on that much mileage – 35-45 a week…I gotta eat more.  It’s science.  There’s an article here from Runner’s World that talks about how good carbs are for you…of course there is no beer on that list but hey, it works for me!

So it turns out if you just have a little more patience…things happen.  Now…if we could just find me a job….that’d be great…


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