Funny The Way It Is…

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Eating Disorder, Life
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I just don’t post on weekends.  Not usually anyway.

Today, however, I am giving myself a break.  No, not from working out – I plan to do a long run this morning.  No, I am giving myself a pass/break about getting everything done so quickly and in a timely manner.

I mentioned before that I have a bit of an OCD thing with scheduling.  I need to back up a bit to explain this though….

In high school and possibly even before that now that I think about it, I was really busy.  I was involved in a lot of things.  In middle school too – I would go from school, to sport practice (field hockey in the fall, basketball in the winter and lacrosse in the spring) to cheerleading practice (don’t seem so shocked…I was a cheerleader, get over it) and then home to do homework, usually around 8:30 or so.  That meant that I had about an hour and a half to get any homework I might have finished before I went to bed and even 10 was late for me.  Truth be told, I was usually in bed most nights in middle school by 9 or 9:30.  How?  I did a lot of my homework (if I had any) in school.  It’s funny, despite being in all honors classes, I rarely had homework.

I learned at an early age how to budget my time.  I definitely attribute my ability to be organized and well scheduled to sports and extracurricular activities.  For those of you that have kids or hope to one day…get them involved in some sort of activity where they are required to time manage.  It’s a life saver in college and truthfully something that stays with you the rest of your life.

Not quite me – but I did have a lot of things to juggle.

In high school, I don’t even know HOW I was able to do my homework except for my scheduling and time management.  I figured out times and ways to squeeze in a bit of homework here and there throughout my days.  Most of my weekends were devoted to doing homework and in truth, much of my projects and/or studying was done a day or two before they were due.  I was a great worker under pressure.  In fact, I read somewhere recently that performing under pressure forces our brains to focus solely on the task at hand which is how we are able to accomplish tasks in short periods of time.  Of course, it doesn’t always work for everyone but in many cases it does.  I also know that cramming under pressure doesn’t typically mean you’ll remember what you’re cramming for…however…it gets the job done….but I digress…. I found the time.  It wasn’t until my senior year that I actually had study halls so don’t even think that’s where I was getting my work done.  I was able to do some of it at lunch (despite only having 20 minutes because I usually went to band or chorus the second half of the period).  I also did much of it during play practice.  You see, a typical school day for me looked like this (in swim season):

5:30-7 Swim Practice/7:25-2:25 School/2:30-5 Swim Practice/6-9 Play practice

That’s me, on the left…..:)

So yes, there was an hour in there but usually that hour was reserved for eating dinner and/or figuring out how I was getting dinner.  I used to go home (one of the benefits of only living 2 minutes from school) to get dinner and come back.  Hardly enough time to do homework.  Thankfully, I wasn’t in ALL of the scenes in the plays or musicals which gave me time to do my work.

SIDE NOTE:  I see students these days and they are not nearly involved in as many things as myself or my friends were when we were in high school.  And I also want to note that they don’t have the same focus that my friends and I did/do.  They can’t focus on menial tasks in school let alone during another activity.  Chalk it up to whatever you want but I have a whole other rant on the concept behind ADD/ADHD and other inabilities for students to “focus”.  The short of it – many of my friends had this problem too but you just learned to deal with it instead of using it as a crutch.  It’s bologna the way kids just use their IEP’s as a crutch.  Some, yes, are warranted.  Others, no.  END RANT (for now).

So to get back to what I was saying…scheduling…time management…..A BLESSING IN DISGUISE!  I carried a lot of what I learned into my college experience(s) and now adulthood.  I don’t know how people who are not organized can do it.  I won’t bore you with stories of how my scheduling has helped me because you get the idea…but….I want to share a picture of my planner from last June – a month that should’ve been less busy but with all of the things that were going on in my life at the time…I was eternally grateful for the organization:

So you get the idea…busy.

A friend of mine, last night, asked me if this is part of my control issues…..and I was kind of taken back…..I didn’t really think of it that way…but I suppose it is.  In a world where there is a lot of chaos and there are things I can not control, my schedule is definitely one of them.  It’s no wonder I had tendencies toward and eventually developed an eating disorder….those are clear signs!

I will say this though, I’ve gotten SO much better as I’ve gotten older with being flexible about everything.  I’ve even planned days of REST and Relaxation in there.  In truth though – I do better when I have a lot of things on my plate.  I got better grades, I perform better, I teach better, etc.  I just like it.  And in other ways, having the schedule keeps my anxiety at bay.  The minute I start to feel anxiety, I write it all down.  I’ll even re-write it and re-write it again until I can clearly see that I’ll be okay if I just follow the schedule to get everything finished….

Am I alone in this?  Anyone ever feel like this??? Or am I just a weirdo 🙂


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