Five Truth’s Friday: Healthy Living Edition

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s Friday!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!  I need this weekend more than others (who am I kidding, I need all my weekends:) ha!)

Today’s Five Truth’s Friday includes 5 of my favorite healthy living things.  This includes but is not limited to exercise, food, out door activites, etc.  So here goes:

1.  I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER.  I think many people (unless you have a peanut allergy) would agree with me that peanut butter is amazing!  I specifically like the kinds that have nothing added – the ones you actually have to stir before you use them.  This is the one I am currently using….from TJ’s.  LOVE.

2.  I prefer working out in the morning but not that early.  It’s true.  I love to workout in the morning.  In fact, a perfect day would look like this for me:

Wake up 6am/Breakfast/Workout 7-8:30ish/Go to work/Home/Evening activities.

Unfortunately, I am a Secondary Teacher (by my own choice and I LOVE IT) so this kind of schedule would mean I would have to get up WAY earlier than 6am….and um…yeah…I like having a life…so I am not going to bed every night at 8PM.  I don’t know how some people go to bed at 11 and still get up at 5.  That is not enough sleep for me.

3.  I don’t swim that much any more….in fact, hardly ever.  I am and always will be a swimmer but when given the opportunity to workout, swimming is not really even a possibility.  Not because I don’t like it, but because what I remember from practices is being dog tired and having my face beet red…, if I do it on my own, I’m not motivated enough to push  myself.  I have thought of joining a masters swim team but their workouts are too late in the morning for me to attend.  Plus….who really wants to deal with water in their ear all day????

4.  I really want to get my trainer cert.  And/or go back to school to get some sort of fitness/nutrition degree.  I am a bit of a school nerd…for those of you that didn’t already know…and I am fascinated (always have been) with fitness/our bodies/athletics, etc.  In truth…what I’d really like to do is some research to see if there is a correlation between eating disorders and the people who go into fitness (duh, the obvious answer here is yes….but there’s more to it).

5.  At this point in time….no lie…have 7 pairs of sneakers.  NO, I don’t use them all right now…some of them are old running shoes I just haven’t gotten rid of but I still wear them when I don’t want to wear my running kicks I wear when I run outside.  I don’t have a hoarding problem or obsession (although I will admit at one point I did have about a dozen pair – A LONG TIME AGO)…..I just really like sneakers.  You know how most women like to buy dress shoes or just shoes in general?  Yeah…no….I love me some sneakers…and the brighter the better!

Not quite as bad as this…but you get the idea

I remember this one pair of Nike Shox I used to own when I was in grad school at CMU (black with pink accents) – OMG they were my favorite.  I wore those things out til there were no Shox left!

And have no doubts about it – I always take my old sneaks to races or Goodwill to have them recycled…..I think I stopped throwing my sneakers away more than 15 years ago.

Alrighty then!  That’s my 5 truth’s!

I am working on a few different posts to put up this weekend (so unlike me!) so stay tuned!  Everyone have a great weekend!

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