Now, more than ever….

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Running
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Now, more than ever….I want to qualify for Boston in ’14.

I heard the news on the radio on my way home from school and was just stunned.  I couldn’t believe it.  The only thing that I thought was….this is a sign.  It’s a sign that I am supposed to do this.

Qualifying for Boston (as many have probably read or just even know) is typically on the “to do” list or “dream races” for many runners.  Some, maybe not…BUT…I have to be honest…there is something about seeing others don the blue and yellow that kind of makes me jealous and motivated.

For my age group (eek! 18-34….SIDE NOTE:WHY DO YOU THINK I AM AS FIT AS AN 18 year old woman?!?!?!?!…end rant)…..the qual times for the age group I fit into: 18-34 is: 3hrs 35min.  That’s bookin’ it!  That means I have to pace myself to run about an 8:10/mile.  That’s……..not impossible.  I just HAVE to put the training in…..I can do this.  I WANT TO DO THIS.

I am signing up for two…I think….the Steamtown Marathon in October and the Philadelphia Marathon in November.  That’ll be my best chance.  I’d really like to give myself the chance to do it….

I’m even going to follow a training plan!  WOOT!


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