Just Another Manic Monday

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Crazy Sexy Diet Challenge, Healthy Eating, Life, Music, Running, Spinning, Yoga

….I wish it was Sunday…..cause that’s my fun day…..

Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Love me some Bangles.

Whew!  Is it just me or do the weekends continue to get shorter and shorter?  What’d everyone get up to this weekend?

I taught two Spinning classes (as per usual) – playlists to come – and met up with some ladies I lived with my sophomore year of college.  With the exception of my best friend, I hadn’t seen most of them in more than 10 years.  It was incredible how so many of us remained the same and yet we were all 10 years wiser (sort of, hah!).  My sophomore year of college I lived in a suite with 11 other girls.  9 of us were able to make it on Saturday.

The Ladies of E200

The Ladies of E200

It’s a little fuzzy but you get the picture.  Yes, that’s a baby in the middle.  Dara just had her first about a month ago!  From left to right (top row): Megan, Me, Netty, Dara, Brooke, Jackie; (seated): Allison, Denise, Debbie.  It was really fun and we had a lot of laughs (as we always did).  I hope we all don’t go another 10 years before we see one another again.


On an entirely different note – I got a call back from my doctor on Friday about those allergies I was having – would you believe I have ABSOLUTELY NO ALLERGIES.  W. T. F?!  How is it possible? I don’t really know but it’s weird.  I think they’re wrong but who am I to argue with science…..?

Over the weekend, as I mentioned I taught two Spinning classes.  I also took two yoga classes.  Saturday was the first time in over two weeks I was on my mat.  A few thoughts: 1.  I was beat up from two intense Spinning classes in less than 14 hours.  2.  Allison, the instructor, kicked my booty and it was awesome.  3.  She focused a lot on headstands (of which I cannot do – nor can I do a lot of inversions with my feet off the floor) and I managed to do a supported handstand with my feet on the wall  – think “L” shaped.  WOOOOO doggy, my upperbody was like “Oh NO YOU DIDN’T!”  I was happy I stuck with it though and wasn’t as sore on Sunday as I thought I would be.

I opted out of running yesterday but instead took Regina’s Power Yoga (my fave).  I was so grateful for the double pigeon’s near the end.  My hips have been extremely tight.  I really need to get that foam roller back.  I think it’s the only thing that’ll save me now that I have to try and start doing some long runs.

Broad Street is 3 weeks away!  I haven’t been able to muster up more than a 6.5 mile run in the last few weeks on account of being tired and my right hip muscle bothering me.  UGH.

Today is the Boston Marathon!!!!!Exciting stuff!  My goal is to one day qualify for it and actually run it.  There’s plenty of time to do this 🙂  I’m in no rush!  But to go along with it and my love for running – I am doing a specialty ride tomorrow night at my gym: The Boston Marathon Ride!  Woot!  I am taking all of the elevations and even some video from someone’s headcam I found on YouTube and putting it in a 90 minute ride.  I don’t think it’ll take 90 minutes to ride 26.2 miles but that’s okay 🙂  I’ll make it work.  Should be fun!  I am still working on that – so that’ll take up the bulk of my to-do today while I’m at school.

An update on my Crazy Sexy Diet Challenge:  I have noticed a significant difference in the way I feel since cutting out gluten and dairy.  I won’t lie – I had a few pieces of cheese this weekend but other than that and finishing up my left over yogurt – no dairy.  I feel good about that.  I also noticed an INCREDIBLE difference when I had sugar and when I didn’t.  Since I haven’t had any foods with added sugar (I still eat fruits) – after having a piece of chocolate over the weekend I had an incredible migraine!  Guess I am better off without it….but I do love me some sugar!  Ha.  The non-gluten stuff is the hardest.  I have been doing really well with all of it and truthfully my green smoothies are not so green-looking anymore but I am still putting in tons of Kale and Spinach.  I think I am doing okay.  I feel much better this week than I did last – but I think it’s difficult to change things so drastically.  I hope to keep it up 🙂

So much more to talk about but I am running out of time…another post for another day.  Have a fantabulous day!

Something to look at/leave you with – the handsome and now Masters Champion, Adam Scott:


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