Five Truth’s Friday: Masters/Golf Edition

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How’s everyone’s Friday so far?  Did you have a good week?  Are you ready for the weekend?  I know I definitely am.  So much going on outside the blogosphere that I am ready to get my head on straight this weekend.

I mentioned on Monday that it was the start of Masters Week.  I got a chance to watch some of the play on and followed score updates throughout the afternoon.  Once I was home I finished watching el Tigré (Tiger).  He’s not in the lead but that’s okay – he liked to be dramatic 🙂

Anyway – before I get to my truth’s – a quick recap of yesterday.  I ran 5 miles outside.  The heat finally broke here in the NE and it was a cool and breezy 59/60 degree run.  My only issue – around mile 4the blisters on my left toes (pinky and one next to it) basically ripped open – it was not pleasant.  I have never had this issue with blisters before.  I’ve loosen my shoes because I thought maybe they were too tight around my foot and I’ve even worn BandAids (which do help until they fall off).  Any suggestions???  I really would like to keep running but these blisters are killer!


5 Truth’s Friday – Masters/Golf Edition:

1.  I used to really dislike(I won’t say hate, that’s a strong word) golf before I worked at Golf Channel.  Trufax.  So your next question would be, why did you work there then?  Well – long story short – I left a previous job and ended up moving home for about a month.  My mother was driving me crazy so when my friend TJ called me and said there was a position open to work on the show he worked on, I didn’t hesitate.  What I found was an amazing group of people (all men, ha) to work with and get to know.  I am still great friends with one of them.  I learned a TON about the sport and grew to appreciate it and even love it.  I found myself watching a LOT of golf on TV when I wasn’t working – crazy, huh?  These days, I won’t watch it as often but I do like watching a few of the guys we worked with in the past…..and yes….Tiger too. 🙂

2.  The first professional golfer I ever met was Luke Donald

Luke and Family

He wasn’t yet married but funnily enough, I had met a friend of his a year earlier.  He went to Northwestern University and became a Pro shortly after.  A few first impressions – he’s cute, he’s a pro golfer AND he’s a brit.  He’s a Newcastle fan which isn’t exactly ideal but he’s a nice guy nonetheless. 🙂  I remember being so nervous that first day.  He’s since gone on to win a bunch of tournaments and if you were watching The Masters yesterday, he was grouped with Tiger Woods.

3.  I played my first real round of golf and technically learned to play at Pinehurst.  I always knew how to play the game but we were on a shoot and we had an opportunity to play No. 8 so we did.  I think I did pretty well all things considered.  For those that are unfamiliar with the course or location – it’s in a gorgeous area of North Carolina.  It’s held several U.S.G.A. U.S. Open’s.  One of the more famous moments was when Payne Stewart (of which there is a statue there now) made his famous putt and awesome victory fist pump:

Payne, sadly, died in a plane crash in 1999 so this moment will probably be one of the most significant memories of his golfing career.  He never won a Masters but he was a heck of a golfer and how can you not like him?  Look at his outfit 🙂

4.  Yes, Sir!!!  One of the best Masters Moments (obviously arguably) is probably this one right here:

5.  I LOVE JIM NANTZ!  The greeting on this blog “Hello, Friends” is a signature greeting he does when he announces sporting events.  Although this isn’t quite it – I found a CBS promo voiced by JN the last year Tiger won the tournament:


Love 🙂

Have a fantastic Friday friends!




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