It’s crazy, this thing they call life….

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Crazy Sexy Diet Challenge, Healthy Eating, Life, Running, Spinning
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It’s Hump Day!  Woot!

I am tired.  I figured out why that might be the case.  I was tested (along with the allergies) for anemia on Monday.  It would make a lot of sense if I was anemic.  It’s genetic (I checked) and pretty much everyone in my family has it.  My sister had/has a severe case of it.  My mother informed me last night that my grandmother has it pretty badly.  So what’s the fix?  Well, if it comes back that I have it – I have to start taking an Iron Supplement.  No biggie.  But to get back to what I was saying – it would make SO much sense.

I’ve been tired a LOT lately.  I am struggling to get through  my runs at my normal pace and even at all in general.  I am feeling winded and like my muscles are not recovering each day.  All of these things are related to lack of iron in my system.  It’s pretty common in vegetarians and vegans because we typically get iron from protein.  I guess my mom was right…I’m just not getting enough protein (blerg).  With the exception of my eyes yellowing (because my doctor said the whites of my eyes were REALLY white – I’ve experienced all of these.  I’ve always had low blood pressure though (high five!):

Anyway- what I’m realizing is that if this is the case – it should help me once I do start taking Iron pills.  I’m not saying they’ll be a miracle supplement but something at least to help me not feel so tired all the time.

Moving on:

The rest of the day yesterday wasn’t too bad.  I felt hungry most of the day but I was satisfied.  I ran after school (see above) but I think the combination of how hot it was (80’s) and the fact that I was just tired already – plus my right hip is STILL bothering me.  I really didn’t think it would bother me THIS much still.  Another slow paced though – 8:45/mile average.  Slow FOR ME (please don’t think I am judging anyone else if they are slower than this – I am just used to running much quicker).

Today I am subbing at Harriton in the afternoon so I am going to do my own Spinning workout to give my hip a rest (even though I will only be able to run on more day this week….maybe I need to lower my mileage).  Broad Street is about a month away though so I need to get a few more long runs in before then.  I have a feeling it will not be a spectacular run for me but it’s my first since last year so I suppose just getting through will be the accomplishment.

I also got some help from my friends as to how to change/fix my green smoothie so it doesn’t taste like yuck.  I’m gonna try it after I workout (even though I know you’re supposed to drink one in the morning first thing).  Hopefully that’ll make a difference too.

Anywho – how’s everyone’s hump day going?


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