Who doesn’t like a quickie?

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Crazy Sexy Diet Challenge, Healthy Eating, Life, Running
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A quickie post that is…..what were you all thinking about?  Get your minds out of the gutter 🙂

Anyway – in bullet form:

  • I went to the doc yesterday – they did blood tests for allergies and anemia (turns out the whites of my eyeballs are too white.  Is that possible?)  Hope to find out in a few days exactly what I’m allergic to.
  • I started part of the CSD plan.  It’s tough.  I miss bread already.  BUT – I am drinking tons of water which is exactly what my body needs anyway.
  • I made the green smoothie this morning.  It….tastes like grass.  I am not gonna lie.  The first sip and I was ready to vomit.  I’ve since continued drinking it (crazy, right?) and it’s growing on me.  I also scaled it down since I have to head to school in about 10 minutes and can not drink 16-32 oz of it before I get there.
  • Why did I force it down?  Oh because I tried on a dress that just one month ago was loose on me and now, it hugs everywhere.  SO….sticking to this.
  • I went for a wonderful walk with one of my best friends yesterday on MLK Drive to enjoy the GORGEOUS WEATHER we are having up here in the NE.  Supposed to hit close to 80 today!!!!!  WHAAAAAAT?????  I don’t even know.
  • Today’s workout plan is to run after school since the weather is amazing and I love to run outside when it’s nice.  My legs were feeling really dead yesterday so I am hoping they feel refreshed today!

Here’s hoping

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