A Tradition, like any other…..THE MASTERS…on CBS

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Life, Music, Spinning
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HELLO, FRIENDS…..I’m Jim Nantz and welcome to the 79th Annual Master’s Tournament in Augusta Georgia…..

Okay, so it’s not quite the same as when he does it – but it’s close.  IT’S MASTERS WEEK!!!!!!

For those of you that want a little chuckle and actually know what I’m talking about – check this video out:



You might recognize Jim Nantz from March Madness – he’s been doing announcing there too. He announced one of La Salle’s games (they won that game – I do not think it’s a coincidence).  He has magic in him.  🙂


Moving on…..I was on somewhat of a hiatus this weekend with this here blog.  Mainly because I was busy but also because I’ve been having severe allergy issues.  Anyone else?

I still managed to get in all my workouts but after my run yesterday was incredibly lightheaded so I am taking the day to go to the doctor and see what’s what.  I know that everyone is saying allergies are at their very worst this year but I have NEVER experienced them like this before.  I have taken any and all allergy medicines you can think of and my nose is still running, my eyes are still swollen, my head still feels like it’s in a vice, and the pressure – oh the pressure.  My nose is officially rudolph-esque and raw to the core so I’ve been putting aquaphor on it nonstop but I can’t stop blowing my nose so it’s basically redundant.  Whatever.

My nose is redder

Elsewhere – I mentioned I did manage to get my workouts in this weekend.  I taught spin on Friday and Saturday and ran on Sunday morning.  I always felt better after each of these as my head was basically draining the entire time I was working out but inevitably I was down for the count afterwards.

How do I know it’s allergies and not a cold or flu?  Because the rest of my body is perfectly fine.  If it wasn’t there is no way I would’ve been able to run 6.5 miles yesterday morning.  I’ve run half marathon’s with cold’s before – no big deal.  I actually run better because everything is heightened.  But truth be told – this is kind of ridiculous.

Yup – all of this

I never used to have allergies.  Growing up I really can not remember a day where I had this many issues.  It wasn’t until I moved away and then came back from Florida that I found my eyes watering, my ears and throat hurting and my head compressed into what felt like a small ball.  I’ve heard similar problems from other people.

Truth be told – yesterday had to be the worst part of it.  I was bridesmaid dress shopping with my best friend from college and after I ate I had some sort of allergic reaction.  My entire face was red, my eyes were swollen and my face was burning hot.  I had to leave early so I could go home and put ice on my face

I wasn't kidding

I wasn’t kidding

After about an hour the swelling and redness went down.  I could still feel the burning on my skin but an hour later I was okay.

As I woke up this morning – I felt and still feel great.  Like a new person.  But – my nose is still running and my throat is now scratchy.  I know the doctor will be able to help.

IF you’re still reading – here’s Friday and Saturday playlists (both classes were hill heavy).


  1. 22        3:52    Taylor Swift
  2. Can’t Hold Us Ft. Ray Dalton        4:18    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  3. Too Close        4:16    Alex Clare
  4. Good Time        3:26    Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
  5. Price Tag [Shux Remix] (feat Devlin)        3:42    Jessie J
  6. Chariot        4:01    Gavin DeGraw
  7. Sail (Spenca Remix)        4:36    Awolnation
  8. Domino (Myon and Shane Remix) [Radio Edit]        3:55    Jessie J
  9. Carry On        4:40    fun.
  10. Countdown        3:33    Beyoncé
  11. I Will Survive        5:10    Cake
  12. Save Me        4:33    Dave Matthews
  13. Come On Eileen        4:08    Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  14. My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)        3:09    Fall Out Boy
  15. When I Was Your Man        3:34    Bruno Mars
  16. Same Love Ft. Mary Lambert        5:20    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


  1. More More (Red One Jimmy Joker Remix)        3:40    Usher
  2. Keep’s Gettin Better        3:03    Christina Aguilera
  3. Paris (Ooh La La)        3:16    Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
  4. Holiday        3:53    Green Day
  5. American Woman        5:07    The Guess Who
  6. I Miss The Misery        3:04    Halestorm
  7. The Fighter (feat. Ryan Tedder)        3:49    Gym Class Heroes
  8. Sail (Spenca Remix)        4:36    Awolnation
  9. My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)        3:09    Fall Out Boy
  10. Levels (Skrillex Remix)        4:41    Avicii
  11. Lose Yourself        5:27    Eminem
  12. Lighters (featuring Bruno Mars)        5:04    Bad Meets Evil
  13. Violet Hill        3:43    COLDPLAY
  14. Bad        4:08    Michael Jackson
  15. This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race        3:32    Fall Out Boy
  16. When I Was Your Man        3:34    Bruno Mars
  17. Same Love Ft. Mary Lambert        5:20    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

How was everybody’s weekend?



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