5 Truth’s Friday: Home Opener/Phillies Edition

Posted: April 5, 2013 in 5 Truth's Friday, Life, PHILLIES
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HAPPY HOME OPENER DAY EVERYONE!!!! (At least for the PHILLIES, it is).

Did I mention I like sports??? 🙂

Today and the rest of the weekend should be top notch weather for baseball and all sorts of out doorsy activities!  I am hoping to spend a lot of time outdoors this weekend – we’ll see if that happens as I don’t have much planned.  The original plan was to head down to DC to run The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler but my friend Heather and I decided to defer our entry until next year for various reasons (namely, monetary).

Anyway – in the way of workouts – yesterday I did a glorious 90 minute Power Yoga class followed by 15 miles on the Spinner.  I felt really good and am pumped that I am feeling better about myself every day.  Today I teach Spinning (playlist to come) and am heading over to seem my friend Lacey, who just gave birth to her 3rd son yesterday – Braxton.  Yay!

5 Truth’s Friday – PHILLIES EDITION:

1.  My favorite player in Phillies History – this guy, right here:

Michael Jack Schmidt

Hopefully you didn’t just say, WHO?!  But one of the best moments in Phillies history came at (nope, not at the Vet) Three Rivers Stadium when he hit his 500th homerun.  Below is a piece-mealed version of the call by our most FAMOUS and sadly missed announcer, Harry Kalas:

2.  My favorite field player in Phillies present – the HANDSOMEST guy out there – and don’t even try to argue this with me because you’ll be wrong(even my guy friends have man-crushes on him):

Also – he’s a HUGE supporter of the PSPCA so yeah, you’re wrong if you don’t think he’s the hottest ball player out there.  Also, you basically hate animals if you don’t like him – by the associative property.  SO.

In truth – I probably have more pictures of this guy’s ass (taken at ball games) than any other person on the planet.  No seriously.  Some people hate on him because they think he’s a jerk simply because he isn’t mouthy and is very “old school’ when it comes to baseball.  Plagued by injury after injury in the last few years – he is back this year and I think it’ll be his best year yet.

Plus – when they won the WS in 2008, this was his speech (on live television btw).  LOVE:

You can also hear Harry Kalas’ famous call of “Chase Utley You Are the Man!” around 1:16 – if you watch, you’ll see why 🙂

3.  Although he is no longer a Phillie – ROY OSWALT is my man.  One of my favorite all time Phillies pitchers.  Not because he was the best or because he did amazing things (although he did play Left Field during a 19 inning game for us – how many other teams can say their pitcher did that?! EXACTLY).  But he’s fun and funny and just a cool character – as evident by the photobomb .gif below:


or just a snap shot of it:

The .gif is better.

His is also the ONLY bobble head doll I own.  I have an Oswalt Shersey and I wear it to baseball games.  Don’t hate – he’s my best.  Or was….since he’s no longer a Phillie (sniff sniff).

4.  My favorite CURRENT Phillie Pitcher is one Mr. Clifton Phifer Lee.  Just watch this and TELL ME he’s not amazing:

TRUTH.  HE’S THE BEST!  One of my favorite Phillies bolg’s (no, that’s not misspelled) writes these little vignettes called: Phillies High in which Cliff Lee simply ALWAYS chews gum.  You wouldn’t understand if you’re not a Phillies Phan (that’s not misspelled either) but they’re hilarious and highly entertaining!  I recommend it.

He got his first win LAST NIGHT – which considering the fact that he didn’t get his first win of the 2012 Season until July last year – I’d say, despite the Phillies losing the first two games of the season – this gives the team a LOT of hope for the 2013 season 🙂


5.  Not a player but one of, if not THE MOST, important person in Phillies History is the very special Mr. Harry Kalas:

I miss him EVERY day

For those of you that are unfamiliar with baseball or the history of announcing the game on radio, Harry was probably one of the most recognizable voices out there.  If you ever watched an NFL FILMS episode – that was Harry.  He also did announcing for Notre Dame games and other various sports teams.  But mainly, people remember him as the Voice of the Phillies.  There is even a bronzed statue of him at CPB:

Yep – Harry Kalas was the ONLY voice I remember hearing on the radio when we were heading too and from the ballpark or on days when we couldn’t go – we’d turn down the TV announcers and listen to the radio while we watched it on TV.  Truth – his call of the final out of the 2008 World Series is my ring tone.  Even if the Phils win another WS, I will never change it because he will never call another WS win.  Harry passed away a few years ago in, rightly so, an announcing booth.  Harry the K is, was, and always will be the voice of the Phillies.  After every Phillies win they play a video of him singing HIGH HOPES (his signature song).  Here’s one of my favorite tributes to him:



  1. Harry Kalas is the only voice of the Phillies I knew either! It’s so weird to hear someone else announcing games. Anyone who does not know who Mike Schmidt is needs to have their head examined!

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